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Apartments for rent in New Hampshire

Of the 13 original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from Mother England -- a full six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed.

That initial display of independence has never left the state, whose motto "Live Free or Die" belies a stubborn streak that has made it famous for its refusal to be influenced by pretty much anyone or anything. New Hampshire's landscape aligns with its in-your-face attitude, and the mountainous, forested state features incredible scenery against a backdrop of challenging terrain and weather. In short, everyone and everything is a little obstinate, but in the very best way.

Nature at Its Best

Whether you choose north or south, New Hampshire is a fun, exciting, and dynamic place to live, with tons of outdoor activities and a strong sense of community and place. And with independence as its overriding principle, it is easy to live large (and free!) in this small state.

The Two Halves of New Hampshire

The North Country: New Hampshire's geography splits into two major regions: the northern region is much colder, and is home to the breathtaking White Mountains. Moving there can be difficult in the winter, as the roads are not always passable. Laconia, Berlin, and North Conway are the major cities, but their total population only adds up to about 40,000 people. It is important to make sure you explore the area, its communities, and the job market before relocating. Skiing, tourism, and nature conservancy are the major industries in these areas. There are lots of condos for rent in this region, and it is even easier to find a house to rent. Plus, many people move in and out of the northern region seasonally, so moving companies are disproportionately represented.

The Southern State: The southern part of New Hampshire, south of Hooksett, has an entirely different feel, economy, and community. Many people in the south work in the state's biggest city, Manchester, or its second largest, Nashua. Studio apartments and even 2 bedroom apartments in New Hampshire go for a mere fraction of what they would cost in the big city, so many people choose to commute to Boston while living in the Granite State. Southern New Hampshire's communities tend to be bigger and more engaged in modern life, although they definitely retain their old New England look and feel. The Seacoast -- with its pristine beaches including popular destination, Hampton -- is particularly loved for its great eateries, thriving jazz scene, and gorgeous sand and surf. Moving to any of these communities is easy: in keeping with its historically independent spirit, New Hampshire isn't about regulations or bureaucracy. Short-term leases are easy to come by in the cities, and in their own New Hampshire way, people are friendly and willing to help newcomers. New Hampshire's southern towns retain their community-based feel, and most businesses -- from apartment complexes to moving companies -- are locally owned.

New Hampshire Renter Confidence Survey
National study of renter confidence in the economy, homeownership, and cities
Here's how New Hampshire ranks on:
F Plans for homeownership
F City satisfaction
A Confidence in the local economy
D Safety and crime rate
D Access to recreational activities
D Quality of schools
A+ State and local taxes
A+ Satisfaction with daily commute
Best Worst
Full data available when viewing on a non-mobile device.
Overview of Findings

Apartment List has released New Hampshire's results from the first annual Apartment List Renter Satisfaction Survey. The survey, which drew on responses from over 18,000 renters, provides new insights into what states and cities must do to meet the needs of the 105 million American renters nationwide.

"New Hampshire renters report very low overall satisfaction, driven by low scores on safety, schools, and recreation," says Andrew Tam, Vice President of Data Science at Apartment List. "The US renter population is at its highest level in 20 years, and New Hampshire may struggle to attract them unless it can improve on those dimensions."

Key findings in New Hampshire include the following:

  • New Hampshire renters give their state an F overall. This puts it at 38th in our ranking of US states.
  • On the other hand, New Hampshire renters are more optimistic than average about the economy, with 30% saying it's on the right track compared to an average of 25% nationwide.
  • Just 39% of New Hampshire respondents say they plan to purchase an apartment or home in the future, compared to 60% nationally.
  • New Hampshire received high scores in two other categories: length of commute (A+) and local taxes (A+).
  • New Hampshire also received D's in three categories - safety, recreation, and schools.
  • New Hampshire scored below Massachusetts (B-) but tied with Maine (F).
  • The top rated states for city satisfaction were Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Colorado, and Oklahoma. The lowest rated states were Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, and South Carolina.

A detailed report explaining the survey's methodology, analysis, and findings is available upon request. To obtain a copy, please email Andrew Tam, Apartment List's Vice President of Data Science, at