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Last updated August 18 at 4:13AM
Results within 1 miles of Egypt Lake-Leto, FL
9700 N Newport Ave Unit B
Forest Hills
Tampa, FL
Updated August 14 at 12:07PM
1 Bedroom
Tampa, FL
Updated August 15 at 6:24AM
3 Bedrooms
6700 N Rome Ave Lot 514A
Tampa, FL
Updated August 17 at 1:24AM
2 Bedrooms
6817 N Habana Ave Lot 27
Tampa, FL
Updated May 13 at 9:59AM
2 Bedrooms
Pinecrest West Park
Tampa, FL
Updated August 15 at 6:30AM
6 Bedrooms
6914 N Clark Ave
Pinecrest West Park
Tampa, FL
Updated August 17 at 11:16AM
3 Bedrooms
Lowry Park Central
Tampa, FL
Updated August 15 at 3:53AM
2 Bedrooms
Shallowbrook Pl
Tampa, FL
Updated August 13 at 2:14PM
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Egypt Lake Leto
Getting Situated

Florida does take some getting used to if youre not from here originally, especially the weather. It’s humid out here, folks. And while most states enjoy a pure, sun-shining summer, Egypt gets routinely doused by passing thunderstorms. Dont fret though, they come and go quickly and leave a blue sky behind. But mind dawn and dusk, because that wet air attracts mosquitoes like nobody’s business and hurricanes just can’t quit Tampa Bay. You may want to invest heavily in renters insurance and two by fours. The weather good news is winter, of course, no shoveling snow or shopping for parkas.

Those used to public transportation are going to be in for a shock; cars are definitely a way of life. But, if you do like bicycling, there are several neighborhoods with excellent biking situations, and many residents make their way to work atop a two-wheeled motor-free vehicle. Plus, most areas are walkable, so cars are only necessary for work and major errands.

Another bonus: vacancy rates. Need to move here in a hurry? That’s not a problem at all, because not only is Egypt-blah-blah right next to the Tampa Airport, the vacancy rates are often pretty high--especially with the high student population. Even in the more family oriented neighbs, the vacancy rates are a comfortable 6 percent. Just give yourself a couple weeks to search for apartments in order to have some wiggle room, and no worries.

Living Large

Despite Florida’s wealth of amenities, Egypt Lake-Leto included, the cost of living is refreshingly below the national average. Each city and district is slightly different, but generally you can expect living costs to be lower than what you were previously paying, especially housing prices. Then theres all that quality ethnic food you can count on. With such a diverse population, residents can expect authentic Cuban sandwiches, high-end steak houses and steamy bowls of Vietnamese pho within the same one-mile radius. Eating out at such a low cost never tasted so delicious.

Finding a Spot

The neighborhoods in Egypt Lake-Leto are fairly similar to one another, but some are better for small units, like studios, and others are more family-oriented. Have a look-see and maybe get down on the ground and have a peek, if you can.

Egypt: Newer homes, a comfortable mix of owners and renters, oodles of students and a walkable area make this place pretty prime real estate. The cost of living here is very low.

Plaza Terrace: Best for those looking for single living accommodations, Plaza has scads of studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments. If you speak Spanish and want an area flush with fellow bilinguals, this is a sweet stop.

Drew Park: If youre a student, come on down! It’s walkable, bikable, hand-standable and it’s also filled with renting students just like you. Expect airplane noises all the time.

Lowry Park Central: People love the short commute here, plus the walkable neighborhoods make it relatively car-free living on the weekends. Its especially diverse and has middling levels of amenities and the like, so its a great middle ground.

Riverside: Also known as Riverbend, because why the hell not? The neighborhood sits on the river and has a somewhat walkable area. On the other hand, it’s near the Lowry Park Zoo and it’s inexpensive, so if those are priorities do what you gotta.

Egypt Lake-Leto has charm and interest, diverse inhabitants and entertaining amenities, shopping centers and colleges. It’s got a little of everything. But overall, it’s a winner. And with the low cost of living and housing, it makes a fantastic place for students to stay while getting their degree on.