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121 Apartments for rent in Washington, UT

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4269 Bella Vista Dr.
4269 Bella Vista Dr, Santa Clara, UT
3 Bedrooms
1709 sqft
Fantastic town home in highly desirable Santa Clara Neighborhood. Brand new. Granite countertops throughout including the laundry room. Custom white cabinets. Stainless steel appliances. Gorgeous flooring. Large bedrooms. Plenty of storage.
Last updated June 1 at 09:40am
1 Unit Available
280 S Luce Del Sol Drive #218
280 S Luce Del Sol Dr, St. George, UT
3 Bedrooms
1583 sqft
280 S Luce Del Sol Drive #218 Available 07/12/19 PET FRIENDLY Condo with Amazing views at Sunbrook Golf Course- Over $300 Worth of Inclusions! - Over $300 worth of inclusions in the rental of this property! Come and see the incredible views that
City GuideWashington
The Utah city of Washington, which saw a population explosion of about 129 percent between 2000 and 2010, was originally settled by those making a living on raising cotton, and because of this, it's often referred to as Utah's Dixie.

Washington, a relatively large city when it comes to small cities, was founded by settlers from the South who were looking for a new life in Utah. Sadly, times weren't easy, and after several disasters left the settlers poor and without hope, it was said, "The ones who remained were too poor to leave." Of course, the huge population explosion in the 21st century proves that these trying times are over, but those currently living here should shoot a big "thank you" to the original inhabitants of "Dog Town."

Moving to Washington

The rocky terrain surrounding Washington serves as a stark reminder of the difficulties that the original settlers went through. Fortunately, you can now look for a nice house to rent in Washington instead of living in a hillside dugout or wagon box. Seriously... that's what they had to do. Thank your lucky stars. Don't get the impression, though, that moving here is going to be as easy as pie. There are still things that you should be prepared for if you hope to find a place that you can live in happily for years to come.

When to start looking

Honestly, you could probably start looking a week in advance and find a place, but in the end, people wouldn't call you smart. Seriously, who would do that? Renters make up about one out of every five residents in the city, and there are a ton of different places you could live. Of course, if you start looking at least a month in advance, you can visit different neighborhoods and check out different housing options. If you're looking for a month to month lease, you're going to want enough time to find one you like; and this goes for any housing choice that you finally settle on.

When to make the move

If you were wanting to move to Orlando, you'd avoid doing so during the summer due to the huge amount of tourists. If you wanted to move to Canada, you'd probably do it during the summer to avoid the cold weather. Come on people, this is only common sense. In Washington, though, you won't have either of these problems. You will, however, want to avoid moving in during the summer if at all possible. The average high temperature in July is 102 degrees. That's average. That means that it's hotter than that half of the time. No thanks.

What to bring along

Whether you're looking for 3 bedroom houses for rent or a nice little efficiency apartment, you're going to need to come prepared. While there are currently plenty of places to go around, the previously mentioned population explosion means that landlords can be pickier than they were in the '90s. So come locked and loaded. That's a metaphor for bringing proof of income and a credit check. Literally coming locked and loaded is probably not such a good idea. Also, keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of these homes were built after 1990, so if you're bringing a pet along, plan on paying an additional fee.

Washington Neighborhoods

When searching for a studio apartment or nice big house to rent in Washington, you're likely to notice just how big the place is; its population density is still under 600 per square mile. You're probably asking yourself why right about now. It's because large portions of the city simply have nothing in them. The neighborhoods that do, however, each has its own appeal.

North: The northernmost inhabited area of Washington has a nice little jumble of residential areas. All of these areas are within a stone's throw of Interstate 15 and Green Spring Park. It's also adjacent to the huge Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, so enjoy that, too.

Coral Canyon: The area around Coral Canyon Golf Course doesn't have much in the way of stores, but the relaxing, natural atmosphere is likely what will bring you here. Coral Springs Resort is right there too, and as we all know, anything with the word "resort" in its name has to be amazing.

City Center: If you get a place right below Interstate 15, you've basically got it made. With a Wal-Mart Supercenter, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, and numerous other stores and restaurants, there's not much you'll ever be wanting for.

South: The southern area of Washington is another basically residential area, but it's also the location of Pine View Park. Sure, it's a little drive to what we'd call "civilization," but you can't beat the quiet.

Living in Washington

Most of the neighborhoods might not be within walking distance of stores and entertainment, but when the heat can soar over 100 degrees, who really walks anyway? Fortunately, there are an abundance of things to do in Washington, and they're all just a short drive away.

Learn Your New History

Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Okay, you won't likely repeat the experience of the first Washington settlers, but you can still enjoy the Washington City Museum.

Community Celebrations

Get to know your neighbors! You're bound to find some normal ones, and Washington makes this easy. Whether it's the Veterans Day Celebration or the nearly two-week-long Cotton Days celebration, you can meet everyone.

Have a Night Out

There's not much along the line of night clubs in the city, but there are numerous restaurants to get a bite to eat before heading over to St. George for a movie. Make sure to check out the Heart of Dixie events at nearby Gunlock Lake State Park too.

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