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149 apartments for rent in Port St. Lucie, FL

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City Guide
Port St. Lucie
Finding an Apartment

The lower than average cost of living in Port Lucie means you will not have to stretch your budget and stress yourself to find a great place to live. Because of the population increase in the area and the high demand for apartments, you will have to step up your game to find a great place. If you follow these great tips, you will be singing home sweet home before you know it.

Most folks want a pad where they can relax and make it their own. Depending on the neighborhood that you want to rent in, prices can vary. You can find an apartment that is a few years old and save a good bit of money. Or you can spend a little more, for better amenities. You will probably want to avoid looking for a place to live in late summer, but there are great specials year-round if you have the patience and time to devote to scoping them out.

The rental market can be fierce in South Florida, especially in great cities like Port St. Lucie. Taking the time to prepare and be organized can save you tears and frustration. You also don't want to settle for an apartment and get stuck with a lease that you want to get out of, but cant.

OK, so you've found the place that your really want. Making a good impression on a potential landlord can make a big difference in obtaining your dream digs. Put on your best duds, make sure that you are neat and have everything ready for your meeting or interview with the property owner or manager. If it comes down to choosing a slob over someone neat and presentable, you know who is going to win -- the neat person. We didn't really have to tell you that, did we? We also recommend that you keep your documents tidy in a folder. That way you will not have to waste time looking for paperwork. The paperwork that you should have on hand should be copies of your photo ID, recent pay documentation, and previous rental history and references.

The Neighborhoods

OK, so here's a breakdown of the neighborhoods in Port St. Lucie:

PGA: If you love sports and golf is your game, the PGA area is the place to be. If you love green living (green, get it!) prepare to pay the putting fees.

St. Lucie West: The west side has great options for restaurants and shopping. There is also a nice mix of new construction along with older buildings. The prices can range from affordable to pricey, but most are at a happy medium. Generally, the west side will not crush your piggy bank!

Sandpiper Bay: As one of the larger neighborhoods in the city, Sandpiper Bay makes up about one fifth of the population of Port St. Lucie. This neighborhood is close to the Mets spring training, so there is always something going on. The best thing about Sandpiper Bay is that the rental prices are great so you can rest easy after paying rent.

Life in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is ranked as the 100th greenest city in the country. Public transportation is readily available but most people choose to drive personal vehicles or bicycle front point A to B. Of course, anyone that has ever lived in South Florida knows that the quickest way to get where you need to be is go to the beach and think about it first. When you are done thinking, then get on the interstate and avoid those annoying toll roads. Regardless of whether you drive, ride or walk, there are plenty of options in the city that will get you where you need to be on time.

Port St. Lucie is one giant opportunity, all year long, to do anything outdoors. There are beaches, lakes, rivers and green spaces all around the city. Residents can enjoy golf, watching the spring training for the MLB or just soaking up some rays. If recreational shopping is more your speed, the miles of malls are endless as well.

You cant beat the cost of living and year-round great weather of Port St Lucie. It has often been said that sunshine is a great pill and happiness and sunshine go hand in hand. So, grab the bathing suit, and head to the beach! Happy times and a wonderful place to call home are waiting in Port St. Lucie. Happy apartment hunting!