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City Guide
Yuba City
Move to the Burbs or Enjoy the Bright Lights

Yuba City has a unique blend of urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods. You can have as much or as little noise as you want. There are no nosy neighbors to deal with in areas like Wilson/Abbott. If you prefer a little more action and enjoy the nightlife, central neighborhoods like South Yuba City may be a better choice. In either case, you can find homes, for rent or for sale, at a much more reasonable price than in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Although, to be fair, pretty much everything is cheaper than those cities. But, you get the point!

Finding an Apartment

Vacancy rates around 10 percent make it relatively easy to find your next domain. Some neighborhoods have a lower vacancy rate, meaning you need to allow additional lead time when apartment shopping, but in general, finding a place is pretty easy. Before you start a rushed round of tours and viewings, you should keep a few things in mind. Security deposits typically range from close to nothing to twice the monthly rental cost of the apartment. Be sure to ask, before you waste time looking at something with a double security deposit you either can't or don't want to afford. Really, unless you have bad credit, asking for a double security deposit is just downright greedy.

In most cases, a single month is the standard security deposit charge. In California, all security deposits must be totally refundable, as long as the property is in pretty much the same condition when you leave. Wear and tear damage should never come out of your deposit. So, when the landlord tries to tell you that he is keeping your security deposit because you ruined his perfectly new 20 year old carpet, don't fall for it. Plenty of landlords try to pull this dirty trick, but you don't have to let it fly. The court will back you up on this.

Also, it is standard to charge an extra security deposit for pets. Some apartments charge a flat rate (often nonrefundable) pet deposit, while others charge a monthly fee. If you have a four-legged friend, be prepared to shell out the extra so they can come with.Fido and Fluffy are worth it!

Where to Look in Yuba

There are a number of different, highly unique, neighborhoods in Yuba and the surrounding areas. Price will probably play the biggest role in determining your search area, as rental prices have a huge variance, but it is certainly not the only consideration. Each neighborhood has unique characteristics and charm, so be sure to shop before you sign.

Berg/Nuestro - Berg/Nuestro is Yuba's northernmost neighborhood. It also has some of the highest property values for home buyers. On the other hand, renters have the chance at some very reasonable rates -- that is, when they can find a place, because the vacancy rates are pretty low here.$$

Wilson/Abbott - This is the largest Yuba City neighborhood geographically speaking, but one of the smallest population wise. Wilson/Abbott is primarily rural, with lots of room between homes. This neighborhood is primarily home to farmers, foresters and fishers. The city is close by though. If you want the feel of rural America with easy access to a real city, this may be the best area for you.$$$

South Yuba City - Moderately priced luxury real estate is the name of the game in South Yuba City. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, you should be able to find something within your price range. This area has a low vacancy rate, only 3.5 percent, so you may need to start looking several months in advance.$$$$

City Center - Located on the Eastern edge of Yuba, this neighborhood is not exactly in the center of anything. However, it does have some of the lowest priced real estate in the area, along with a high vacancy rate. So, it's the center of affordability and lots of housing. We like that! You can probably find a rental without too much trouble in this area, and it is one of the only neighborhoods in the city where living without a car won't cause too much trouble.$

Yuba Living at its Finest

Almost every household in Yuba has a vehicle, and most own as many as four or five. Public transportation is not a viable option for residents, so owning a car is a must. If you pick one of the more rural neighborhoods, you will need a car to get anywhere, over and above your work commute. Some people carpool to get back and forth, but be prepared to drive yourself. Of course, since agricultural work makes up a pretty big portion of the jobs in the area, carpooling can be a little easier than it is in larger, more urban settings. It may take some time to get to know the neighbors well enough to ask for a ride, but if you fall in love with the slower pace of rural/urban living, you'll have the time to spare.

Yubaresidentsare privy to awesome food. Really, the food alone, is enough reason to move here. An annual Cultural Celebration brings together munchies and beverages from around the world. While you enjoy the food, you can listen to a variety of music and appreciate distinct art styles. Want more celebrations? Done! The Sikh parade, held on the first Sunday in November, draws in huge crowds, and the Bok Kai Temple throws and annual festival that is home to one of the oldest parades held in the United States.

Several different entertainment options allow you to pick and choose how to spend your time off. The Borgamania Lyric Opera Company performs several shows each season, and there are fourtheatersin the area for stage productions. The Sleep Train Amphitheater accommodates 18,500 for outdoor music fests and other events. Golfing, aquatic sports, hiking and an aquatic park make it a breeze to find fun stuff to do during the spring, summer and fall.

Only 40 miles from Sacramento, Yuba City has a lot to offer as your next home. The fun celebrations, activities and friendly people keep the area vibrant and upbeat. Even if you are emo, you probably can't help but crack a smile or let out a little laugh from time to time in Yuba. Good luck on the apartment search!