93 Apartments for rent in Duarte, CA

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Last updated September 22 at 10:24PM
1345 Maynard Drive
Duarte, CA
Updated August 31 at 3:39AM
2 Bedrooms
2502 Bloomdale Street
Duarte, CA
Updated September 20 at 10:41AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Duarte, CA
1911 Stagio Drive
Mayflower Village
Monrovia, CA
Updated September 21 at 3:09PM
3 Bedrooms
248 Poppy Avenue
Monrovia, CA
Updated September 15 at 4:26AM
3 Bedrooms
900 W Sierra Madre Avenue
Azusa, CA
Updated September 22 at 2:44AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Duarte, CA
1010 W Marbury Street
Freeway Corridor
West Covina, CA
Updated September 22 at 6:23PM
3 Bedrooms
166 N Madison Avenue
Monrovia, CA
Updated September 21 at 3:05PM
3 Bedrooms
861 S Calvados Avenue
Charter Oak
Covina, CA
Updated September 19 at 10:36AM
3 Bedrooms
367 N Canyon Boulevard
Monrovia, CA
Updated September 21 at 3:09PM
3 Bedrooms
668 W Norman Avenue
Arcadia, CA
Updated September 21 at 3:05PM
2 Bedrooms
320 E Grandview Avenue
Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre, CA
Updated September 20 at 2:57AM
1 Bedroom
312 Genoa St
Monrovia, CA
Updated September 22 at 7:22PM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Do's and Don'ts for Apartment Rentals in Duarte

And for those who are wary of LA's insanely-priced apartments for rent, Duarte offers you the break that you need. Yes siree! You heard that right. Now, let modern-day hunting begin.

Just to make sure you won't be reduced to a mesh of frustration after weeks into your move, let's have some groundwork established when you're hunting for an apartment in Duarte.

Do know there's a lot in the mix here.

The city is like a whole bag of mixed nuts when it comes to rental options. Although single-detached homes that kinda remind you of the good 'ol yesteryear make up a large percentage of the rental properties here, townhouses and apartment complexes that make you want to take up a course on how to get along well with your neighbor are viable options as well.

Don't assume your furry buddy is welcome.

Some landlords just don't have the patience of a saint when it comes to pets. But don't let that make you lose faith in landlords. There are those who are willing to make some compromise as long as you fulfill your part of the deal, which is usually in the form of a pet deposit or pet rental fee.

Do mind the bills.

There are some all utilities paid agreements, landlords who will share the bills with you, and others won't chip in for your utilities at all. You need to take this into account to determine if you're getting a reasonable rental price in the end.

Do give yourself time.

If you don't want to spend the night on a sidewalk in the middle of nowhere, give yourself ample time in hunting for a home. Although the rental market here is not as insane as SF or LA, this is no Detroit either. Thus, if you don't want to just grab on to whatever becomes available -- give yourself at least 8 weeks to find a good place to call home in Duarte.

Scouting for Apartments in Duarte's Different Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods, even in a small city like Duarte, have their own distinct personality. Here's a quick overview of the different neighborhoods in this city.

City Center: Single-detached homes and apartment complexes are what await you in this most walkable part of Duarte. With Duarte Sports Park located right smack in the middle of this neighborhood, you can expect recreation to be a part of everyday life here. If you live here, there's a good chance that you're shacked up next to or right across from diners, shopping and entertainment hubs.

Conata St/Greenbank Ave: Do you want to have the expansive Angeles National Forest as your backyard? Live in this neighborhood. Although there's a good chance that you'll be spending a good amount of time getting to work if you choose to call this place home, gorgeous rentals may hold your heart captive in this neighborhood. And that's before spectacular Mother Nature spoils you rotten with her motherly affection. So don't say you haven't been warned: come here, and you may never leave.

Butler: If you're looking for places for rent in Duarte, you'd be bombarded with lots of options in this neighborhood. Here, you'd get townhouses, detached houses and apartment complexes in the mix. Imagine streets lined with row houses, with a sense of community that's almost palpable, and you're pretty close to imagining what it's like to live in Butler. We can just guess that having the Rancho Duarte Golf Course and Gordon Sports Park within the area must be keeping the stress of city living at bay.

Irell/Duarte Rd: Should your health go ballistic, living in this area gets you right smack in health care paradise. This is the city's health care hub and establishments like City of Hope Medical Center, The Sheri and Les Biller Patient Center, Women's Health Center, as well as countless medical clinics are strewn all over this neighborhood. And if that isn't enough to get you to stop fretting over your health, the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and Heritage Park should help you forget about all your worries. Single-detached homes are the common rental options that await you here.

S Myrtle Ave/Shrode Ave: Want to live in a typical All American community? Time to wear your gladiator costume 'cuz you'll need it to find an apartment for rent in this city. Here, you don't sit on a decision if you're presented with an excellent apartment rental. You do that and you'll find that the home becomes unavailable faster than you can blink your eye. Chalk it up to the area's relatively low rental price and awesome community.

Walk or Pedal Your Way to Everything

Well, what can you expect from a city of no more than 6.7 square miles in total land area? Try ditching that steering wheel (heaven knows you've been chained to it day in and day out) for a change and get on a bike or a good pair of shoes. There are lots of places you can get to by foot or bicycle. For example, you can awaken the fitness junkie in you and course through Duarte Bike Trail. You'll instantly feel better thanks to the calories you burned and the spectacular scenery that you pass through.

Don't give in to that steering wheel just yet. Public transportation in Duarte may not be top of the line as in a major metropolis, but it does the job of whisking you to places. There's a fixed bus service that runs through the Blue, Green, and Commuter Line, which provides LA workers easy access to Foothill Transit. And of course, Metro Gold Line station is opening soon so that's another hurray for commuters.

Think this is your pack right here? Time to set up camp, then.