apartments with hardwood floors
Last updated February 26 2024 at 4:46 PM

Saratoga, CA
220 Apartments for Rent with Hardwood Floors

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Saratoga renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, pa... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with hardwood floors in Saratoga?

Rental prices for apartments with hardwood floors in Saratoga range from $5,000 to $6,500 per month.

How many apartments with hardwood floors are available for rent in Saratoga?

Currently, there are 3 apartments with hardwood floors available for rent in Saratoga.
City Guide for Saratoga, CA

Welcome to the land of the sun, of grapes and honey, of lush redwood forests and high-end living. Sky-high-end living, that is. With some of the highest rental rates around, you had better get some local info before spending all your money on just any property.

Having trouble with Craigslist Saratoga? Can't find that special apartment for rent on Apartment Finder or Zillow? Apartment List is here to help!

Situated on the western edge of the Silicon Valley, Saratoga has grown as a bedroom community for well-to-do tech workers. It’s best known for its small-town atmosphere, wineries (some with live music), and upscale shopping. However, in recent years it has become better known thanks to Bloomberg Businessweek naming it the most expensive suburb in California. Not so surprising, really, with rental rates ranging from $3,500 to over $7,500 a month. And, of course, those California rental prices are always rising. So, if you’re going to be spending thousands of dollars on housing each month, you had better pay this little city a visit to get the most bang for your buck.

The rental market here is primarily made up of big, extravagant ranch-style and Mediterranean-style houses. Near the city limits are the less expensive rental homes, however these will still cost well over $3,000 a month and can seem criminally overpriced for such simple houses. Now, if you're going to spend big then you might as well go for the more extravagant rental homes around downtown, in the Golden Triangle, or up on the hill. As far as apartments go, there are a few townhouses for rent at about $4,500 a month (no, that's not a typo).

So, what kind of amenities do renters get to enjoy around here? Well, most rental homes come with exquisite interior designs, cozy fireplaces, and luxurious surroundings, such as woods, hiking trails, and creeks. In the townhome community, you get lots of luxury amenities, such as a swimming pool, spa, and tennis courts, not to mention a short walk to yoga class at the Hakone Gardens.

While finding a property rental around here is pretty tough, it gets even tougher with pets. There are a few pet friendly pads, though policies vary and finding a home that is dog friendly can be more difficult.

Now it's time to scroll through those listings and find your perfect new home in this beautiful California suburb. Good luck! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with hardwood floors in Saratoga, CA

Scoring an apartment with hardwood floors can be a big win for Saratoga renters. They`re typically a beautiful addition to your space. They’re also easier to clean and sweep, particularly if you have pets.

However, there are some downsides. Hardwood floors carry sounds. They can also make your apartment noisy for your roommates and downstairs neighbors.

Ask the landlord or property manager about the hardwood floors before signing a lease. Are they actually hardwood or a popular composite alternative? The latter is probably easier to clean and care for than the real thing.

It’s also important to ask about who’s responsible for any damage to the floors and what that entails. Your security deposit could take a hit from scratches, dents, and other damage.

Consider the type of climate you live in. Hardwood floors typically don’t fare well in damp climates full of moisture. Stains and buckling are common in hardwood floors after rain flooding or excessive moisture.

However, hardwood floors can be ideal for dry climates or sunny areas for renters who love the way they look.