64 Apartments for rent in Gold River, CA

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Last updated October 20 at 7:55AM
Results within 1 miles of Gold River, CA
4532 Chicago Avenue
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks, CA
Updated October 12 at 10:55AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks, CA
Updated October 19 at 1:54PM UTC
2 Bedrooms
4538 Vega Del Rio
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks, CA
Updated October 18 at 10:39AM UTC
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Gold River, CA
Avion Apartments
3250 Laurelhurst Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA
Updated October 20 at 7:29AM UTC
1 Bedroom
2 Bedrooms
8801 Bikini Court
Orange Vale Colony
Orangevale, CA
Updated October 16 at 11:13AM UTC
4 Bedrooms
7110 Stella Lane #14
Carmichael, CA
Updated October 19 at 10:40AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
6104 Villa Capri Court
Carmichael Colony
Carmichael, CA
Updated October 15 at 11:01AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
119 Arbuckle Ave
Folsom, CA
Updated October 19 at 1:50PM UTC
3 Bedrooms
8916 Visage Circle
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks, CA
Updated October 18 at 10:40AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
4852 Hazelwood Ave
Carmichael, CA
Updated October 19 at 1:15PM UTC
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Gold River
Moving to Gold River

The entire city of Gold River was planned from the ground up, beginning in the late 1970s, and the larger community is made up of 25 smaller "villages" or neighborhoods, each with its own culture, amenities, and community associations. A little research goes a long way in finding the neighborhood that best suits your needs and interests. Across the board, prices are significantly above average, even when compared to the most expensive neighborhoods in the country, but there are still relatively few vacancies. Most homes are owner-occupied. It is wise, then, to plan your relocation to Gold River well in advance, so that you don't find yourself panicking when moving day comes and you have no place to go.

The application process for most rental apartments is extensive, and you can expect your finances and credit to be thoroughly inspected before you are given keys to your new home. Plan to pay several months' rent and a significant security deposit once your application is approved. Note that most villages require monthly community association dues, which are used for a variety of community purposes. Townhouses are more common than hi rise apartments, and single-family homes are the most common types of property. Small homes are hard to find, though there are occasionally 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Gold River.

Gold River Neighborhoods

There are more than two dozen distinct neighborhoods in Gold River, all of which were carefully planned to maximize land use and convenient access to local amenities. Some examples include:

Bret Harte Village: This neighborhood consists of 175 homes, and it boasts an active Board of Directors that meets monthly. The association dues include maintenance of front yards, which is a nice benefit to residents.

Discovery Village: Half the size of most other Gold River neighborhoods, Discovery Village is tight-knit and intimate. Monthly dues to the community association are a little higher than in other villages, but they cover much more, for example the painting of homes (outside only), painting of fences, and maintenance of the village clubhouse, pool, and spa.

Miners' Village: This medium-sized neighborhood has 118 single-family homes, and the village's Board is known for carefully maintaining the common property, such as the streets, in excellent repair. If you aren't enthusiastic about all of the day-to-day tasks of caring for your yard, painting fences, and similar, this could be a good match as these services are covered by the community association dues.

Living in Gold River

The Gold River community is tucked against the American River, and it is named for the extraordinary events that took place in 1849 when gold nuggets were discovered in the area. Tens of thousands flocked from across the United States and around the world to examine every inch of the American River and other bodies of water.

Believe it or not, there was a time when gold nuggets were so plentiful, one could simply pick them up from the river beds. Later, mines were built to access underground treasure. Ultimately, more than $2 billion worth of gold and other precious metals were hauled out of Sacramento Valley, and reminders of that wild decade still stand today.

Thanks to its waterfront location, Gold River has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor recreation. The sun is almost always shining, so the jogging, biking, and nature trails get plenty of use. Organized sports are available to residents at the Gold River Racquet Club which, in addition to racquetball, has facilities for tennis, swimming, and spa relaxation.