It’s that time of year again!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we at Apartment List are excited for the upcoming celebrations: family time, TV and turkey (lots of it)! Which made us wonder –  how much would rent cost in cities across the United States if we paid with Thanksgiving dinners? Lo and behold, we present the 2015 Apartment List Turkey Index!



To create the index, we used two data points: the median price of a two-bedroom apartment and the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in each city. The rental data was pulled from hundreds of thousands of listings from our website. For the Thanksgiving dinner, we used the average prices of a Thanksgiving dinner ($50.70 when you include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie), and adjusted the prices for each city using the grocery component of a cost of living index. Finally, we divided the two-bedroom price by the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner to get the Turkey Index.


Dinners for Days

Looking at the data, we see that there is substantial variation in turkey dinner rents across cities in the United States. Miami renters have to pay 48.5 Thanksgiving dinners to make one month of rent, and Boston (48) follows closely behind. That’s enough to feed a small village! New York City (49), Washington DC (59), and San Francisco (78) are among the most expensive as well. At the other end of the spectrum, Detroit residents can expect to pay just 13 dinners to their landlords this November. Stockton (13) follows closely behind, with Memphis (12) and Cleveland (11) being on the cheaper side as well.


If you’re interested, we’re including data for 88 cities across the United States. Check out the table below to see how other cities compare– and have a great holiday celebration!


City2 Bedroom - Avg priceTurkey Dinner Index (2BR)
San Francisco, CA $4,950 78.0
Washington, DC $3,000 57.5
New York, NY $3,500 49.0
Miami, FL $2,680 48.5
Boston, MA $2,550 48.0
Los Angeles, CA $2,200 41.0
San Jose, CA $2,500 41.0
New Orleans, LA $1,800 35.0
San Diego, CA $1,900 35.0
Dallas, TX $1,750 34.5
Seattle, WA $2,190 34.0
Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,800 34.0
Portland, OR $1,960 33.0
Austin, TX $1,370 33.0
Denver, CO $1,530 31.0
Houston, TX $1,350 31.0
Atlanta, GA $1,550 30.5
Oakland, CA $1,900 30.3
Chicago, IL $1,590 26.5
Minneapolis, MN $1,440 26.0
Nashville, TN $1,170 24.5
Virginia Beach, VA $1,100 23.5
Pittsburgh, PA $1,160 23.0
San Antonio, TX$94022.0
Durham, NC $1,050 22.0
Corpus Christi, TX$91021.5
Sacramento, CA $1,250 21.5
Tacoma, WA $1,050 21.0
Boise City, ID$83021.0
St. Paul, MN $1,100 20.5
Tampa, FL $1,000 20.5
Manchester, NH $1,160 20.5
Providence, RI $1,200 20.0
Vancouver, WA $1,050 20.0
Colorado Springs, CO$90019.5
Anchorage, AK $1,200 19.5
Fort Worth, TX$90019.5
Salt Lake City, UT$90019.0
Baltimore, MD $1,170 18.0
Orlando, FL $1,000 19.0
Philadelphia, PA $1,050 18.5
Grand Rapids, MI$85018.5
Raleigh, NC$93018.0
Knoxville, TN$75017.5
Omaha, NE$85017.5
Norfolk, VA$83017.5
Richmond, VA$81017.5
Madison, WI$88017.0
Albuquerque, NM$82017.0
Charlotte, NC$91017.0
Columbus, OH$80017.0
Lexington, KY$79017.0
Kansas City, MO$72016.5
Baton Rouge, LA$84016.5
Phoenix, AZ$80016.5
Des Moines, IA$73016.0
Spokane, WA$75015.5
Fargo, ND$90015.5
St. Louis, MO$84015.5
Lincoln, NE$76015.5
Tulsa, OK$75015.5
Louisville, KY$70015.5
Milwaukee, WI$80015.5
Cincinnati, OH$68015.0
Oklahoma City, OK$69015.0
Jacksonville, FL$78014.5
Bakersfield, CA$76014.4
Tucson, AZ$70014.4
Little Rock, AR$67014.4
Winston-Salem, NC$70014.4
Mobile, AL$73014.0
El Paso, TX$75014.0
Las Vegas, NV$85014.0
Rochester, NY$68014.0
Hartford, CT$90013.5
Huntsville, AL$64013.5
Reno, NV$75013.5
Detroit, MI$60013.5
Indianapolis, IN$63013.5
Wichita, KS$60013.0
Stockton, CA$78013.0
Montgomery, AL$64012.5
Memphis, TN$57012.5
Birmingham, AL$65012.5
Columbus, GA$63012.0
Cleveland, OH$60011.0
Fort Wayne, IN$50010.5
Akron, OH$60010.0