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55 apartments for rent in Murfreesboro, TN

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City Guide
M’Boro in a Nutshell

How, you ask, is life in Murfreesboro? Glad you asked! Here’s how:

Murfreesboro is comfortable. Murfreesboro is a city whose streets are filled with parks, playgrounds, strip malls, drive-thru Starbucks, sit-down restaurants, neatly-landscaped lawns, the works. “No alarms, no surprises,” as the song goes – which is exactly what many Central Tennesseans covet in the first place.

Murfreesboro is cost-effective. The cost of living index in Murfreesboro is 7 percentage points lower than the national average, which means you won’t break the bank on things like groceries, utilities, and consumer goods. Apartments are remarkably affordable (even for the mid-South’s budget-friendly standards), and even high-quality units can be found for $800 or less.

Murfreesboro is convenient. Murfreesboro is surrounded by highways that give residents easy access to neighboring cities like Nashville and Brentwood.

Murfreesboro is contemporary. On one hand, Murfreesboro is an old and historic city whose tourist sites include a Civil War Battlefield and Antebellum courthouse. Especially on the streets of the boutique-and-café-filled historic downtown area, there’s a nostalgic, old-timey vibe. Most of Murfreesboro, however, is newly-constructed, which means residents don’t have to worry about things like faulty pipes and wires or degenerating structures. The further you get from the city center, the more likely you are to come across newly-built apartments, lofts, and condos packed to the brim with all the modern amenities you could ask for.

Selecting your Stomping Grounds

Whether you’re in the market for a super cool crash pad in the eastern, western, northern, southern, or centrally-located parts of town, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a variety of rental options.

In the western and southwestern neighborhoods, there are tons of contemporary apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. These units are usually a bit more pricey, but they also usually offer a little extra leg room and feature more attractive amenities. Often times, they are also more neatly maintained, since they attempt to attract long-term residents and not just transient leasers.

Tips for Tenants

Apartments are pretty much available year-round, but the most attractive units are usually gobbled up by early July. In other words, don’t be a giant slacker and wait until the last minute, or else you’ll miss out on the pick of the litter.

In some parts of town, especially the booming western neighborhoods, apartments are readily available and are just waiting for peeps like you to come claim them. Just remember to equip yourself with a list of previous residences and references, banking account information, and proof of income. Many apartment managers run credit checks on prospective tenants, so you may need a co-signer to score a lease in Murfreesboro.

Other than, just use common sense and read your lease carefully before signing it. Remember that a lease is an important legal document that covers everything from pet and roommate restrictions to policies regarding fees, general upkeep, and expectations of both tenants and landlords. Also, be sure to give your apartment a careful inspection before loading in (preferably along with an objective third party) to make sure everything is up to par.

And now, bold and fearless apartment hunter, it’s time to begin your journey for a primo apartment in Murfreesboro! Best of luck and happy hunting!