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Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Ypsilanti renters. They're typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, pa... Read Guide >
1 Unit Available
419 E Kingsley St
419 East Kingsley Street
Ann Arbor, MI | Old Fourth Ward
6 Bedrooms
2200 sqft
7 Bedrooms
Last updated November 25 at 10:59 AM
Great looking 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom home that's over 2200 s.f.
1 Unit Available
1561 Addington Ln
1561 Addington Lane
Washtenaw County, MI
3 Bedrooms
1712 sqft
Last updated November 25 at 10:59 AM
Ann Arbor – Available Now - Newly-remodeled upper-level corner unit with 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths, large patio deck. 1712 square feet. New red oak flooring, new carpet, granite kitchen countertops.
1 Unit Available
The Old Brewery
724 North Fifth Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI | North Central
1 Bedroom
480 sqft
2 Bedrooms
Last updated November 25 at 10:59 AM
Apartment E Available 12/01/20 One bedroom in a small boutique building. Apartment E. The Old Central Brewery built in 1860 and recently updated. Professional residents, in Kerrytown, walk to central campus and the Medical Center.
1 Unit Available
1221 Island Dr Apt 104
1221 Island Drive
Ann Arbor, MI | Broadway
2 Bedrooms
871 sqft
Last updated November 24 at 08:30 AM
Very well maintained Ranch style River House Condo on main floor. Featuring beautiful hardwood floors throughout! Water & Heat Included. On site Coin/Card laundry.
1 Unit Available
7929 N canton center rd
7929 North Canton Center Road
Wayne County, MI
2 Bedrooms
1150 sqft
Last updated May 3 at 09:19 AM
Unique 2 BR upper flat in Canton!!!! Available 06/01/20 Rare,unique "one of a kind" upper flat like no other!!! Spacious, clean, "homelike",safe,2 br,2 bath,1150 square feet and an awesome 40 foot sun porch!!! Feels like living in the top half of a
1 Unit Available
412 Hamilton Pl
412 Hamilton Place
Ann Arbor, MI | Germantown
4 Bedrooms
1422 sqft
Last updated May 14 at 09:36 AM
412 Hamilton Place Available 08/28/20 SEPTEMBER LEASE:Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, 2-story, unfurnished house wonderfully located between campus and Main St.
1 Unit Available
2135 Winewood Ave
2135 Winewood Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI
3 Bedrooms
1354 sqft
Last updated April 4 at 11:14 AM
2135 Winewood Ave Available 07/14/20 2135 Winewood Ave - Available 07/14/202.
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City Guide for Ypsilanti, MI

“I’m going back to Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti where I’m from / Back to Ypsilanti to have some fun” (– Lee Osler, “Back to Ypsilanti")

If Ann Arbor is the home for educated hippies, Ypsilanti is the cooler, hipper next-door neighbor. Ypsilanti is known as just “Ypsi” by the locals, pronounced like ipsi. If you pronounce it like yipsi, you’ll instantly stand out as someone who just doesn’t get it. Ypsilanti is just 8 miles away from Ann Arbor, so anything you could want in Ann Arbor isn’t too far away. Like Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti is also a college town, home to Eastern Michigan University. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with hardwood floors in Ypsilanti, MI

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Ypsilanti renters. They're typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particularly if you have pets.

However, there are some downsides. Hardwood floors carry sounds. They can also make your apartment noisy for your roommates and downstairs neighbors.

Ask the landlord or property manager about the hardwood floors before signing a lease. Are they actually hardwood or a popular composite alternative? The latter is probably easier to clean and care for than the real thing.

It’s also important to ask about who’s responsible for any damage to the floors and what that entails. Your security deposit could take a hit from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Consider the type of climate you live in. Hardwood floors typically don’t fare well in damp climates full of moisture. Stains and buckling are common in hardwood floors after rain flooding or excessive moisture.

However, hardwood floors can be ideal for dry climates or sunny areas for renters who love the way they look.