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Last updated August 23 at 4:03AM
Results within 1 miles of Seven Corners, VA
Falls Church
Falls Church, VA
Updated August 15 at 5:00AM
Falls Church
Falls Church, VA
Updated August 22 at 8:01PM
2 Bedrooms
Seven Corners
Falls Church, VA
Updated August 15 at 5:39AM
4 Bedrooms
Arlington, VA
Updated August 23 at 4:03AM
4 Bedrooms
Columbia Heights - West
Arlington, VA
Updated August 15 at 5:42AM
2 Bedrooms
Seven Corners
Falls Church, VA
Updated August 15 at 10:29PM
Boulevard Manor
Arlington, VA
Updated August 15 at 5:38AM
5 Bedrooms
Arlington, VA
Updated August 15 at 6:13AM
3 Bedrooms
East Falls Church
Arlington, VA
Updated August 22 at 8:01PM
1 Bedroom
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City Guide
Seven Corners
Moving to Seven Corners

For one, Seven Corners is a motorist's dream. There are so many state routes, state roads, and boulevards that cut through this town that getting around is more than a breeze, it's a downright pleasure. All of these motorways help to improve the flow of traffic in and out of Seven Corners.

Secondly, Seven Corners has wonderful weather. While you can still expect to see the beautiful weather and clear skies that VA is known for, there are a few seasons that have been unseasonably warm or cold. However, the weather remains mild most of the time, so it's a perfect place to begin and end your day.

Lastly, properties: Seven Corners has some of the most beautiful rental properties in the state. Whether you're looking for a apartment to rent or rental houses, Seven Corners may just have what you're looking for.

Okay, now that you have your keys in hand and your Google Map directions set to Seven Corners, it's important to keep a few things in mind. Although you are interested in snapping up the first good place you see, there are dozens of others thinking the same thing. This property showdown match usually ends badly for those who aren't paying attention to these small details:

Bring the Necessary Documents

Before you even think of going to check an apartment or condo rental, you need to have some documents with you in order to get through the application process and credit screening.

You'll need your ID and social security card to both view the property and to go through the credit check. Please bring your Social Security card-the original, not a copy. You'll also need proof of income. This could be in the form of a pay stub, bank statement, or hire letter. However, each realty office differs in what they define as an acceptable proof. In this case, it's better to call ahead of time and find out. Lastly, you'll need references from your job and from friends or family. Bring their contact details and letters if you have any.

Ask for Referral Properties

In case the property you had your eye set on is fully occupied, ask if there are any other complexes available for rent. Most apartment management companies own more than one complex and will be more than happy to refer you to another one of their listings.

Book Your Viewings

Instead showing up unannounced and surprising your possible landlord, try calling ahead of time to book a viewing. This shows the management company your seriousness and interest in the property. It also saves you from showing up just to find out that the apartment has no more units available.

Bring the Moolah

You're serious about setting your stakes down in Seven Corners, are you? Show them the money! When it comes to the popularity of properties here the one thing that speaks volumes is money-and by money we mean deposits. If you see a place you like, put a deposit on it to keep someone else from snatching it away from you.

Neighborhoods in Seven Corners

There are no real neighborhoods in Seven Corners. That said, it's worth mentioning here that each geographical section of the town has some pretty good finds. Here are some apartment complexes that may tickle your fancy:

North Seven Corners: East Falls Apartments located on Willston Drive. These complexes are your average red brick structures on the outside, but they are loaded with awesome floor plans.

South Seven Corners: Osborne Lanvale Apartments have been in this area for years, and with good reason. This complex is surrounded by lovely homes, lush greenery, and they're luxurious. Who could ask for anything more?

East Seven Corners: One of the most popular apartment complexes in the east of Seven Corners is Seven Corners Apartments. This beautiful spacious complex comes with ample parking and it's right next to the 50 Arlington Blvd. So if you need to escape those in-laws, go right ahead.

West Seven Corners: If you're into spacious walk-in closets, shuttle service ,and shopping, check out The Jefferson. These apartments are located just 5 to 10 minutes from Seven Corners Shopping Center.

Living in Seven Corners

EAT, EAT, EAT. Seven Corners is known for their wide variety of food. In fact, the sheer availability of choice here may have you, well, stuck for choice. All of the restaurants here are located in the north section of Seven Corners and there aren't any in the south, east or west of the town. Some of the best places to eat are Hong Kong Palace and Bangkok Golden.

If you really want to have a nice time, take your food to go and head east to the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden and have a picnic. Don't try this in the dead of summer, though, unless you don't mind a little sunburn.

Speaking of sunburn, you don't have to stay within the borders of Seven Corners to have fun in the sun. Hop on the 29 Freeway to the 56 and exit George Washington Memorial Parkway. Take the service road and park near the canal. Here you can splash around and catch a fish or two.