74 Apartments for rent in Paramount, CA

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Last updated December 13 at 4:50am UTC
Results within 1 miles of Paramount, CA
8524 Ramona Street
Bellflower, CA
Updated December 3 at 10:07am UTC
3 Bedrooms
8727 Ramona Street
Bellflower, CA
Updated December 12 at 11:41am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Paramount, CA
11235 Candor Street
Cerritos, CA
Updated November 22 at 5:58pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
2230 Fanwood Ave
Los Altos
Long Beach, CA
Updated December 2 at 12:45pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
1240 Lemon Court
Carson, CA
Updated December 2 at 12:43pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
13518 Lancelot Avenue
Norwalk, CA
Updated October 10 at 10:19am UTC
3 Bedrooms
2673 E. Adams St.
Carson, CA
Updated December 7 at 11:46am UTC
3 Bedrooms
6137 Warwood Rd
Lakewood Park
Lakewood, CA
Updated December 1 at 12:12pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
445 W Palm St
Compton, CA
Updated November 22 at 10:07am UTC
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Paramount

Want to move to Paramount? More than half of the homes there are rental homesso if youre looking for an apartment or house to rent, youre in luck! Rent here is affordable, especially for the area, so if youre on a tight budget, Paramount might be the right choice for you. Want to rent an apartment? You should prepare all the documents you need, because when you find somewhere you like, youll want to move fastso that you dont miss out on your dream home to someone who could apply more quickly than you. First of all, bring copies of IDs to give to your potential landlord. Next, gather financial documentslike your tax returns, bank statements, and proof of income or employment from your employer. You might also want to bring letters of reference from your former landlord to prove that you are a good tenant. If you are moving, youll also want to save up a good deal of money, unless you're planning to rob a bank. Most landlords will require you to put down two months rent up front for a security deposit, and you might also be required to pay a brokers fee if you use a real estate broker to help you find your new place. Alsodont forget the cost of moving. Hiring real movers can be expensive but it will pay in the long run. Someone who knows how to pack and move stuff without breaking it will save you from having to replace a lot of your stuff after the move.

Neighborhoods in Paramount

Downtown:Downtown Paramount is the center of the everything in the small suburb. Its where most of the commercial and retail properties are, as well restaurants and nightlife. Its an area of youngsters and a lot of apartment rentals and affordable housing options. $$

North of Somerset:This is a nicer suburban area in Paramount, with small houses and lots of families. Pick here if you want something quieter and more peaceful, but youll want a car to get to anything exciting or useful.$$$$

South of Somerset:The neighborhood south of Somerset is a low-income area, but it offers houses for rental or purchase for young families and working class families. Its also pretty far from anything exciting, so if youll want to go shopping, out to eat or experience entertainment, get yourself a pair of wheels. $

Living in Paramount

Paramount is a place you live in LA if you need to live somewhere affordable that still gives you access to all the best amenities that LA has to offer. If you live in Paramount, pretty much everyone agrees that you need a car. With a car, you can get into and out of all the areas of the city, as well as run all the errands you need to in town. Lots of huge roads pass through Paramount, making it convenient to get around. The Century Freeway, Interstate 105 runs east to west through the town, and the Long Beach Freeway, Interstate 710, runs north to south. If you dont have your own car in Paramount, youre not stranded, even if it might feel that way. There are buses that run through Paramoutn and into Los Angelesthey are run by the Los Angeles Country MTA and Long Beach Transit.

Paramount has a reputation for being a town for families. Therefore, there are lots of schools in town, and the school operates a school district with 16 public schools and 3 preschools. Paramount has put a lot of money and energy into improving its school system, and recently, it has begun to win awards for its improvements. There are about 10 high schools in the city, as well as a private Catholic school, Our Lady of the Rosary.

Paramounts biggest claim to fame is still the creation of the Zamboni ice resurfacerand the legacy of sports and an active lifestyle remains strong and present in Paramount. There are lots of parks in town, offering facilities for families to spend time outside, play sports, and be active. Paramount Park has playgrounds, handball courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, a gym, picnic facilities and more. Spane Park is a beautiful outdoor park that has a preschool on its ground; there is a playground there, basketball court, baseball diamond, picnic area and outdoor amphitheater there. It also has a fishing pond and is one of the quaintest outdoor areas to laze about in the sun. There is a skate park in Paramount, too, where people into extreme sports can skate and watch skaters.

If youre into arts more than sports, Paramounts a great place for you too. First off, youre right next to Los Angeles, where you can see world-class symphonies, attend movie premieres, go to some of the worlds best art museums, and see the regions best theater. Perfect, right? But there's more: in Paramount proper there are also lots of great opportunities for art. The city is home to an outdoor art museum. Throughout the entire town, artists have placed a bunch of impressive outdoor sculptures. The sculptures vary in style and genre, but they give the entire city the feel and aesthetic of being an art museum and a place focused on design and the visual arts. There are movie theaters in Paramount so you can take in all of the best Hollywood movies being made nearby.

If you like to eat and you live in Paramount, you better like spicy food, since some of the towns best restaurants are Thai. Thai Curry is one of the local favorites, and Thai Smile is another. Residents also rave about the noodles at Treasure Pot Thai, which is a family-owned, authentic place that makes homemade tasting food. If you like Mexican food, Paramount is home to Mariscos El Perihuete, which specializes in Seafood dishes. Picoso! Mexican grill is also a local favorite; its a take on one of the international chain restaurants. Casa Gamino is another Mexican place that residents love; for there for a real take on Mexican food not the Tex Mex stuff served at chain places.

If you want exciting nightlife, its better to go to LA. But if you want a fun night out at a bar, you'll manage in Paramount. Sports Lounge is a local bar where people like to go and watch their favorite teams compete. They serve cold beers there and cheap well drinks. For a more lounge-like experience, Torino Lounge is a great place to hang out. You can get cocktails, well drinks and beers there; there is music and dancing, as well as delicious small plates. If you like to play pool, go to Shotz Sports Lounge. Its a pool hall where you can compete with your friends and also kick back and relax with a drink. What more can you ask for?