58 Apartments for rent in Lynwood, CA

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Last updated December 12 at 3:55pm UTC
Results within 1 miles of Lynwood, CA
2410 East Hatchway
Compton, CA
Updated December 5 at 11:32am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Lynwood, CA
701 W 73rd Street
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Updated December 6 at 11:04am UTC
3 Bedrooms
426 E 103rd St
Congress Southeast
Los Angeles, CA
Updated December 10 at 1:49am UTC
4 Bedrooms
440 W San Antonio Dr
Los Cerritos
Long Beach, CA
Updated December 11 at 10:19am UTC
3 Bedrooms
11419 Samoline Avenue
Downey, CA
Updated November 5 at 9:31am UTC
3 Bedrooms
315 E. 60th St.
Long Beach, CA
Updated December 8 at 12:11pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
6232 Specht Ave.
Bell Gardens
Bell, CA
Updated December 9 at 11:06am UTC
1 Bedroom
1240 Lemon Court
Carson, CA
Updated December 2 at 12:43pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
7914 Seville Avenue
Walnut Park
Huntington Park, CA
Updated November 9 at 2:11am UTC
2 Bedrooms
Downey, CA
Updated December 8 at 12:08pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
2718 Bomberry Street
Lakewood Mutual
Lakewood, CA
Updated December 12 at 11:39am UTC
3 Bedrooms
3526 Linden Ave #1
California Heights
Long Beach, CA
Updated November 17 at 11:11am UTC
2 Bedrooms
4703 Paramount Blvd.
Lakewood Mutual
Lakewood, CA
Updated December 9 at 11:06am UTC
3 Bedrooms
3648 Pine Avenue
Los Cerritos
Long Beach, CA
Updated December 7 at 11:54am UTC
2 Bedrooms
8727 Ramona Street
Bellflower, CA
Updated December 12 at 11:41am UTC
3 Bedrooms
834 E Silva Street
Bixby Knolls
Long Beach, CA
Updated December 8 at 12:03pm UTC
4 Bedrooms
W 146th St
Gardena, CA
Updated December 12 at 8:30am UTC
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Lynwood

In Lynwood, the real estate is split between rentals and owner-occupied properties, giving newcomers lots of choices. There are also rent to own opportunities, which are perfect when you don't want to make any major decisions right this minute. If this pretty affordable city is not quite inexpensive enough for you, the city department in Lynwood has an affordable housing program. Plus, there is a plan to reclaim abandoned housing and turn it into homes that are suitable for families on limited incomes. Props to Lynwood for helping out residents!

When moving to the area, you should check out the job market first, as some sectors have limited vacancies here. On the other hand, Lynwood has a number of jobs in the construction, technology, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Once you do some research on jobs and rentals, be sure to gather up your pay stubs, rental history, and proof of identification before you go looking for a home. Smooth out any crumpled documents, get ready for a credit check, and try your best to smile as you meet each landlord. After all, if it all goes well, you will be seeing him or her at least once a month to pay that little thing called rent!

Neighborhoods in Lynwood

Lynwood has several neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics and price ranges. It is worth spending time checking out each one to get a feel for the area and whether it meets your needs as a new resident--in other words, it's okay to be picky. Visiting at different times of day is a good way to see the area when people are at work and then at home. This way you also get to see as many neighbors as possible to ensure you don't end up next to the most annoying ones! You'll thank yourself in a few months.

Lynwood Gardens: This is a popular area of the city, although its name suggests green spaces, this is actually a densely populated area with a mix of owner-owned and rental properties. One of the pricier areas in Lynwood, the area has a range of medium-sized homes mainly built between 1940 and 1970, when the GIs returned from World War II.

Lindbergh Avenue and Cedar Avenue: If you are into crowded places, you will enjoy living near Lindbergh Avenue, which has average house prices. Many people speak Spanish in this neighborhood, so it is an excellent opportunity to brush up on those language skills you started to learn in high school but ultimately forgot.

Martin Luther King JR Boulevard and Harris Avenue: This area has mostly average house prices and is an older part of town, with homes that were built between 1940 and 1970. This is another area where being bilingual might be helpful if you want to converse with your neighbors. But then again, not everyone does

Thorson Avenue and Carlin Drive: This area has older homes dating from the 1940s to about 1970, with a good mixture of owner-occupied and rental properties. This is an area popular with college students and younger people in general. If you like the student lifestyle with the odd party (and who doesn't?), this could be the area for you. Bring your ramen noodles!

East Imperial Highway: The area around East Imperial Highway costs less to live in than other parts of Lynwood and has a mixture of rental properties and owner-occupied homes. The upside here is that you can find many inexpensive places to eat, making it easy to finally stick to your budget.

City Center: The Lynwood City Center is average price for buying and renting property and is popular with college students. This is an area where the housing is mainly smaller studio apartments and medium-sized housing. Like so many city centers, this area has great public transportation, though you can also walk to the eateries and shops here.

Virginia Avenue and Cortland Street: This part of Lynwood is one of the pricier areas in town and is popular with people looking to buy. The homes here range from townhouses to small studio apartments and medium-sized houses. There is a mix of owner-occupied and rental real estate in this community, and most of the property was built between 1940 and about 1970.

Living in Lynwood

The city of Lynwood is a popular place to live, and you will see why when you take a look at the many community groups and events here. The programs in this city tend to be for both youth and senior citizens, so you won’t feel left out at any age. It's never too late to learn to play kickball, right? But make sure you have your doctor on speed dial, just in case

Lynwood also has citywide fun runs. If you're confused as to why anyone would volunteer to run, maybe it's best to check out the community pool instead. If you're into reading, learning about other cultures, and all that fun stuff you used to hate in school, the library should keep you busy, while Plaza Mexico is the place to go when you're itching to learn a little more about the country south of the border. Overall, if you get around to visiting Lynwood, you will find that it is a vibrant city with a great community and a lot of positive developments, so it's worth a look.