54 Apartments for rent in Beavercreek, OH

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Last updated December 13 at 8:45am UTC
Results within 1 miles of Beavercreek, OH
447 Sycamore Dr.
Fairborn, OH
Updated December 4 at 4:05pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
1192 Fudge Dr
Dayton, OH
Updated November 5 at 5:17pm UTC
4 Bedrooms
4197 Ranch
Dayton, OH
Updated October 7 at 1:42am UTC
4 Bedrooms
601 Daytonia Avenue
Fairborn, OH
Updated December 2 at 12:56pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Beavercreek, OH
Brinley Place
2335 Long Vista Ln
Fairborn, OH
Updated December 12 at 10:29pm UTC
2 Bedrooms
636 Brookmeade Ct.
Dayton, OH
Updated November 23 at 12:16pm UTC
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Beavercreek

Would a beaver build a dam before scouting out a proper location? No! You shouldn't go house hunting before doing a little scouting yourself. Or else all your plans could come crashing down. Rental homes in Beavercreek have been increasing in number in order to serve the rising population. That's good to hear. Prior to your search, though, it's best to do a little studying.

Your Choices

Like many smaller cities in Ohio, houses are what most people choose for lodging. Residents in Beavercreek like having a little more space, and that shows in the types of housing they select. That's not to say you couldn't find two bedroom apartments in Beavercreek if you wanted. It's simply that detached, one-unit houses account for over 71% of the units here and you enjoy a wider variety of selection, from two bedroom to five bedroom pads. There are some good managed apartment communities, like The Promenade at Beavercreek, and that means you can pretty much find what you need if you look. You could even buy your own plot of land and build if you wanted, but it's often better to leave the building to the beavers.

Possible Complications

Where has all the housing gone? During certain parts of the year, you may be asking yourself that. Openings can come in bunches and then all of a sudden vanish. Beavercreek's rising population has had an impact on this. Know that many leases end on the last day of December and last day of May. If you give yourself two weeks to find a house during early May or early December, you could scoop up a nice home just as the landlord puts it on the market. Over 25% of the city rents, and lots of people are always moving in and out. It's also advised to have a realtor help you find places to speed up the process. This ensures homes don't get taken because it took you too long to navigate the market. If you want an apartment or condo within a complex, start contacting management a month before you need to move in to check for openings. For example, if you want a one bedroom apartment and plan to move in September, call in late July. That way staff can put your name on a list and notify you of available openings; chances are if something isn't open the day you call, a renter will move out during the next month and you'll have something waiting for you. Open listings for rental houses don't sit on the market for too long here, so it's important that you don't spend too much time thinking over a pad. Some other ambitious mover will snatch it first.

Some Tips

It's rare to find something that's been on the market for a while, but if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a home that has been listed for more than two months, you may be able to get a better deal since the landlord could be anxious to lease it. Don't be afraid to whip out bargaining skills you've learned from your travels and interactions. Who knows? Perhaps you'll get an all bills paid deal on your 2 bedroom apartment or house. With that being said, you also want to inspect each and every place, especially if it's older or has been on the market for quite some time. Owners in Beavercreek, like anywhere else, don't advertise problems with their property; don't let your laziness come back to cost you. Also, rent is usually more reasonable in the winter. If you want the best deal, come between January and March as the market is slower and realtors and landlords are eager for renters. There's less pads, but better deals.

Leasing Requirements

It's not like getting a physical. Landlords in Beavercreek don't ask for much other than proof you can pay rent and have a decent credit score. As always, extra info like a solid rental history can sweeten the deal. Apartment complexes want a little more information; you will definitely have your credit checked, may even have a background check performed, and will be asked to provide ample evidence you can afford the home. No matter what you rent, you should prepare one month's rent, a security deposit, and applicable fees.

Beavercreek Neighborhoods

Beavercreek has lots of new developments and subdivisions, and the booming population shows that a lot of people are coming here to carve out a spot for themselves. The city, though, does boast an older side and a natural side. If you play your cards right, you can have the new, the old and the natural. Where else is that possible?

City Center: Highlights like Beaver Valley Shopping Center, Fox Run Park and Merrick Park make this part of town an interesting mesh of scenery and shopping. There are many eateries, especially pizzerias, along North Fairfield Road.

Alpha: On the east side of town, this neighborhood, which features E J Nutter Park, Beavercreek Community Park and Creekside Reserve, is perhaps the most beautiful area of town.

New Germany: With the Mall at Fairfield Commons and Beavercreek Towne Centre, this neighborhood in the northern part of town is best for shopping. Beavercreek Golf Club is also here along with lots of new houses and some apartments.

Grange Hall Road/Dayton Xenia Road: Right to the west of the center of town, this neighborhood is mainly residential. You have easy access to Interstate-675.

Fairbrook: Occupying the southern section of Beavercreek, Fairbrook has Greene Crossing Shopping Center, a great spot for shopping, eating and watching movies. Houses abound as well.

Living in Beavercreek

Folks in Beavercreek would fly from place to place if that was realistic, but most keep to four wheels and the road to get to their destination. A lot of people bike for exercise, but the city is nearly 27 square miles, which means longer distances require a car or taking the bus. That zest for life the Wright Brothers had still lives on in Beavercreek. It's partly why the place is thriving. Whether you go take in a show at Beavercreek Community Theatre, grab a bite at Wellington Grille, play soccer at John Ankeney Soccer Complex, or shop at one of the many outlets, you will see people smiling and laughing. And it's not because the plane was invented in the area. It's because Beavercreek is, overall, a solid place to grow and prosper. Head down to Little Beaver Creek and toss some rocks into the water. Wake up the beavers and watch them build. That tells you all you need to know. Beavercreek is a place still being built, with perfection as the ultimate goal. That's not possible, of course, but the folks here figure it's worth a shot. After all, the plane was worth a shot too.