159 Apartments for rent in Salisbury, NY

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Last updated November 21 at 4:30am UTC
Results within 1 miles of Salisbury, NY
250 Post Ave
Westbury, NY
Updated November 9 at 1:45am UTC
1 Bedroom
341 Fulton St
Westbury, NY
Updated October 21 at 9:13am UTC
4 Bedrooms
130 Post Ave
Westbury, NY
Updated October 1 at 9:39am UTC
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Salisbury, NY
5 Coach Ln
Muttontown, NY
Updated November 1 at 1:24am UTC
6 Bedrooms
81 Van Cott Ave
Hempstead, NY
Updated November 16 at 9:34am UTC
2 Bedrooms
105 Hardy Ln
Westbury, NY
Updated November 17 at 9:49am UTC
4 Bedrooms
185 Ava Dr
East Meadow
East Meadow, NY
Updated November 1 at 1:30am UTC
4 Bedrooms
1092 Washington Ave
Westbury, NY
Updated October 22 at 1:48am UTC
3 Bedrooms
62 Boxwood Ln
Hicksville, NY
Updated October 7 at 1:44am UTC
5 Bedrooms
110 Division Ave
Levittown, NY
Updated November 9 at 9:44am UTC
1 Bedroom
28 Apollo Ln
Hicksville, NY
Updated November 12 at 9:01am UTC
4 Bedrooms
115 Long Beach Rd
Hempstead, NY
Updated November 9 at 1:42am UTC
1 Bedroom
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City Guide
Finding a New Rental in Salisbury

You'll Need a Lot of Luck (and flexibility)

You may be lucky and find your dream pad right away during your apartment search -- but the rest of us will have to watch the listings with hawk eyes and keen fingers on the mouse button. Other renters may start socializing to find out who has a place to rent in the area (most likely a friend of a friend of a friend). The fact is, people usually move to Salisbury to stay -- even though there aren't any distinct neighborhoods. Almost 90 percent of all housing units are occupied by owners, leaving a meager 10 percent to tenants, of which you will be lucky if there are any available to rent at any given time. Luckily, most places for rent around here are stunning (and being choosy wouldn't help your search anyway). If you tend to nitpick your rentals, leave your critique at home and start thinking of creative ways to pretty up a room if you don't like the decor.

One bedroom? Forget about it!

If you were expecting a selection of cozy studio apartments or 1 bedroom apartments for rent, your search may be long and hard. During the 2010 census, studio apartments were totally nonexistent in the area. If you, by some miracle, happen to come across a 1 bedroom rental apt, you will be one of a very select few, as only 2.3 percent of all residential properties in Salisbury have only one bedroom. Even two bedroom apartments are few and far between at only 8.6 percent. If your heart is set on Salisbury, widen your search by looking for 3 or 4 bedroom places to live in, too. Who doesn't like more room anyways?

Proof of Pedigree

If you want to beat other puppy-eyed tenants to the rentals in this popular area, you will need to prove to your prospective landlord that you embody everything one would ever want or expect from a tenant. Your looks and behavior will be the first tools at your disposal: arrive to appointments on time, dress neatly for the first meeting, and impress your landlord with a friendly but firm attitude. You need to subtly convince him that moving into his place is like doing him a favor -- equivalent to delivering his firstborn child, mind you. Show him that you are well organized by having a file ready with all your documentation and rental application materials. Convince him that money won't be an issue by being prepared to write a check for a security deposit on the spot (paying the deposit is a great way to stake your claim before the landlord has any time to change his mind). References from other previous landlords singing praises of your model tenant behavior might also help you seal the deal.

Life in Salisbury

The People

The residents in Salisbury are confident, opinionated, and direct, so don't be overly sensitive if you want to make new friends. If you are a bit of an introvert, don't worry about filling the conversation as you mingle with the locals, as they are more than capable of handling most of the conversation by themselves. People in Salisbury tend to talk a lot, and loudly -- but it's an endearing quality that epitomizes New York living.


Salisbury doesn't have a typical downtown neighborhood, but you can find a couple of banks and professional businesses lined up along Old Country Road. Westbury Potato Field is situated here, which is a great spot for picking up forgotten ingredients for dinner on the way home. Although this isn't really a shopper's paradise, you won't care too much; Salisbury's central location and close proximity to major malls will fill your appetite for shopping.


Again, Salisbury's central location and highly residential areas mean that you won't find many restaurants in the hamlet itself; but the ones you do find get high ratings. Look up Shogi Japanese Restaurant, The Harvest Diner and Steve's Piccola Bussola Restaurant if you want a meal closer to home.

Getting Around

If you love bus systems, Salisbury isn't the place to get your fix. Although you can find bus stops all along Old Country Road, most people around here seem to prefer their own wheels, and the rest tend to carpool or take the train.


In this area, Eisenhower Park is the mecca for golf lovers, fitness fanatics and anybody who enjoys spending time outdoors--there's no other place worth mentioning in the hamlet. This park runs all along Salisbury's one border and is, at 930 acres, one of the largest public spaces in New York's metropolitan area. Bigger than Central Park, this area features picnic tables, swimming facilities, stunning golf greens, playgrounds, dozens of fitness trails and athletic fields, and much more.


In Salisbury, just like the rest of Long Island, you'll get hot and humid summers and cold and wet winters, with temperatures fluctuating between an average of 74 degrees in July and 33 degrees in February. If you want to live comfortably through all seasons, you'd find a snug duplex for rent with heating and cooling systems.

Although it may seem like a bit of a schlep to actually find a place to rent in Salisbury, it would be really worth your while. It is a beautiful area that is centrally located, with friendly people and more than enough to do. Best of luck to you!