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Smithfield, VA 114 Apartments for Rent with Balconies

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Balconies are a coveted amenity for many renters looking for high-rise views and opportunities for fresh air. However, you should keep in mind that balconies often come with r... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for an apartment with a balcony in Smithfield?

Rental prices for apartments with balconies in Smithfield range from $1,500 to $2,950 per month.

How many apartments with balconies are available for rent in Smithfield?

Currently, there are 3 apartments with balconies available for rent in Smithfield.
City Guide for Smithfield, VA

Smithfield, Virginia, is the "Ham Capital of the World." Early settlers to the town took several preservation techniques, including a few learned from the Native Americans, and developed the dry-cured Smithfield ham, a commodity that would keep for extended periods of time, even with no refrigeration. Up until their defeat in the Revolutionary War, the English monarchy had a standing order for Smithfield hams. That's a really wide delivery area!

Smithfield is a city rich in history, located within the county of Isle of Wight. It is considered a part of the Hampton Roads region of the state. For those of you who are only familiar with the state's beaches, Hampton Roads is essentially Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas. Though the town is only a car ride away from the popular tourist destination, it also boasts some impressive waterfronts of its own. Home to approximately 8,000 residents, Smithfield is a perfect combination of small town living, with historical charm. The locality was discovered by Captain John Smith (remember him from history class), and it is one of the original colonized areas of our great country. Smithfield was even a sight for battles during the Revolutionary War, as well as the Battle of Smithfield during the Civil War. Its close proximity to the James River made it a perfect location for battles by land and sea. To preserve all of this priceless history, the town created a Board of Historic and Architecture Review in 1979. The watchdog organization reviews all proposed building changes occurring inside of the historical district and ensures that you will always be able to experience a unique piece of the American story. See more

What to keep in mind when looking for apartments with balconies in Smithfield, VA

Balconies are a coveted amenity for many renters looking for high-rise views and opportunities for fresh air. However, you should keep in mind that balconies often come with restrictions.

Before signing a lease, ask about how many people can be on the balcony at once. Also, ask about whether you’re allowed to store a bike or other items.

You’ll also want to know about any maintenance schedules. Using your balcony as storage could result in fines and intervention from your property management.

Keep in mind that not all balconies are created equally. You may discover the views of the parking area are less than optimal or reduce your overall privacy.

Balconies can also get messy with debris, foliage, dirt, and pollen depending on your location. Renters are typically responsible for any clean-up and basic balcony upkeep.

Regardless of the issues to keep in mind, balconies are usually a big win for Smithfield renters. Ask about apartments on higher floors for the best views.