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Logan, Utah

Situated in the heart of the picturesque Cache Valley in northern Utah sits one of the Beehive State’s most well-kept secrets. Logan, Utah, home of Utah State University, is home to a diverse range of students, families, yuppies, and retirees alike and boasts some of the most charming and affordable rentals you’ll find anywhere. Interested in finding your dream dwellings in Logan? Then start scouring the listings in this handy little apartment finder, because the perfect Logan, Utah apartment for you is just a few clicks away!

Considering more than half of Logan’s 50,000 residents lease rather than own, you’ll find no shortage of apartments in the city. Rentals range from basic studio apartments and 1BRs in the sub-$500 range all the way up to spacious luxury apartments and townhouses (replete with patios, balconies, clubhouses, fitness centers, renovated interiors, etc) for a grand or more. Several apartment complexes in the University District on the city’s east side run move-in specials just prior to the fall semester, so be on the lookout for dynamite leasing deals in the mid-summer months. Pet policies differ from complex to complex (some rentals are entirely pet-friendly, including dogs allowed, while other landlords are likely to freak out if you share living space with a mere hermit crab), so do some preliminary research about a landlord’s pet restrictions if you’re bringing a four-legged friend along.

Something to keep in mind when calculating the budget for your Logan, Utah apartment is that winters are notoriously brutal, forcing renters to run their furnaces around the clock. From November through February, you can expect to spend at least an extra $50 a month on heating costs. On the bright side, the summer months are postcard-perfect, and besides, we have a feeling you’re going to find the occasional snowstorm a small price to pay for living in such a highly regarded community!

As far as crime goes, Logan is frequently cited as one of America’s safest cities, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about getting knifed, shot, mugged, or accosted by banditos (which is a frightening prospect indeed for apartment dwellers in most cities) during your stay in Logan. Factor in a bustling local economy, an eclectic historic downtown district, a ton of dining and nightlife options, and a variety of outdoors activities for nature lovers, and we’ve got a good feeling you’ll soon fall in love with Aggie Country!

So, what are you waiting for? Start clicking away at the listings, and best of luck on your Logan, Utah apartment search!