pet friendly apartments
Last updated March 4 2024 at 11:43 PM

Cheyenne, WY
34 Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

Renting pet-friendly apartments in Cheyenne should offer peace of mind and convenience for our furry friends. It’s crucial to find an apartment that’ll work for both you and you... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for a pet-friendly apartment in Cheyenne?

Rental prices for pet-friendly apartments in Cheyenne range from $750 to $3,000 per month.

How many pet-friendly apartments are available for rent in Cheyenne?

Currently, there are 27 pet-friendly apartments available for rent in Cheyenne.

Are there any additional fees associated with renting a pet-friendly apartment in Cheyenne?

Yes, most landlords and property management companies in Cheyenne will ask for a refundable pet deposit. If there was no damage to the property caused by your pet, you should be able to recover the deposit at the end of your lease. Some rental properties in Cheyenne may also charge monthly pet rent.
City Guide for Cheyenne, WY

Often referred to as “Frontier City,” Cheyenne is a quiet town with an independent spirit. It also happens to be the capital of Wyoming. Situated between two major highways, I-25 and I-80, Cheyenne boasts historic places (over 50 on the National Register of Historic Places) and a ton of outdoor space. In fact, it has been called “Trail Town USA” due to its many trails, parks and green spaces. Here, you really are free to roam in this plain state.

With all that open space comes a lot of wind and some pretty cold temperatures. Winters here are cold and long. Furthermore, winter doesn’t always happen when you’d think. Snow falls as late as March and April and will have you welcoming the arid Cheyenne summers. What we’re really trying to say is: “stay on your weather-toes.”

Roaming free and living independently, or away from the hustle and bustle of a “big” city, are some of the many appealing parts of Cheyenne, but what makes believers out of the residents is the great cost of living, the lack of traffic (you can get anywhere in 10 minutes) and the absence of state income tax. That’s right, friends. Keeping your money close is just a perk of living in this Wyoming town.

Speaking of government, those moving here for work should know that government jobs are the largest part of Cheyenne’s economy. Your friends and neighbors will likely be city or state government employees and/or servicemen living or working at the local Air Force base.

But just because Cheyenne is full of hard working people doesn’t mean it lacks fun. While downtown may be full of city and government offices, it’s also the go-to spot for entertainment such as Cheyenne Frontier Days—a 10-day concert event and the nation’s largest outdoor rodeo. Yee-haw! Rest easy, Cheyenne knows how to party, partner.

Now that we have told you where to work and party, let’s talk about where to live. A typical home in Cheyenne is a three to four bedrooms on a nice-sized piece of land. There isn’t a bad area in the city and newer apartment buildings are popping up around town. The only thing that differs throughout certain parts of the city is that the more west you move, the more remote your living experience will be.

Additionally, the more west you live, the closer you are to the base. This area is filled with working professionals, active military personnel, seniors and those who own a lot of land. While you can find apartments out west, the majority of living options are single-family homes.

On the other hand, the east side of town is rapidly growing and apartments are sprouting up. There are also a few more singles, college students and young professionals in this part of Cheyenne. While it is still just a few minutes from the base, it is closer to downtown, shopping, dining and Laramie Community College.

Sure, you won’t find Madison Ave. shopping here or a downtown full of coffee shops, but there is a local way of doing things that’s entirely Cheyenne. Good luck finding your home on the range and happy hunting! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for pet friendly apartments in Cheyenne, WY

Renting pet-friendly apartments in Cheyenne should offer peace of mind and convenience for our furry friends. It’s crucial to find an apartment that’ll work for both you and your pet. Before signing a pet-friendly apartment, take your time to study the layout and ask plenty of questions.

Some pet-friendly apartments in Cheyenne may request a pet deposit or only accept certain dog breeds. You should also consider if the floors are hardwood or carpeted. Hardwood may be easier to clean-up fur and a mess but could mean your neighbors below hear the tapping of your dog running past. An outdoor balcony can also be ideal for a pet who needs some fresh air.

Consider the neighborhood of any pet-friendly apartments in Cheyenne. Are they near a dog park or a vet? You should also research the rates of dog walkers in your area. It may be less expensive to move to a nearby neighborhood with a lower pet deposit, a better layout for your pet, and cheaper services.