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Last updated October 20 at 3:18PM
Results within 1 miles of Lawrence, MA
6 Brook Street
The East End
Methuen Town, MA
Updated October 13 at 10:35AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
16 Saunders St
, MA
Updated October 17 at 2:31AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
57 High Street
Andover, MA
Updated October 14 at 2:21AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
22 Railroad St
Andover, MA
Updated October 4 at 2:46AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
36 2nd Street
, MA
Updated September 24 at 5:38PM UTC
3 Bedrooms
85 Pelham Street
Downtown Methuen
Methuen Town, MA
Updated October 14 at 2:30AM UTC
1 Bedroom
Results within 5 miles of Lawrence, MA
54 North Street
Andover, MA
Updated October 15 at 2:10AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Finding a Place in Lawrence

How much does it cost?

The cost of renting a place in Lawrence depends on a variety of factors. Furnished apartments are available, but you’ll have to pay a higher price for those gems.

How long will it take?

One thing you need to know about Lawrence is that this is a land for the renters. More than 65% of its residents are renters, so you’ve got a lot of competition right there. If you don’t want to spend some nights at the nearest motel, better get moving and find an apartment at least a month before you plan to move in.

What do you need?

Just like most other places, you’ll need to have your proof of income, references, credit history, and rental history to get the ball rolling. If you’re taking along your pet, get Fluffy's records prepared too, since the landlord will likely ask for them.

Lawrence Neighborhoods: Where Will You Live?

The city consists of eclectic neighborhoods with varying rental rates. Want somewhere near your workplace? Or maybe you want to live right in the thick of the action? Whatever you're looking for, there’s a neighborhood in Lawrence that will suit your fancy.

City Center: In this part of Lawrence, high-rise apartments and complexes are the norm. Sure, you can probably find detached homes for rent but they would be the exception. And if you’re not used to living in small living spaces or studio-type accommodation, this might not be your cup of tea. This area has some of the most affordable rates in the city.

Broadway/Park St.: Victorian residences converted into apartments and duplexes are standard in this neighborhood. If you’re particularly charmed with historic houses and the romantic feel of local florists on the corner or the tempting aroma of freshly baked pizzas, you’ll love this quaint neighborhood.

Mount Vernon Park: With a vacancy rate of just 2.2%, expect to spend considerable time looking for suitable city apartments in this part of Lawrence. The supply of housing here can get tight with such a high demand.

South Lawrence: One of the most walkable neighborhoods in Massachusetts; and, lucky for you, it has a notably high vacancy rate, so you won't have to hit the pavement for too long to find your own spot.

Havervill St./Reservoir St.: If you’d like to be taken back in time, this is one neighborhood you should seriously consider. Most residences in this area are built no later than 1940s, so if that era of American history appeals to you, don't overlook this area.

S Broadway/Andover St.: This area boasts low rental prices, and great walkability.

Chestnut St./Amesbury St.: If you enjoy the company of people – many people - you’ll love this place. One of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Massachusetts, this area has some of the lowest rent prices in town. Just don’t bemoan the fact that you won’t be living in a stately accommodation--just give yourself the royal treatment with all the dough you save on rent.

S Union St./Winthrop Ave.: If you want a medium-cost, furnished apartment, you’ll most likely find it in this neighborhood. This is a walkable and hip community with mostly small dwellings that are ideal for young singles or small families.

Living Like a Lawrence Local

If you scoff at homogeneity and like to surround yourself with people from different cultural backgrounds, Lawrence will make a great home for you. And, naturally, because of the variety of ethnic and racial groups, the city has evolved into a community that finds solidarity in its diversity. So if you can take all of it in a stride and chalk it up to the city’s boisterous and metropolitan character, you’ll find your piece of heaven here.