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139 apartments for rent near Linden, NJ

Results within 1 miles of Linden, NJ
54 Hermann Street
4 Bed
499 E Grand Ave
22 Watson Avenue
Travis - Chelsea
3 Bed
16 Washington St-unit 1b
1 Bed
1727 Essex Street
3 Bed
44 Liberty Street
3 Bed
Results within 5 miles of Linden, NJ
Third & Valley
153 Valley St
1 Bed
2 Bed
Gaslight Commons
28 W 3rd St
1 Bed
2 Bed
Avalon Union
2400 Vauxhall Rd
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
General Greene Village
84 Wabeno Ave
1 Bed
2 Bed
139 WEST 26TH ST
3 Bed
Schley St
Upper Clinton Hill
610 Sharon Garden Court
1 Bed
79 Brookdale Ave
Lower Vailsburg
3 Bed
73 Mcveigh Avenue
New Springville
1 Bed
63 Howard St
University Heights
3 Bed
3 Bed
423 Klondike Ave
New Springville
3 Bed
66 Joline Avenue
1 Bed
35 Poplar Avenue
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City Guide
Finding an apartment in Linden

Most people will tell you that apartment-hunting is one of the most agonizing, frustrating and unpredictable processes that you have go through - and they are right. The utter volume of demand for homes means that you will need to develop a strategy - and a little aggression - during your search for an apartment. To ensure that you get the best deal in the neighborhood that is suitable for you, you must be smart, agile, and willing to take chances. Know your budget - what are you willing to spend on the apartment or housing unit that you want to acquire? This question is easy to answer when you have your priorities right. Linden has a wide variety of real estate that you can choose from; it's just a matter of preference and choice.

How much will it cost you?

If the cost of rent will be milking you dry every other end of the month, take that as your cue-it time to move to a less costly apartment. Houses for rent and apartments in Linden are not inexpensive, but neither are they outrageously expensive. Take time to determine the right fit for your budget.

Too good to be true
It’s a good deal - thats the punch line of every real estate agent. And who doesn't want a good deal? But sometimes in your apartment hunt, it happens that you are offered too good a deal to be true. Genuine too-good deals do exist, but when they are offered to you, pause for a moment, reevaluate the deal, and make a conclusion on its authenticity.

Leave it to fate
Like most things in life, there are no guarantees in finding a good apartment. Finding an apartment that is to your liking in a convenient location is matter of chance - how many times have you heard friends when beautiful rental homes say of the previous tenant, He moved out just when I was looking. Sometimes, other people will beat you in putting down the deposit. Do not despair, it just wasn't meant to be. There are still dozens of other apartments waiting; perhaps they are even better than the one you thought was the best you've ever seen. Not convinced? Then, get your details in order and cash in your hand, develop a strategy, play your game right, and you will find the apartment you've been looking for.

Linden Neighborhoods

City Center: The real estate of this neighborhood, like most other neighborhoods in Linden, is dominated by small 2, 3, and 4 unit apartment buildings. If you are the kind that enjoys the romantic look and feel of fresh flowers every morning, a florist is just on the corner of the block. Generally, City Center hosts a community of average income earners although the extremes are also represented. The community and households here can be described as multilingual and multi-cultured. City Center is within walking distance of most of the city's office buildings; in fact, it would take you a shorter time to walk to work than to drive through the morning traffic. Cutting transport costs from your monthly expenditure means that living in City Center is less expensive compared to other neighborhoods.

Livingston Road: Good old row houses; whatever happened to that culture of construction? The Livingston Road neighborhood has row houses which give it a different outlook from other neighborhoods - 44.5% of the homes here are classified as row houses. While most neighborhoods have mixed-age homes, from old to new, Livingston Road consists almost entirely of decades-old homes. This gives this neighborhood some peculiarity, but in a good way. Marked by a low house vacancy rate, it is the best place to look for a house for rent.

Tremley Point: When you visit a neighborhood, the first thing that you’ll notice is often the way it looks. The nautical neighborhood of Tremley Point has plenty of character in its appearance. The social and recreational amenities located on its coastal strip attract locals and visitors to the waterfront. The bright city lights of uptown New York shine brightly at the shore and it’s always a beautiful sight to see, especially at the fall of night. Tremleys real estate is dominated by small rental apartment buildings. This neighborhood has a significant number of military personnel who call it home.

Fernwood Terrace: Just as the character of a team is determined by the character of each member of the team, the character of Fernwood Terrace is defined by the nature of its residents. One thing that the residents of this neighborhood have in common is their love for art and theater. This is the kind of neighborhood where you might expect to meet a group of young musicians playing tunes on the street corner. In most of the many small restaurants theres always an artsy or musical event happening. Young individuals of average income, with a taste for contemporary art and music, would feel at home in this neighborhood.

Lenape Circle: Ever-expanding Lenape Circle is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood that is home to a varied community. Lenape Circle is a great neighborhood hangout. The numerous fast foods joints located at different locations in the neighborhood create a beehive of activity, especially in the evening. This neighborhood offers you the ultimate city life experience while you enjoy nights out at any of the well-furnished bars and restaurants.

Saint George Avenue: Saint George Avenue really stands out in regard to the kinds of apartments that dominate its real estate, mainly the small 2, 3, or 4 unit apartment buildings. If you are looking for a house for rent, this neighborhood is probably the best place to start; it seems that people are always moving in and out of Saint George Avenue. Between the small apartments and the steep rents, there’s always room for frustration.

East Elizabeth Avenue: This established but not old neighborhood is undoubtedly the pride of the district. East Elizabeth is favored for its averagely priced apartments and as the result has been a low vacancy rate. The odds of finding a housing unit that fits within the budget of an average income earner are good. Make time to get out and eat at the neighborhood restaurants, which come highly recommended.

Living in Linden

Getting to Work

How you get to work and how much time it takes to do so is matter of concern when you are moving into a new neighborhood. It could be a physical and financial burden--say goodbye to your savings. What are your options in Linden? Well, let's break it down for you. You can go by car, bus, train or even a scooter - it's your choice. Some Linden neighborhoods are physically located so that many residents have to drive to work or take a bus, while others are set up so many residents walk to work, or can take a train, bus, or bike. For example, commutes from East Elizabeth Avenue average less than 30 minutes.


Hate to be bored? Well, doesn't everyone? Fortunately, Linden has its fair share of attractions to keep you entertained.The Museum of Arts and Design collects, displays, and interprets pieces that are a documentation of historic and contemporary innovation in art, crafts, and design. Meanwhile, the Alice Austen House was home to the renowned female photographer, Alice Austen. This house-turned-museum is an emblem of women's empowerment and the societal transformation that has taken place over the past century.