76 Apartments for rent in Passaic, NJ

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Last updated November 20 at 8:55pm UTC
69 Howe Ave
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated October 31 at 1:39am UTC
3 Bedrooms
69 Howe Ave
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated October 31 at 1:45am UTC
2 Bedrooms
179 Madison St
Downtown Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated November 3 at 7:01pm UTC
1 Bedroom
89 4th St
Eastside Passaic
Passaic, NJ
Updated November 13 at 5:50pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Passaic, NJ
458 River Rd
, NJ
Updated November 15 at 1:52am UTC
1 Bedroom
10 Cedar Street
Garfield, NJ
Updated September 15 at 12:04am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Passaic, NJ
525 Coventry Dr
, NJ
Updated November 17 at 1:19am UTC
2 Bedrooms
341 Mortimer Ave
Rutherford, NJ
Updated November 20 at 5:23pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
290 Lakeview Ave
Clifton, NJ
Updated November 16 at 12:33pm UTC
1 Bedroom
36 Clifton Terrace
Clifton, NJ
Updated October 13 at 6:20pm UTC
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City Guide
Moving to Passaic

Once you've figured out where you're going to look for a home in Passaic, be sure to bring all your paperwork when you meet with your broker or potential landlord. They'll want to see the whole nine yards - proper ID, credit history, references, proof of income, bank statements, etc. etc. If you don't have all this on hand, it could clog up the application process, so try to come prepared to save yourself the time. You'll also want to bring your checkbook and be prepared to write a fat one out to your new landlord. Rents here might be lower than Manhattan but they're not inexpensive. Either way, renting will save you the astronomical property taxes that people who live here pay - New Jersey has one of the highest real estate taxes in the nation! Oy vey.


The city is broken down into a number of business districts and quieter neighborhoods. Here are a few of the more popular ones.

Passaic Park: This is the southwest part of town and its a mainly residential area with a large Jewish population. There are quite a few yeshivas, Orthodox synagogues and other institutions as well as many kosher food options. The area is pricey mcprice and has a lot of gigantic homes built over the last 100 years. Many of them are old Victorian and Tudor homes, giving the area a very quaint and charming feel. There are also huge apartment complexes and hi rise apartments, such as Carlton Tower and Barry Gardens. Living here provides easy and walkable access to many of the towns amenities.

Passaic Street/Columbia Avenue: This area is also primarily renter occupied so get ready to find the apartment complex youve been waiting for. Prices are quite a bit lower here, especially for rentals and you can find a cozy studio or one bedroom apartment for less than half what you would pay in Manhattan. Scale back on costs and save some money by living in this quaint community... then spend your extra cash on food and drinks in the Big Apple. The alternative is spending your life savings on a cramped space in Manhattan proper and never being able to enjoy yourself because youre strapped for cash all the time! Think it over.

Monroe Street: This area near Parker Avenue is also crazy expensive but most of the property is occupied by renters and you can find some small apartments for a reasonable cost. This is a very urban feeling area so you will probably find a highrise apartment or condo in the center of everything and be able to walk to restaurants, shops and public transit as well. It's got lots of executives living in top-floor penthouses with views to the other side of the river. Think of yourself as Gatsby in East Egg, watching the lights blinking at you across the water.

Brook Avenue: This area is right near Veterans Memorial Park, a nice area with a lovely lake. There are small, winding streets with large homes that will cost you an arm and two legs. Theres not a rental in sight here so, though there are apartment complexes in the area, youll be hard pressed to find and apartments for rent in this area. Unless youre looking for an enormous single-family home or a powerhouse apartment building decked out with all the frills, you should probably look elsewhere. It has a lot of older historic homes from the '30s and '40s and has a wonderful aesthetic. Once people get here, they dont leave, meaning there is a 0.0% vacancy rate.

Paulison Avenue & Howe Avenue: This is home to St. Mary's Hospital, so it's likely that a lot of your neighbors here will work in the medical field. It also slants into the Passaic, NJ Transit station, which is convenient for commuters. Broadway is a prominent part of town, with some shops and restaurants. For the most part the area is quiet and friendly with easy access to entertainment. It’s also less expensive than other neighborhoods and has some good-sized apartments for rent.

Living in Passaic

Passaic can be quite pricey because of its central location and easy access to NYC. It's not as ritzy as other neighborhoods in nearby Bergen County, but Passaic knows how to keep it classy. The downtown area has a very urban feel and rents are going to be lower than the outer areas with bigger, older homes and prettier surroundings. Most neighborhoods here eagerly welcome renters and people new to town will feel right at home in the transient mix of people from all over. If you're thinking about driving into Manhattan, think twice. The NJ transit can get you there in about half the time and it’s much less than what you'll spend on gas and tolls.