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City Guide
Yuma, Arizona
Insert 3:10 to Yuma joke here.

Though Yuma, Arizona may only be familiar to those fond of old Westerns or those looking for cacti instead of subzero winter temperatures, this Arizona town of 90,000 has a lot to offer. For starters, it’s the sunniest place on –not a joke—the entire planet. It’s also dangerously close to shopping adventures in Mexico, surfing in San Diego or blackjack shenanigans in Las Vegas, meaning you’re never too far from fun. The housing market can be a bit more flexible when it comes to short- and long-term rentals. Yuma can typically provide what you’re looking for.

I think I’ve heard about snow. It’s white, right?

If Yuma had to be summed up in one word it would be sunshine! They have it covered in the sunshine department. So, for all those North Easterners looking for an escape from the bitter cold, snow, and ice that winters bring, Yuma, AZ is the place to fly! Yuma is a warm sunny town with very friendly people! If you long for a bit of excitement away from town just hop in the car and you are there! Mexico is 20 min away, with excellent shopping and culture. If you feel adventurous head to San Diego and do a bit of surfing. Or if you are feeling lucky, take a trip to Sin City! No matter what you do in Yuma, you will be a world away from winter!

We have a pool, a boat, a jet-ski AND a dune-buggy.

Located to the east of town, the Foothills is home to numerous, newer subdivisions of primarily single-family homes.

I want my ‘neighbors’ to be far, far away.

A definite perk to living in the Yuma area is the very near availability of beautiful desert mesa property to the south of town and the sunsets that come with it. Sand dunes and succulents have never looked so good. Living out on the land is easy here, with mobile homes and RV rentals possible, as well as some pretty great country estates. This area provides the ultimate desert hideaway.

It’s a desert, but not the kind with camels.

The old streets north of 16th street are filled with Victorian or Craftsman homes on tree-lined streets. For those short-term relocations to Yuma, many places in Yuma come fully furnished and with variable lease terms.

We have cars now.

Contrary to what you may have learned in old Western movies, most people in Yuma now drive cars instead of horses. They also have a flashy new contraption called a ‘bus’, and Yuma County Area transit operates five routes through town, with the mall as the hub. Oh, consumerism. For shopping destinations outside of Yuma, Highway 8 will take you straight to San Diego and the Mexican border is only 20 minutes away by car.

Enough with the cactus jokes.

Peaceful desert vistas count for something and the ridiculously mild winters count for a lot more. Yuma awaits.