Freeport, NY: 165 apartments available for rent

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Last updated June 22 at 8:25PM
85 Bedford Ave
Freeport, NY
Updated June 18 at 9:55AM
5 Bedrooms
100 Brooklyn Ave
Freeport, NY
Updated May 17 at 5:49AM
2 Bedrooms
28 Rosebud Ave
Merrick, NY
Updated June 18 at 2:16AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Freeport, NY
2534 Grand Ave
Baldwin Harbor, NY
Updated May 24 at 11:00PM
2 Bedrooms
981 Wallace Ave
Baldwin Harbor, NY
Updated May 27 at 12:38AM
4 Bedrooms
1690 Westervelt Ave
Rockville Centre, NY
Updated June 6 at 1:17PM
3 Bedrooms
2525 Central Ave
Baldwin Harbor, NY
Updated June 16 at 10:03AM
6 Bedrooms
1085 Mckinley St
Baldwin Harbor
Baldwin, NY
Updated June 20 at 10:26AM
1 Bedroom
Results within 5 miles of Freeport, NY
34 S Franklin Ave
Lynbrook, NY
Updated June 22 at 1:39PM
3 Bedrooms
215 Colonial Ave
Freeport, NY
Updated June 22 at 2:21AM
1 Bedroom
795 Merrick Rd
Baldwin Harbor, NY
Updated April 18 at 11:10PM
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City Guide
Finding an Apartment in the Village

People who have decided to move to Freeport can really only be called one thing: smart. That's right... smart. This little village is absolutely beautiful and has a history that makes the histories of other areas in America look like something that happened last week. It's important to note, though, that it's not as low cost as other areas in America. Sure, coming from New York City, Freeport would be a breeze; but anyone moving from out of state could have a few surprises on their hands. Luckily, they're usually positive.

What's It Cost?

Money isn't everything, but if it's not nothing to you, you may need to move past Freeport. The average rental price here is a good chunk of change, and rising rapidly, but smile... at least it means the housing market is recovering! Keep in mind, though, that there are some neighborhoods that have much lower rental costs than the local median. In fact, one neighborhood has prices significantly less. When you consider the village's proximity to the Big Apple (that's New York City, for the commoners), the prices are nowhere close to being in the stratosphere.

Moving to the City

Any move is going to take some effort. Seriously, who likes moving? Honestly, though, it is well worth it once settled down in Freeport. Since it's a commuter town, any time of the year is really a good time to move there. Those who want to avoid the cold during their move, however, may want to wait out the winter since average temperatures can dip to lows of 26 degrees. The one day of the year you may want to avoid, though, is the date of the Nautical Mile Festival. People come in from all over New York, and while you will definitely enjoy the New England charm, you don't want to put up with all of New York while you're trying to move your grand piano upstairs. Actually, if you have a grand piano, please get a floor-level apartment.

What You'll Need

While Freeport is definitely a commuter town, be assured that it's not for nomads. I mean, come on; did you see the rental prices here? This is a beautiful village, and the New York Times once published that it was a "middle-class community of two-income households with a fairly high level of disposable income," so it's time to step your rental agreement prowess up a notch. Application fees often cover things like credit and background checks, but it will reflect positively on you if you bring these along for the interview. Make sure you've got everything neatly held in a file, and dress up nice. The village is very accepting of newcomers, but you're going to have to show that you "belong" before getting in. Come prepared and dressed to impress, and who could tell you no?

Neighborhoods in Freeport

There's absolutely no shortage of nice places to stay in Freeport. Everything you need to know about the neighborhoods is here, and while these aren't all of Freeport's neighborhoods, in reality, they're near-clones of each other. Prices are signified by $ signs, so you know exactly what to expect.

Downtown Freeport: Downtown Freeport is right in the middle of everything. It is located close to restaurants, and some of the funnest night life you'll come across. This is the best place for those on a budget.

Nautical Mile: Come on... we've already discussed the Nautical Mile, so you know it'll be costly to live here. Just look at what you're getting, though. You're right there on the waterfront. You'll have unlimited access to whatever you need, and if you didn't catch it earlier, you can literally eat right next to the water.

South Freeport: For those who don't want to feel like they're crowded, the population density of South Freeport is about 3,000 people per square mile less than Freeport's average. The majority of people in this neighborhood work in sales and office positions, and the average age is around 40. This usually provides for a nice, relaxing, and comforting home life.

Northeast Freeport: Northeast Freeport has a median rent that's only slightly over the village's average, and you've got gold baby! The Babylon Turnpike offers easy access to anywhere, but with the large number of houses sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, the 9,824 people per square mile in the area could be a bit crowded.

Living in Freeport

Getting Around the Village

Sure, you can own a car here. It never hurts. Honestly though, you don't really need one. The village is less than 5 square miles of land area. This means that a person could literally jog from one end of the village to the other in less than an hour. Get a bike, for crying out loud. The Nassau Inter-County Express can take residents of Freeport all over the county by bus, so if you're heading somewhere a bit further out than you want to travel on a bike, these bus routes can definitely help.

Admit it: you were thinking of moving to New York City until you saw the costs. Well, guess what? No problem. The Long Island Railroad provides a nice little 45 minute trip into the heart of Manhattan.

Recreational Time

Freeport shares with its neighbor Merrick the distinction of being the gateway to Jones Beach. Jones Beach is a huge beach, actually one of the largest in the state, and provides all types of water-related recreational activities. You can even dock your boat at the Town of Hempstead Marina. What better place to find recreation in Freeport than the... wait for it... Freeport Recreation Center? This awesome center has pools, a gym, exercise classes, locker rooms, a food court, and a ton of other things that cannot properly be explained due to the data limitations of the Internet. Just check it out.