127 Apartments for rent in La Puente, CA

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Last updated December 12 at 3:08am UTC
1408 Willow Avenue
La Puente, CA
Updated December 7 at 10:12am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of La Puente, CA
3243 Maine Avenue
Baldwin Park
Baldwin Park, CA
Updated December 12 at 1:55am UTC
2 Bedrooms
912 Sandpiper Street
West Covina
West Covina, CA
Updated November 23 at 12:21pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
1605 S Mayland Avenue
West Covina, CA
Updated December 2 at 9:35am UTC
2 Bedrooms
1422 Countrywood Avenue
Hacienda La Puente
Hacienda Heights, CA
Updated December 12 at 1:55am UTC
2 Bedrooms
1441 Forest Glen Drive
Hacienda La Puente
Hacienda Heights, CA
Updated November 21 at 10:12am UTC
2 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of La Puente, CA
705 S Azusa Ave. D
Azusa, CA
Updated November 30 at 12:36pm UTC
1 Bedroom
S Bromley Ave
West Covina, CA
Updated December 10 at 8:25am UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
La Puente
Let's Go to La Puente

Do you make a lot of money, own a business, a vice president of a Fortune 500 company, a politician? Because you're going to need the cash to live here. It's less expensive than Los Angeles, but that really isn't saying much, and a few neighborhoods like Industry are very close to the average L.A. price.

What Can I Get?

For a city of it's size, there are surprisingly few high-rise apartment complexes in La Puente, I guess they don't want to spoil the natural skyline. Most of the neighborhoods are made up of houses, and small apartment buildings. You can still find apartments for rent, ranging from small studio and 1 bedroom apartments to larger 3 bedroom apartments, but you may want to focus your search on medium-sized 3 bedroom homes in La Puente. This means you'll have to actually do some yard work, but you can consider mowing the lawn in 85 degree heat as a character building experience.

Finding a Nice Place

Before moving to La Puente, you need to realize that while the streets are relatively clean, the house market is a blood sport. There are a lot more renters than apartments, so you have to work fast when looking for a place.

Scout the Neighborhood First

Don't wait until you've found the bachelor pad of your dreams, to investigate the neighborhood. By the time you're done, the place will be off the market. Take a few days and scout out the area's you'll be doing your apartment search in beforehand rather than during your search. Check it out during the day, and at night, visiting the stores, restaurants and parks to see what they're like.

Ask the Landlord

Before you set up an appointment, ask the landlord a few questions about the property, either by phone or email, to save time. Ask him or her if there are any rental applications already being processed for the property, and how quickly they expect the place to be rented. You want to get a straight answer for these questions, so you don't waste time on a place that is already virtually sold. The landlord will exaggerate things a bit, but most landlords will only bend the truth and not break it into little pieces.

Do Everything on the First Visit

Don't plan follow-up visits over a week or so, the place will be gone before you return. Instead, have a list of questions written down and ready to go, so you can grill the landlord on the first visit. Also spend some time and give the apartment a thorough look through. Find any damage, possible concerns, and problems, ranging from peeling paint and carpet stains, to more serious problems. You may only get one chance to find this stuff before you need to make a decision, so bring a flashlight and someone who knows what to look for.

Have Everything in Order

Because of the housing demand, make sure your referrals, credit report, letters of recommendations, first-born child, and possibly your arm and leg are ready to go.

Neighborhoods of La Puente

Industry: Yes, there is a neighborhood called Industry in the city. Why? I don't know, it just is. It's also one of the more expensive places in the city and made up of houses with nary an apartment to see.

South San Jose Hills: Another expensive community, mostly because so many of the homes are not for rent.

City Center: The prices are fairly reasonable here, and while it's still a tight market, you should be able to find a good place without relying on luck or blackmail.

Francisquito Ave.: This is an interesting place, the stores, restaurants and general cost of living is on the high side, but the rent is actually close to the lowest in the city. So if you don't mind leaving the neighborhood to find a good bargain, you can save money.

Temple Ave.: This area has the problem of having almost no apartments in a city. The vacancy rate in this neighborhood is virtually non-existent. You may get lucky here, but you should probably should give it a pass unless the landlord is related by blood.

S. Sandalwood Ave.: The least expensive place to live in the city, also makes this neighborhood hard to get a place to actually rent. Try your luck, but be ready to jump at the first good place that appears.

Hayland St.: This neighborhood probably has the most apartments in the entire city. So the market isn't quite so vicious here. The prices are nice too.

Having Fun in La Puente

La Puente has been trying to develop itself, but it hasn't had much luck. There are some decent bars and restaurants, but nothing that would ever win awards or be known as the place to be. It even has trouble getting modern stores into the city, and the biggest business news is that Walmart will be opening a store there in the near future.

So, it's a nice, boring community, which is why you need a car to visit other places, if you want any kind of excitement. But if you want a quiet life, while having a job in the big city, you can make a nice little life for yourself in La Puente.