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118 apartments for rent near Artesia, CA

Last updated January 21 at 11:12PM
eaves Cerritos
11421 186th St
Updated November 28 at 7:05PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
17623 Grayland Avenue
Updated January 9 at 12:45PM
4 Bed
Droxford St
Updated January 19 at 10:39AM
3 Bed
17839 Powell Place
Updated January 21 at 12:03PM
5 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Artesia, CA
Cerritos Apartments
18944 Vickie Ave
Updated January 21 at 11:16AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Villa Del Sol Apartments
11217 Barnwall St
Updated January 21 at 2:58PM
2 Bed
12611 Artesia Blvd
Updated January 21 at 3:25PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
16337 HARVEST Avenue
Updated December 23 at 4:36AM
3 Bed
11865 205th Street
Updated January 10 at 4:58AM
3 Bed
19201 Roseton Ave
Updated January 20 at 11:06AM
4 Bed
11515 Hyde Park Court
Updated January 19 at 12:20PM
3 Bed
16209 Jessica Circle
Updated January 15 at 3:43AM
4 Bed
14651 Helwig
Norwalk-La Mirada
Updated January 7 at 11:57AM
2 Bed
16521 Bluegrass Lane
Updated January 11 at 10:55AM
2 Bed
20426 Hawaiian Avenue
Updated January 19 at 10:59AM
3 Bed
Results within 5 miles of Artesia, CA
3500 Hathaway Ave
Updated January 21 at 11:12PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Alvista Long Beach
1718 Ximeno Ave
Updated December 9 at 3:44AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
IMT MetroPointe
11615 Firestone Blvd
Updated November 28 at 8:12AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
16124 Rosecrans Ave
Updated January 21 at 9:38PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
12535 Brookshire Ave
Updated January 10 at 1:33AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
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City Guide
Moving to Artesia

Looking for rental properties in Artesia, CA? This friendly community not far from downtown metropolitan Los Angeles offers many opportunities to find a home for rent, pet-friendly apartments or rental condos.

Check online resources, local newspapers and the Los Angeles Times for rental possibilities. You should also look around the community on foot or by car to find the best place for you. This is a popular area to live, convenient to both the 91 and I-5 freeways for easy access throughout the LA basin. Allow yourself a month to find a rental. And do come with your credit report, ID and bank statements at the ready, as most Southern California area landlords require this type of documentation.

Neighborhoods in Artesia

Overall, you should expect commutes of 30 to 45 minutes from Artesia to other parts of Los Angeles and Orange County. Artesia is central to both LA and OC business centers and recreational spots. While most commuters drive their own vehicle, public transit is available. You're also about thirty minutes from the beach. Artesia Boulevard - and the 91 Freeway which merges with the street - lead you to the Pacific Ocean shores of Hermosa Beach.

Artesia City Center: A vibrant, urban feel is the vibe of this community of single-family homes and apartment complexes occupied by both owners and renters. Property age range is between 1940 and 1999. The international shopping area is within this location - delicious naan bread, anyone?

Norwalk Boulevard / 186th Street: Artesia Park is a central part of this neighborhood, where small to medium single-family homes and apartment complexes are the norm. Real estate is occupied by renters and owners and was built between 1940 and 1999. It's pretty urban in density.

Pioneer Boulevard: Also urban in density, this comfortable community includes primarily single-family homes that are owner occupied, but search for a rental and you will likely find one. This neighborhood is very convenient for commuters, located close to the 91 Freeway.

Living in Artesia

Once a dairy region with bucolic, cow-filled fields, the farm land was developed into residential housing after World War II. Dairymen moved east and north, and Artesia became a booming community of homes and businesses. Want to know more? The Artesia Historical Society has archives galore. It also restored a beautiful Spanish Style home as a civic museum.

From the Artesian springs the city was named for to the Artesia Water Tower and Pioneer Boulevard Fountains, the city remains a celebration of good old H2O. The water tower is a beloved community landmark that can hold up to 50,000 gallons of water if you're just that thirsty.

The tower sits on top of an artesian well, but mysteriously enough, there is no information on its design or construction. Still, this community landmark is not only well regarded in town, but it has also been featured in film and television programs including the popular My Name is Earl. It was also featured in the horror film Freddy's Dead, The Final Nightmare_ - _a part of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. But don't fret, no nightmares will show up on your own tree-lined streets - they're oaks, not elms, anyway.

More water-related fun: it's uncommon to see a business district with a lovely mid-street strip filled with fountains. At least, outside of Las Vegas that is! But Pioneer Boulevard has them, and even won an architectural and engineering award because of their beauty. Lit up at night, they're enchanting. They're hard to resist - but just don't dive in.

The International Cultural District

The International refers to the exciting cultural shopping district that flanks Pioneer Boulevard. Awesome Indian restaurants, sweet shops, jewelry and fabric stores are joined by East Asian markets, shops and restaurants offering everything from pad thai to sushi. Looking for a beautiful silk sari? This is the place. How about rose-flavored ice cream? Here, too. Bet you haven't yet tried a scoop of chikoo, a fruit flavor dairy treat, or malai kulfi, a frozen milk-based dessert. Well, you should. Rev up your palette and join other residents enjoying a weekend stroll and food fest. So many shops to browse and such an enormous variety of dining and shopping options has led the community to seek the creation of an official designation for this part of town, similar to other international culture locations throughout the LA basin.

If you're looking for a beauty tip or two, try eyebrow threading or have your hands or arms painted with a traditional Indian henna design. You'll look awesome, so shouldn't your new home? If you want to improve your living room, there are tapestries, carved wooden tables and beautiful glassware to choose from.

Nearby, City Plaza is not your typical, dull government office spot. Instead, it is well known as the hot spot for a variety of awesome food, from pho to tempura. Located at South Street and Pioneer Boulevard, this is yet another option for international cuisine.

Community Days

Parks and Rec programs abound in Artesia and include arts and crafts, sports leagues and excursions all sponsored by the city. Senior programs? Check. Teen programs? Yes, that too. Fitness programs for all levels and ages are integral to the community.

The parks themselves are also a great asset to this vibrant town. Artesia Park offers plenty of green space for sports, picnics and just plain relaxing. AJ Padelford Park is another open space well regarded in the community.

What about other activities? Whether it's a high energy Little League program or a family Easter Bunny Breakfast, there's plenty going on in Artesia.