3 bedroom apartments
Last updated March 4 2024 at 5:16 PM

Myrtle Beach, SC
150 3 Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Myrtle Beach provides more space for multiple roommates sharing costs, or a family looking to settle in. Look for apartments that fit you... Read Guide >
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City Guide for Myrtle Beach, SC

If you're one of those folks that never wants to leave the beach, that wants to live life like a permanent vacation, well then it's time to stop fighting it. With a year-round vacation town like Myrtle Beach you can live the good life in perfectly affordable luxury.

A little city of less than 30,000 people, Myrtle Beach has enough amusement parks, golf courses, tourist shops, upscale retail, nightclubs, dinner theaters, and restaurants to entertain millions. And, it does. Tourists flood into the city year round. And, who could resist? There is hell to be raised every day, with motorcycle rallies, festivals, concerts, fireworks, and everything you can imagine. A local's word to the wise: start your week off on the Sky Wheel, a 200-foot "Farris wheel" of glass gondolas which provide the perfect, most beautiful view for contemplating how to spend the week.

With all this luxury, you would think that finding a cheap apartment for rent is just as hard as finding a polar bear in Hawaii. Well, Myrtle Beach is a city that has plenty of cheap apartments. With one to three-bedroom apartments renting in the $500 - $900 range, as well as a few studio apartments for rent below $400, there are lots of options. Of course, you can spend more if you want. Beachfront condos, luxury apartments, and stylish marketplace studios rent in the $700 to $1,500 range.

Keep in mind that the more you spend on an apartment rental, the more resort-like your home will be. Sure you can rent for as low as $400, but those studio apartments for rent at $700 come with all sorts of shiny bells and whistles. At the higher price point, you can expect your community to come with a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, business center, game room, clubhouse, sand volleyball court, and a backdrop of breathtaking stone balconies, private terraces, and other beach-resort-style opulence. You can also expect an ideal location, such as on the water, or above the marketplace.

On the other hand, you can save some money renting a cheap apartment with a bit more distance to the beach and other popular attractions. In cheap apartments, however, you will have just basic amenities, such as a laundry room, a little playground, and some picnic tables.

So, now you are ready to be a permanent vacationer in Myrtle Beach. Good luck! See more

What to keep in mind when looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Myrtle Beach, SC

Looking for 3 bedroom apartments in Myrtle Beach provides more space for multiple roommates sharing costs, or a family looking to settle in. Look for apartments that fit your lifestyle with proximity to green space, restaurants, entertainment, or quality schools.

Take your time when considering the layout during a tour of 3 bedroom apartments. Some bedrooms may be smaller than the others. This could work out well for roommates who want to adjust their share of the cost depending on who gets the largest and smallest bedroom. If you’re renting the entire space for yourself, make sure the rooms work well for the configuration you’re looking for, including a main bedroom, guest room, and office.

Consider the outdoor space when renting 3 bedroom apartments in Myrtle Beach. A larger apartment may come with both a balcony off the living room and Juliet doors in the main bedroom. A small yard out back, rooftop terrace, and other outdoor amenities may also be available.