Trotwood, OH: 78 apartments available for rent

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Last updated June 22 at 11:30PM
Results within 1 miles of Trotwood, OH
4170 Cedar Bluff Cr
Dayton, OH
Updated May 1 at 9:37AM
5 Bedrooms
3789 Markwell Place
Dayton, OH
Updated June 15 at 11:23PM
3 Bedrooms
3971 Ark Avenue,
Dayton, OH
Updated June 22 at 8:39PM
3 Bedrooms
3809 Lori Sue
Wesleyan Hill
Dayton, OH
Updated June 22 at 1:19PM
3 Bedrooms
3651 Karwin Dr
Wesleyan Hill
Dayton, OH
Updated June 16 at 9:32AM
2 Bedrooms
1631 Parkhill Dr.
College Hill
Dayton, OH
Updated June 18 at 9:27AM
2 Bedrooms
101 E Weaver
New Lebanon
New Lebanon, OH
Updated June 20 at 9:14AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Trotwood, OH
112 Heaton Ave
Walnut Hills
Dayton, OH
Updated June 9 at 9:39AM
3 Bedrooms
216 Southerly Hills
Englewood, OH
Updated June 22 at 9:10PM
3 Bedrooms
114 Heaton Avenue
Walnut Hills
Dayton, OH
Updated June 15 at 11:28PM
3 Bedrooms
416 Delaware Ave
Five Oaks
Dayton, OH
Updated June 16 at 9:55AM
3 Bedrooms
4381 Marlowe St.
Dayton, OH
Updated June 2 at 9:28PM
3 Bedrooms
3512 Geis
Northern Hills
Dayton, OH
Updated April 1 at 10:03AM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
The Best of Two Worlds

Trotwood is conveniently located in Ohio's Montgomery County, the fifth most populated county in Ohio. This suburban oasis is surrounded by areas of rural farm land and wooded areas, but also in close proximity to Dayton, Ohio. With Wolf Creek running through Trotwood, theres ample opportunity for outdoor recreation coupled with big city fun, like movies and bar hopping.

Moving to Trotwood

It doesn't cost much to live in Trotwood, OH. When compared to the rest of the country, it costs 18.7% less to live in Trotwood. For frugal families, this is a good reason to relocate to Trotwood. It is here you'll find lower food prices, as well as lower priced utilities and the option to rent furnished apartments.

If you're planning to rent in Trotwood, you'll be greeted by plenty of city apartments just waiting for you to move in. Apartments with paid utilities, in Trotwood, can be found, as well as ones that require you to pay your own utilities. There are many apartment communities, as well as townhomes and condos for rent. Don't expect to overpay for a quality apartment, as most are far below the national average in terms of price. Not all property owners require renters to submit to a credit check and pay a non-refundable deposit, but some do. If you do pay a deposit and are accepted for an apartment, that deposit will be applied to your first months rent. If you're not accepted for the apartment, the deposit is forfeited. Its important to keep that in mind, when scouting locations for your new pad.


Trotwood is a medium-sized city with a diverse population. The city is filled to the brim with amenities. You'll find everything you need is right around the corner, with neighborhoods featuring varied retail establishments, restaurants, bars and opportunities for recreation. Take a drive through one of these neighborhoods and you'll also find that friendliness is on-tap.

Trotwood has eight neighborhoods:

Denlinger/ Shiloh Springs Rd: This neighborhood has sprawling yards and nearby parks.

Westbrook/Basore Rd: There are lots of apartments available in this moderately priced neighborhood. Homes are available and are also moderately priced.

Hays Corner/Six Mile: Nearby many churches, this neighborhood is small. There's lots of space between lots, but neighbors are still within walking distance.

Stringtown: With low average rental prices and home costs, this neighborhood is located along Shiloh Springs Rd, a major route to nearby businesses.

Regina Heights: Regina Heights is nearby a number of affordable apartment complexes. This neighborhood features nearby shopping establishments, as well as local eateries and businesses.

City Center: Located in the heart of Trotwood, City Center is nearby local businesses and shopping centers. This neighborhood features nearby access to state routes capable of getting the commuter to Dayton, Kettering and other nearby cities.

Stillwater Junction: Stillwater Junction is residential, with homes featuring nice size lots.

Hoover Ave/Olive Rd: Hoover Ave/Olive Rd is a neighborhood, with homes set on large green lots. Buyers will appreciate the spaciousness of their yards.


Youre not going to find a cold bus seat when you're commuting in Trotwood. Many people find that public transportation is the easiest way to navigate the city. This inexpensive method is a great way to get from destination A to B.If you have a car, most days you can expect smooth cruising into the bigger city. If you want to save time and money, the roadways offer a carpool lane. Ask your friends from work if they want to buddy up for the commute.

Things to Do

Hamfest may sound like a carnivorous event, held to celebrate the deliciousness of smoked and salted pig leg, but its not. Nope! Hamfest doesn't have anything to do with actual ham, unless you're a vendor serving up the delicious treat at the annual convention. Instead, Hamfest celebrates amateur radio enthusiasts. The event is held annually in Trotwood, offering locals and visitors the opportunity to learn about radio, shop and socialize.

Trotwood is also home to many parks, including ones that run along Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek offers residents the chance to fish, hike, camp and more. Travel up the creek a bit farther and you'll hit Sycamore Woods State Park, where you can ride horses, hunt and camp. If you want the sunshine, but not the trees, head to any one of Trotwood's three golf courses.