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The Best Cities for Singles 2019

By: Justin Chaplin
September 16, 2019

It’s almost cuffing season, and even the most steadfast singles can’t help but start thinking about coupling up. However, the dating game is becoming increasingly complicated as dating app culture becomes the norm. Meeting new people has become easier than ever before, but meeting the right person is just as much of a challenge as it’s ever been.

What if we told you that the challenges of dating were in part due to where you live? If you’re tired of endless swiping, lackluster coffee dates, and want to finally find “the one,” there are some cities where your odds may be better. 

Last Valentine’s Day, we released our rankings for the best and worst cities for dating and found some interesting results

September 21st- National Single’s Day is fast approaching which got us thinking- has anything changed over the course of 2019? We refreshed our original report by adding new criteria and using our latest survey results to discover the best cities for singles across the country. 

The rankings are based upon the following four metrics:

1. Dating Satisfaction (40%): We looked at how satisfied renters are with dating opportunities in their city. In Apartment List’s Annual Renter Satisfaction Survey, we asked renters: “How satisfied are you with opportunities for dating in your current city.” 

2. Social Satisfaction (20%): We looked at how satisfied renters are with social life in their city. In Apartment List’s Annual Renter Satisfaction Survey, renters were asked: “How satisfied are you with social life in your current city?” 

3. Dating Affordability (20%): How could we quantify the best city for singles without looking at how much a date costs? We assumed that the more affordable it is to go out, the more dates a person can set up without breaking the bank. This statistic looks at the average price of two movie tickets and a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant compared to median earnings. Median earnings for full-time, year-round workers with earnings were taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey 2017 and adjusted using yearly inflation rate.

4. Percentage of Singles (20%): The percentage of singles in each city is taken from the Census Bureau American Community Survey.

So, if you are single and ready to mingle, here are some places to check out.

Atlanta and Madison Place 1st and 2nd

If you’re a struggling single looking for companionship, consider stopping by Atlanta. The ATL tops our rankings, reporting sky-high scores for dating satisfaction and social satisfaction. Atlanta also received a big bump for their percentage of singles score. In a lively city known for its music scene, sports teams, and to-die-for food, the date options are endless.

The Capital of Wisconsin comes in as the second-best city for singles. Although Madison ranks near the top in dating and social satisfaction, the percentage of singles in the area is lower than most top-ranking cities, at 62%. Your dating pool may not be as deep as you’ll find in other cities, but the city has tons to offer those looking to get in the mix. From brewery tours to University of Wisconsin football games, the city gives many reasons to get off the couch and into the dating scene. And all can be done with at a cheap price. Madison's date affordability score helped boost them to 2nd.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. and its NOVA Neighbors Dominate the Top 10 

With solid statistics across the board, Washington, D.C. gets our bronze medal for best cities for singles. However, in terms of dating satisfaction, we found a bit of a gender disparity among D.C. singles. 53% of men in D.C. reported being satisfied with dating opportunities, compared to just 31% of women. 

Across the Potomac River, neighboring cities Arlington, VA and Alexandria, VA come in at fifth and tenth respectively on our report. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, maybe it’s time to take a trip to our nation’s capital and experience the single life or travel just south to see what NOVA has to offer.

Anaheim, CA

Dating Satisfaction Score
Social Satisfaction Score
Date Affordability Score
% of Singles Score
Final Score
Atlanta, GA#19395849191
Madison, WI#29899876088
Washington, DC#38898818688
Bloomington, IN#49994439887
New Orleans, LA#59096668285
Arlington, VA#6981001002083
Minneapolis, MN#79792537483
Boston, MA#89491508282
Pittsburgh, PA#99185527679
Alexandria, VA#108897992279

Four California Cities Fall in the Bottom 5

No California cities landed in our top 10.  However, four California cities make up the bottom five. Stockton, CA is the lowest-ranked city for singles on our list. Anaheim, Bakersfield, and San Bernardino rank third, fourth, and fifth-lowest, respectively. Apparently, it’s not always good times and sunshine for singles in Southern California.

In Northern California, things look a little better. Although Sacramento fell in the bottom 20 of scores, the Bay Area is looking promising for singles. San Francisco is the highest-ranking California city on our list, coming in at #17.

Fayetteville, NC

East Coast Cities Round Out the Bottom 10

Outside of the California cities, the remaining cities in the bottom 10 take us back east. Fayetteville, NC comes in as our second-lowest city for singles. Norfolk, VA and Buffalo, NY also fall in the bottom ten. All of these cities reported lackluster scores dating satisfaction.

Two Connecticut cities, Hartford and Waterbury, round out our bottom 10. Hartford recorded the lowest overall score for dating satisfaction, while Waterbury scored the lowest for social satisfaction. Norfolk residents can head three hours north to D.C. and Arlington, which both land in our top 10. Fayetteville may rank second lowest, but Charlotte and Raleigh are in the top 33.

Dating Satisfaction Score
Social Satisfaction Score
Date Affordability Score
% of Singles Score
Final Score
Waterbury, CT#12150376923
Fresno, CA#122203194822
Buffalo, NY#12311868522
Hartford, CT#1240719821
Norfolk, VA#12572137220
San Bernardino, CA#1262276616
Bakersfield, CA#1273558715
Anaheim, CA#1281018141213
Fayetteville, NC#12941733212
Stockton, CA#1309142910

Single men are most satisfied with dating in Washington, DC, single women rank Minneapolis first

As it turns out, men and women view dating differently. Overall, men are significantly more satisfied with dating than women. While on average 36% of men are satisfied with dating opportunities in their area, only 25% of women can say the same. Men are the most satisfied with dating opportunities in Washington, DC, while single women are the most content with their dating prospects in Minneapolis. In spite of the above-mentioned discrepancies, men and women do have one thing in common - they aren't happy with the dating scene in Kansas City. The largest city in Missouri ended up at the bottom of both lists.

Females Satisfied %
Males Satisfied %
Minneapolis, MN43%1Minneapolis, MN%47%5
Boston, MA42%2Boston, MA%41%14
Atlanta, GA39%3Atlanta, GA%41%15
Richmond, VA37%4Richmond, VA%52%2
Chicago, IL35%5Chicago, IL%48%3
Seattle, WA34%6Seattle, WA%20%38
Denver, CO33%7Denver, CO%42%12
Washington, DC31%8Washington, DC%53%1
Charlotte, NC30%9Charlotte, NC%43%10
Houston, TX30%10Houston, TX%48%4

If your city ranks low, check out the full data below. A neighboring city may be calling your name.

Overall Satisfied With Dating %
Females Satisfied %
Males Satisfied %
Dating Satisfaction Score
Overall Satisfied With Social Life %
Social Satisfaction Score
Date Affordability Score
% of Singles Score
Final Score
Atlanta, GA#139%39%41%9373%95849191
Madison, WI#245%----9878%99876088
Washington, DC#337%31%53%8874%98818688
Bloomington, IN#450%----9971%94439887
New Orleans, LA#537%----9073%96668285
Arlington, VA#646%----9879%1001002083
Minneapolis, MN#743%43%47%9768%92537483
Boston, MA#840%42%41%9467%91508282
Pittsburgh, PA#937%----9164%85527679
Alexandria, VA#1037%----8874%97992279
Apartments for rent in our top cities
Atlanta, GAAustin, TXCharlotte, NCChicago, ILDallas, TXDenver, COFort Worth, TXHouston, TXIndianapolis, INJacksonville, FL