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Holiday Hills II
2405 Bahama Dr
Dallas, TX
Updated August 18 at 5:29PM
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Advenir At Mansfield
370 N State Highway 360
Mansfield, TX
Updated August 19 at 1:35PM
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Glenn Heights
Moving to Glenn Heights

Glenn Heights is considered part of the southern suburban sprawl, referring to former large rural areas with high population growth that results in low-density communities. A feature of areas along urban sprawl paths is heavy dependency on automobiles. In Glenn Heights, the majority of households have two or more cars and many prefer driving alone to get to work or school. Travel time especially on peak hours average 30 to 45 minutes one way, longer than the U.S. average.

Although population growth had been robust, half of the city's lands remain largely underdeveloped. Part of the city plan is the sustainability of its attained growth by encouraging more residents and having a pro-business atmosphere. Development of single-family homes is part of the city master plan. Even for rental homes, vacancy rates can be tight in residential areas, with more mid-size to larger homes available for rent while rental apartments and condo rentals are scarce.

As an informed renter or home buyer, it is but wise to scout for available rental properties in Glenn Heights early to secure excellent choices for available places to live here. Get competitive advantage by asking friends who have friends in the city to give you a heads-up once a nice vacancy is up. Subscribe to home rental or apartment listings in Glenn Heights to keep abreast of rental apartments or townhouses for rent in Glenn Heights if your heart is really set on one.

Once you have successfully secured an appointment with a rental property owner or agent, ensure you make a good impression by showing proof of your capacity to fulfill payment obligations, and as a person of good character and motivation, you will be a great addition to the growing Glenn Heights population. Be sure that your show-and-tell documents are in order. These would be records of your sources of income (recent pay stubs, filed individual tax returns and receipts for other sources of income, if any), creditor records (an auto loan, credit card or bank loan) and credit history for a previous rented property, if applicable. Supplement these records with a convincing character reference list or an endorsement letter from a person of authority which can be contacted for verification.

Glenn Heights Neighborhoods

Glenn Heights has a development master plan promoting flexible and creative community development that upholds a high quality of living. This plan includes zoning ordinances, land use and building rules which support the development of family homes. As such, there are more houses to rent here while rental apartments or condo rentals in Glenn Heights are rare. Mobile or motor homes are a consistent feature in most areas owing to its mobile home park legacy.

Ovilla / Oak Leaf: This is a suburban neighborhood mostly made up of mid-size residential homes of two to three bedrooms or more, built from around the 1970s to 2000. Newer homes past 1999 are also available. There are also single family homes and mobile homes in the area. Health and fitness centers, day care services and stores can be found here, servicing the Ellis County portion of Glenn Heights and Red Oak City. Moni's Pasta and Pizza on 125 West Ovilla Road is a popular place to dine after spending time in various shops and service facilities in the area. Or head to the nearby Subway for some healthy sandwiches and drinks to go.

Bear Creek: The Bear Creek area is a busy convergence point in the city, with Interstate Highway 35E along its course, opening the great outdoors to and from Glenn Heights. It is a school zone, a commercial and retail district, a recreational spot and a fast developing residential hub all rolled into one. A one-bedroom apartment or even a three-bedroom apartment may be available here. There are many places to hop around in this neighborhood. The Glenn Heights City Park here is just a block away from the Dallas HI-HO Campground on West Bear Creek. A standout spot in the area is the Bear Creek Beverage on 1350 East Bear Creek for a taste of the best wines and spirits not only in Glenn Heights but in the entire Southern Dallas.

Living in Glenn Heights

Interstate Highway 35E is an important access point, and a mile and a half of it runs along the city. Residents can use the Park and Ride service of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit's small bus station in Glenn Heights. For those coming farther from Texas and needing to fly in, the city is 30 miles from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Community spirit is high in Glenn Heights with its major project, Keep Glenn Heights Beautiful, recognized with outstanding achievement by the state of Texas. This volunteer-led project includes tree planting, wetlands cleanup, local trash-off days and spring cleanup day, recycling and stream cleanup, among others.

Glenn Heights living is enjoying an ideal community life with metropolitan amenities. But don't be swept away by the serene descriptions though, as there's more excitement beyond the parks, marshes and lakes.

As part of the south, living in Glenn Heights means an outdoorsy lifestyle. There are hunting grounds and the so-called rabbit season is very much alive here, as well as opportunities to hunt squirrel, duck, quail and dove. Remember that one needs a landowner's permission to be able to enjoy this hunting recreation, and only in designated areas.

A more laid back outdoor haunt can be enjoyed in the many lakes and ponds in Glenn Heights where fishing and watersports are the preferred activities. There are Lakes Whitney, Bardwell and Waxahachie, all flowing along the city's southern part.

Glenn Heights is also the home of the famous tourist destination, the Dallas HI-HO Campground on 200 West Bear Creek, which is an overnight camping ground for RVs and tent campers. It's just a 20-minute drive from Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake, two of the most famous outdoor destinations in Southern Dallas.