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Starting at $995
Updated 3 days ago
3131 Brook Street
3131 Brook Street
Kingman, AZ
4 Bedrooms
Starting at $1,175
Updated 6 days ago
3601 Lomita Street N
3601 Lomita Street N
Kingman, AZ
3 Bedrooms
Starting at $850
Updated 7 days ago
2227 Davis Ave.
2227 Davis Ave.
Kingman, AZ
3 Bedrooms

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City GuideNew Kingman-Butler

I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache, the 'Boston Blackie' kind, or a two-toned Ricky Ricardo jacket, and an autographed picture of Andy Devine. - From "Pencil Thin Mustache" by Jimmy Buffett

Andy Devine is the well-loved local hero who made it to Hollywood but kept true to his small town roots of Kingman, Arizona. New Kingman-Butler is an unincorporated area bordering the city of Kingman. New Kingman was the name of the original settlement, but it is now generally known as simply Butler, likely because there are just too many kings around! It wasn't named after the servant though; it was named after the original developer of the community.

What to Expect in New Kingman-Butler

New Kingman is closely tied with, and is an integral part of, the city of Kingman. Just 80 miles from the Hoover Dam and only two-and-a-half hours to the Grand Canyon, it's easy to play tourist in these parts. You can even get to Las Vegas in less than two hours for a little glitz.

Be prepared to be vetted in New Kingman-Butler. When you begin your search for property rentals in earnest, be sure to allow at least a week for the paperwork process. Along with an application, landlords in New Kingman-Butler usually require proof of income and a credit check. Many will also require a background check. All these checks take time.

It may be a challenge to find a smaller studio apartment or larger 3-bedroom apartments for rent in New Kingman-Butler where the stock is mostly home rentals. But finding 3-bedroom houses for rent is another story.

Neighborhoods in New Kingman-Butler

New Kingman-Butler is considered by locals to be a neighborhood of Kingman. The area loosely includes the streets north, from Northern Avenue in Kingman, up. It is bounded by Stockton Hill Road on the west and Historic Route 66 on the east.

Andy Devine Highway: If you are looking for apartment complex style living, there are options on Route 66, historic or otherwise!

North: The northern neighborhood streets are residential and quiet. This area is home to Mohave Community College and Neal Butler Park.

Central: The rest of New Kingman-Butler is residential, and you might have the best luck when looking for homes to rent instead of apartments.

Living in New Kingman-Butler

The great thing about living in New Kingman-Butler is that you are surrounded with so much natural beauty. Though you are living in the high desert, it's just over an hour's down to beautiful Lake Havasu or up to Lake Mead for all the water fun you can have. And don't forget, though it does get cold in winter, it is very brief compared with the rest of the country. You can enjoy maximum lake time in the Desert Southwest!

For entertainment and shows, New Kingman-Butler is less than an hour to Laughlin, Nevada. Laughlin is a great local choice; sort of Las Vegas lite, where you can see top-notch acts at reasonable prices.

Route 66 is also known in these parts as the Andy Devine Highway. Andy Devine is Kingman's favorite son and, if you haven't heard of him before, you sure will now. The area is proud of this successful actor who is best loved because of his strong values and easygoing nature.

Of course, there are events throughout the year along Historic Route 66. Spring through fall brings all kinds of car rallies, rides, and meets to the area. Be sure to take a little drive yourself, and stop at some of the historic places like Mr. D'z Route 66 Diner and the Roadrunner Cafe.

Andy Devine would likely be proud of his little town. New Kingman-Butler is still a great place to be from!

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