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Since 1869, the Dakota County Fairgrounds has brought fun and community activities to Farmington at regular times throughout the year. Dozens of vendors, local farmers and trainers... Read Guide >
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Since 1869, the Dakota County Fairgrounds has brought fun and community activities to Farmington at regular times throughout the year. Dozens of vendors, local farmers and trainers come here to showcase their products. There's even an annual Jackpot Lamb Show, with prizes awarded to the farmers of black, speckled and white-faced lambs as well as commercial-type ewe lambs

Farmington is a city in Dakota County, Minnesota. In the past decade the city has experienced some growth and the population in the 2010 U.S. Census was listed at over 21,000. The city is a part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, which means residents are close to all of the fun things the metro has to offer. The city is about 15 square miles in size and the Farmington community has a whopping 876 acres of land dedicated to parks, green and open space, and nature. An additional 45 miles have been made into nature trails, paved trails and boardwalks. Residents of Farmington are fortunate to be able to relax and recreate in such a beautiful setting. If you're looking to stay in shape, just get out and see the sights or want to find something to do outdoors with friends, it's nice to know there is no lack of places to bike, walk, in-line skate and run. No matter what your age is the city has made it a priority to offer recreational activities that include something for everyone.

Settling In

When you are looking for places to rent in Farmington, you will have your choice of locking in something in the busier downtown area or signing a lease on an apartment to rent in a tame neighborhood on the outskirts of this pretty little city. Farmington is rich in character and history and has three properties listed on the Registry of Historic Places for Dakota County. There are several biking and walking trails integrated within its housing communities. The Vermillion River trail unites the downtown, uptown and Empire Township neighborhoods.

If you are a fan of shopping, maybe the offering of 134 exciting stores, charming antique shops and other eclectic little shops are found in Farmington, as well as more mainstream offerings, will excite you. Where do you like to hang out when you have free time? Would you prefer an Irish pub, a burger joint, or a sweet little coffee shop? If you find an apartment in Farmington, you won't have to leave town to find any of these. And if you're looking to dine out you can choose from several of the popular chain restaurants or find a seat in the Long Branch Saloon and Eatery or another restaurant with local flavor.

Farmington Fun

One of Farmington's biggest claims to fame is that it is the current host of The Dakota County Fair. The Dakota County fairgrounds are the largest in the area and encompass an impressive 360 acres. This is pretty significant considering the next largest fairground site in the state is home to the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul. Farmington is the perfect place to call home and hang out all year round. The city has an outdoor pool with all sorts of fun add-ons such as a small drop slide, a wading pool, and a diving bay with one and two meter boards. That's your entertainment in the summer months. In the winter months there are five outdoor skating rinks for gliding, twirling and spinning or an impromptu heated game of hockey.

In the summer months, the city hosts the Farmington Farmers' Market with its delectable offerings. It is open for business on Thursdays and you'll find fresh, locally grown produce and other items. How great would it be to select an armful of the ripest, freshest vegetables, plucked off the vine or from the ground that very morning and then carry them home for dinner at your apartment rental?

As mentioned earlier, Farmington is a suburb of the Twin Cities so it has a close proximity to exciting things to do and try. The Minnesota Zoo and Buck Hill Ski area are less than 10 miles away. Nickelodeon Universe, Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium and The Water Park of America are all about 16 miles away. A 20-minute drive and you'll be at the front gate of the Science Museum of Minnesota. As you can see Farmington really does have a lot to offer. Make Farmington your own home.