72 Apartments for rent in El Sobrante, CA

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Last updated October 24 at 3:46AM
3698 San Pablo Dam Rd
El Sobrante
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 22 at 1:50AM UTC
2531 Heide Court
El Sobrante
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 3 at 10:29AM UTC
1 Bedroom
21 Lila Lane
El Sobrante
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 20 at 10:34AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
5645 Olinda Road
El Sobrante
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 18 at 10:38AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
5245 San Pablo Dam Rd
El Sobrante
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 24 at 1:32AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
3136 Deseret Dr
May Valley
Richmond, CA
Updated October 20 at 10:35AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 1 miles of El Sobrante, CA
5949 Arlington Blvd
East Richmond Heights
Richmond, CA
Updated October 21 at 11:34AM UTC
4 Bedrooms
4145 Fran Way
May Valley
Richmond, CA
Updated October 19 at 9:41AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
3818 Via Verdi
Richmond, CA
Updated October 20 at 10:23AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
5711 Amend Rd
El Sobrante Hills
Richmond, CA
Updated October 19 at 1:05PM UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of El Sobrante, CA
903 Appian Knoll Court
El Sobrante, CA
Updated October 18 at 10:41AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
3107 Willow Rd Apt C
San Pablo
San Pablo, CA
Updated October 19 at 1:50PM UTC
2 Bedrooms
4167 Fran Way
May Valley
Richmond, CA
Updated October 14 at 1:41AM UTC
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
El Sobrante
Moving to El Sobrante

Congratulations if you have finally decided to try a new place that is different from the busy and noisy city you have been living in for years!

For those who are looking for rental housing in El Sobrante, you might find here great deals you have long been searching for. The townhouses for rent in El Sobrante have larger lots with reasonable prices. Rent an apartment in El Sobrante and that might just be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life.

Sophisticated and Tranquil

Your search for apartments in El Sobrante might finally be over if you consider and look at the choices in Lake Hills-Victoria Grove. Whether you are digging for 2 bedroom apartment or just 1 bedroom apartments for rent, you can surely find here what you are looking for. And here's the catch, rental condos and rental apartments in El Sobrante are much cheaper than those in nearby towns like Berkeley or Oakland. You get a very good deal and get to save money in the process.


Lake Hills / Victoria Grove: There is a wide range of town houses for rent to choose from in Lake Hills / Victoria Grove. The furnished apartments are very cozy and have vast front yards, which are ideal for spending quiet time alone or bonding with the family. The neighborhood has community amenities such as the community pool, playground, sports court and parks which you can easily access. To reach nearby places, you can pass through Victoria Grove when going to Blackburn and Corona. Safety in Lake Hills / Victoria Grove is also guaranteed as security services are provided night and day.

Living in El Sobrante

Moving out of one's comfort zone is not an easy task. If you have been living in the city for almost all your life and then decided to go to El Sobrante for a change, no need to worry. Adjusting to a new environment might take time but it does not need to be boring.

Back to Nature

With El Sobrante's geophysical features, one will definitely never run out of new sports to try. The place's tranquillity is also suited for those who want their minds to wander as they write prose or poetry. With spacious yards, you can grow trees or even start your own garden during your free time.

Getting Around

Having your own car while living in El Sobrante might do wonders for you when moving around town and nearby areas. El Sobrante is little bit of a tucked away area. Yes, public transit is available but a little less favourable here. Owning a vehicle will definitely be beneficial for those who are planning to transfer here.

Safety and Resources

Safety first: Safety is one of major considerations in choosing a place to live in. El Sobrante's safety level is described by residents as 'fairly safe to a little uncertain'. Rest assured that the crime rate in the area is relatively lower compared with that of nearby cities such as Rodeo, Berkeley, or Oakland.

Getting sick in El Sobrante may be tantamount to spending more money on medicine and gas (or fare). Yes, you have read it right - gas! El Sobrante is accessible to cities where most people work, but nearby hospitals remain a little far from the area. The nearest hospital, Doctors Medical Center San Pablo, is 3 miles away and another medical institution, Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Oakland, is 10 miles away. Nevertheless, with El Sobrante's pollution-free environment, how can one easily get sick there anyway?


Whether you are a professional taking your postgraduate studies, an undergraduate student completing your bachelor's degree, or a parent looking for the most appropriate center for your child, finding a very good learning institution in El Sobrante will never be your problem. You can choose from a list of public and private schools from preschool to high school. There are 14 preschool schools, nine elementary schools, seven middle schools, and five high schools in El Sobrante. Meanwhile, there is a vast array of universities and colleges in adjacent cities.


Craving for something Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian or Mexican? Don't let yourself suffer! Satisfy your cravings. El Sobrante has a long list of restaurants offering whatever your stomach might be asking for at the moment. You will never go hungry in El Sobrante. Whether you want some noodles at lunch on a weekend or pasta and pizza on dinner, there is definitely a place for you in El Sobrante!

Amenities in El Sobrante are also easy to access - ranging from groceries, thrift stores, pools and almost anything you need. Living in El Sobrante can still be as convenient as, if not better than, the city life.

The city, rich with its open lands and wildlife, is ideal for those who are looking for a serene neighborhood to move in to. El Sobrante might just be the perfect place for those who are dreaming of living contemplative lives in a peaceful district.