100 Apartments for rent in Methuen Town, MA

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Last updated December 12 at 9:00am UTC
54 Hampshire St
Downtown Methuen
Methuen Town, MA
Updated December 5 at 1:15am UTC
3 Bedrooms
54 Strathmore Rd
Downtown Methuen
Methuen Town, MA
Updated December 9 at 9:49am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of Methuen Town, MA
54 North Street
Andover, MA
Updated December 5 at 1:16am UTC
3 Bedrooms
700 Brookside Dr
Andover, MA
Updated December 5 at 1:16am UTC
2 Bedrooms
1321 Broadway
Haverhill, MA
Updated December 8 at 10:07am UTC
2 Bedrooms
16 Saunders St
, MA
Updated December 5 at 1:16am UTC
3 Bedrooms
387 Main St.
, NH
Updated November 12 at 1:43am UTC
1 Bedroom
Results within 5 miles of Methuen Town, MA
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City Guide
Methuen Town
Moving to Methuen Town

Methuen Town is ideally located for residents interested in commuting to nearby larger towns and cities (Boston included). Manchester is approximately the same distance as Boston from Methuen Town, and many other smaller cities are also within easy commuting distance.

It's Competitive

The consequence of all of these urban areas being close together is a fairly tight rental market throughout the region. It won't be easy finding your perfect home, whether you're after a house to rent or apartment homes (be they one- or two-bedroom). The vacancy rate is more favorable than what you'd find in some major cities, but is a lot worse than that in smaller towns. Be prepared to fight to find a property you like, and start looking well in advance of your intended moving date.

What Housing Is Available?

In the center of the city you'll find a lot of apartment buildings and some high rises, so there are plenty of apartments to go around. Whether they're vacant or not, however, is another matter, so be prepared to be flexible with your needs if you want to find a home that meets your qualifications. Roughly one-third of the city's housing is apartments, while most of the rest is taken up by single family homes, so you're covered whichever way you go.

Will You Commute?

As you'd expect, you'll need to show proof of income to secure your ideal residence, so come to showings bearing bank statements and pay stubs. Commuting to nearby towns is definitely doable, but you'll need a car to give you the flexibility you want, especially if you're not keen to rely on public transit. There are plenty of routes in and out of town (Route 28, Route 110, and Route 113 to name a few), so getting around is a breeze.

Neighborhoods in Methuen Town

The neighborhood you choose will be determined by several factors, namely price and where you're working (or hope to work). If, for example, you're going to be commuting to Boston, you'll want to choose a neighborhood with easy access to the highways taking you south. Prices are relatively consistent throughout Methuen Town and are more dependent on the type of property you rent and the state it's in rather than a property's location. Always take a look around and get a feel for the place to help you decide. As you tour different neighborhoods, keep the following tips in mind.

City Center: Most properties here are apartment buildings, so this area is great for those folks in the market for 1 bedroom apartments for rent. Route 28 cuts straight through and takes you all the way to Boston, which makes it ideal for people planning to head to the city often. There's a bird sanctuary here, too, for anyone who fancies a bit of ornithology.

Jackson St / Pleasant St: Dotted with little ponds and parks, this area is also home to a hospital (which is good news for accident-prone residents). Anyone who likes a bit of jazz might want to check out the Sahara Club and Restaurant in the east.

Graceland Park / Grosvenor Corner: One for the sport fans, this area is home to the Whirlaway Sports Center over in the east and Merrimack Valley Golf Club to the west. Fore!

Riverside Dr / Olive Ave: This area runs along the top of the Merrimack River, which is always nice for a stroll. If you're thirsty or hungry, you can stop off at Muddy Water's Pub and Restaurant for a break, a snack, and some wicked nice views.

Forest St / Hill St: If you're looking for 3-4 bedroom home rentals in Methuen Town, this place is ideal. It's the most westerly point of the city, with easy access to Route 113 and another golf course, Hickory Hill, for those club swingers among you.

Living in Methuen Town

Anyone who lives in Methuen Town will tell you that the quality of life is pretty good there. Rent isn't low, but it certainly isn't as high as it is in larger cities throughout the country. In addition, there's lots to see and do in and around the town.

Residents are definitely proud of the history of Methuen Town, a legacy characterized by the Searles Tenney Nevins Historic District named (appropriately) after three of the founding fathers of the city. There's also plenty of outdoor recreation to enjoy, with sites like Forest Lake available for fishing, boating, picnicking, and canoeing.

There are dozens of bars, taverns, and restaurants in the city, and with Boston not far away there's great scope for longer nights of more varied entertainment if one desires it. Highly rated in the city itself are Dolce Freddo Gelato, where you'll find some delicious cakes and pastries; Texas Roadhouse, which is the location for steaks large and small; and the Irish Cottage Restaurant and Pub for more traditional pub grub.

Finally, the city has excellent transport links by rail and road, as well as a bus and transit system that take you right into the heart of Boston. With so many fascinating towns in the surrounding area, there's much to explore beyond the boundaries of Methuen Town proper during long summer evenings and weekend excursions. All in all, Methuen Town paints quite an enticing picture, offering just about anything residents might need.