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Bainbridge Island, WA 151 Apartments for Rent with Hardwood Floors

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Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Bainbridge Island renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to c... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Bainbridge Island, WA

"Bainbridge Island is changing, like every other town on the periphery of a metropolitan area. Unlike a lot of other fringe towns, Bainbridge Island can display its living history on the waterfront instead of as an afterthought of dusty old photographs and maps in the library or town hall." - "Seattle Times" editorial, Nov. 12, 2005

Bainbridge Island is the place to which most Seattleites at some point in their lives have dreamed of retiring. It's a place of magical vistas, dozens of quaint, idyllic coves and sweeping shorelines. And it sits off of Seattle's coastline like a stunning but vexing reminder to harried city workers who don't live on Bainbridge of just how perfect and ritzy Northwest living can be. Those city stiffs who do live here -- and they account for about 60 percent of Bainbridge residents -- brave the ferry lines to Seattle regularly. Rain or snow, summer sun or record tempest, islanders spend at least 70 minutes a day commuting. And unlike with suburban travel, getting a late start doesn't mean you can sneak into the commuter lane when no one's looking; it means you wait for another ferry. And sometimes, you wait some more. But it also means that as a 21st-century Bainbridge resident you are privy to some of the best ferry services in the state. The days of the hardy yellow-slickered islander stepping off the ferry in pouring rain are thankfully a part of the past. Today's common attire of the ferry foot soldier is a Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf or the ever-convenient sharing economy Zipcar. With Bainbridge property among the priciest in Washington, that exclusive address is evidence that in the islands of the Northwest, it is possible to live remotely, play hard, and have it all. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with hardwood floors in Bainbridge Island, WA

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Bainbridge Island renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particularly if you have pets.

However, there are some downsides. Hardwood floors carry sounds. They can also make your apartment noisy for your roommates and downstairs neighbors.

Ask the landlord or property manager about the hardwood floors before signing a lease. Are they actually hardwood or a popular composite alternative? The latter is probably easier to clean and care for than the real thing.

It’s also important to ask about who’s responsible for any damage to the floors and what that entails. Your security deposit could take a hit from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Consider the type of climate you live in. Hardwood floors typically don’t fare well in damp climates full of moisture. Stains and buckling are common in hardwood floors after rain flooding or excessive moisture.

However, hardwood floors can be ideal for dry climates or sunny areas for renters who love the way they look.