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York, Pennsylvania

People sometimes like to rag on York, PA, but don’t read into any of it. We’ll have you know that York residents love their city and, in fact, describe it as a great community with a tolerable cost of living. Whether they enjoy the parks, festivals or the downtown market, the wonderful performing arts center or the fact that there’s a Penn State campus in town and two terrific hospitals, there’s a lot to love here. We’re still trying to figure out what the downers are referring to, but if we’ve learned anything from the Internet, it’s that hater’s gonna hate.

But enough of this riff-raff, let’s get to apartments, and if there’s one other there’s no shortage of in York, PA, it is apartments. So, let’s get on with it and help you locate the perfect York apartment rental for you.

Officially, the median rent in York is $600. The high-end rents run up to almost $1,400 and, believe us when we say that you’ll live like your inner prince or princess at that price.

Live downtown in one of the Codo apartment buildings, with two and three story loft apartments. Or, you can rent outside the city at Madison at Valley Manor. When we say “outside the city,” we mean deer roaming the adjacent fields.

If you like that in-between location, check out Powder Mill Apartments where a one-bedroom unit will run you $930, but they have huge three bedroom apartments for rent with a family room for a little over $1,400. This complex is highly recommended by the residents for their roomy apartments and awesome maintenance and office staff. There’s even a community garden to help you get your green thumb on.

Mold is a huge problem in many of the apartment complexes in York. Although the models are what sell folks on renting in a complex, insist on seeing the actual apartment you’ll be living in and do some snooping for mold.

You’ll most likely find a number of move-in specials at York apartment complexes. One of the most common of these deals is one month free.

Looking for pet friendly apartments? We hope so, because York is loaded with them, too. Of course the standard pet deposit is mandatory at most properties, but many York landlords are quite liberal in their pet policies.

If you don’t drive, have no fear. York has a pretty nifty public bus system – the Rabbit Transit – that’ll take you wherever you need to go around town and out to some of the 'burbs.

Overall, York, PA is a cool place to live. So, don’t listen to the York, PA naysayers and don’t believe everything you read. Unless you read it here, that is.