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Azusa, CA 155 Apartments for Rent with Hardwood Floors

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Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Azusa renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particul... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Azusa, CA

Welcome to Canyon City! You’ve reached the land of sunny beaches, bright blue skies and infinite horizons of palm trees. Although Azusa, California is a suburb of Los Angeles, it has a distinct character of its own. You can think of it like L.A. but without the stars, smog and lines of Hummers in heavy traffic (Well, there’s some of that, but Azusa has a notably more relaxed feeling.) If you’re moving to Azusa for the first time -- or simply need to find a new place within town -- you need to kn...

As we mentioned in the intro, Azusa, California is a suburb of Los Angeles, located about 25 miles from the “City of Angels” and not far from Pasadena. It has 46,000 people living within its borders and a typical “SoCal” atmosphere. You’ll find upscale apartment complexes, luxury condos and high end shopping are pretty common, and top-end restaurants, chic bistros and fancy delicatessens aren’t too rare either. Coffee shops are on every corner. Prices on rentals are mid-range here. They aren’t as expensive as in some of the more elite L.A. suburbs, yet you’ll pay more than in other parts of the country.

In the central and southern parts of town around the university and south of the freeway, you can find one-bedroom apartments between $700 and $800. If you are looking for affordable places, this part of town will be your best option. Check complexes such as the Iris Gardens and Mountain View Apartments. These sorts of setups will often include air conditioning, on-site laundry, free Internet, off-street parking and hot tub/swimming pools. Some utilities are paid at these apartments, too. As you move farther north toward the Azusa Greens Country Club, rent prices increase and you are going to pay about $1200 for a one-bedroom apartment. That said, you will have all the luxury apartment amenities: private patio and balconies, spa, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, racquetball court and gym. However, your deposit will be steep and at least a one-year lease will be required. Additionally, you will likely find 25-pound weight restrictions on pets, meaning only cats and small dogs will be allowed.

If you’re thinking about moving to a condominium, town house or full-sized home for rent, Azusa has options in that department too. They will be slightly pricier, but in many ways you will get more out of your money. The square footage will probably be higher, the yard space bigger and the neighborhood is more likely to be quiet. One-bedroom houses will start between $850 and $1100 per month. Two-bedrooms will run you $1600 to $1800 and three-bedrooms can come in over $2,000 per month. However, another upshot of renting a house in Azusa, CA is they are more likely to be pet-friendly. Some of the features of residing in one of these non-apartments may include hardwood floors, fireplaces, walk-in closets, garages, washer-dryers and large backyards with gardens.

There are tons of things to do in Azusa, California and plenty of great people to do them with. Come take a look around this fabulous city today. You won’t regret it! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with hardwood floors in Azusa, CA

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Azusa renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particularly if you have pets.

However, there are some downsides. Hardwood floors carry sounds. They can also make your apartment noisy for your roommates and downstairs neighbors.

Ask the landlord or property manager about the hardwood floors before signing a lease. Are they actually hardwood or a popular composite alternative? The latter is probably easier to clean and care for than the real thing.

It’s also important to ask about who’s responsible for any damage to the floors and what that entails. Your security deposit could take a hit from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Consider the type of climate you live in. Hardwood floors typically don’t fare well in damp climates full of moisture. Stains and buckling are common in hardwood floors after rain flooding or excessive moisture.

However, hardwood floors can be ideal for dry climates or sunny areas for renters who love the way they look.