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Sauk Village was originally known as Strassburg Settlement due to the fact that so many settlers migrated from Strasbourg, France. When the village was incorporated in 1957, ther... Read Guide >
16231 Sussex Avenue
16231 Sussex Avenue
Markham, IL
Updated February 18 at 10:00pm
3 Bedrooms
350 Miami Street
350 Miami Street
Park Forest, IL
Updated February 18 at 09:59pm
4 Bedrooms
13300 E Lakeshore Drive
13300 Lake Shore Dr
Cedar Lake, IN
Updated February 18 at 09:59pm
3 Bedrooms
City GuideSauk Village
Sauk Village was originally known as Strassburg Settlement due to the fact that so many settlers migrated from Strasbourg, France. When the village was incorporated in 1957, there was already a town by the name of Strasburg in Illinois, so the village was named Sauk Village after the native American tribes that once used the area for trade and travel.

When you don't want live in the big city and you don't want to live in the country, why not live in a village? Sauk Village has been growing since it was settled, with the exception of a brief plateau during the Depression. Today it continues to embrace an atmosphere of close-knit community living without the annoyances that can be a part of living in a bigger city. If you want to be a part of a community aiming for progress, pack your bags and head to Sauk Village. Whether you are in search of apartments to rent like the ones at the Crossroads apartments, or you prefer rental homes in subdivisions like Carlisle Estates or Southbrook, Sauk Village has a place for you.

Village Improvements

When you think about government scandal, you usually think of large cities like Chicago. Sauk Village is located right outside of Chicago off of 30 and 394. In the past, this village had leaders that made Chicago look like the most honest city in the world. Local leaders were even charged with felonies for fraudulent use of educational funds. The good news is that the community wasn't impressed and is now making every effort to overcome the scandal and other issues that have plagued the village.

Today even the Neighborhood Watch is making an effort to make sure the atmosphere is a law abiding one, having taken the "No Bullying" and "No Texting While Driving" pledges to increase the safety of the village. In fact, everything about Sauk Village speaks of the community working together as a whole..

Overcoming Adversity

When lightning hit a church and burnt it to the ground, they rebuilt it. When the same thing happened to the same church just a few years later, they rebuilt it again and finally moved it so it could be hit by a tornado a few years later. In the meantime, when everyone was looking for ways to survive during the Depression, the good people of Sauk Village dug out a basement of the same church so that they could rent it out to raise money. All that effort for one building? That takes a certain level of determination. But no one says you have to live anywhere near where that particular building used to stand.

Renters In Sauk Village

A good portion of the area includes renters, with the population being an almost exact ratio of men to women. Crossroad Apartments is a good place to start if you are looking for rental apartments, like maybe a studio for rent.

If apartment living isn't for you but you don't necessarily want to devote your entire waking moment to your home, Carlisle Estates might be just what you are looking for, nestled on Stone Lane right off of State Route 30.

On the other hand, some people really want to be on the outskirts and like nothing more than a manicured lawn to groom. Your place of choice would most likely be Southbrook.

In any case, Chicago is only about 20 minutes away and the Expressway runs right through the edge of town, so employment and access to it isn't an issue as long as you have a car. You might also like employment that's a bit closer in the 325-acre LogistiCenter Business Park.

If you enjoy easy access to the city, but not having to travel far for a Pizza at Villa Di Pizza, burger at McDonald's or Round the Clock, or even some Popeye's chicken, look for rental homes in Sauk Village.