80 Apartments for rent in Murraysville, NC

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Last updated October 18 at 7:22AM
Results within 1 miles of Murraysville, NC
2804 Valor Dr
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 4 at 1:22PM UTC
3 Bedrooms
903 Rectory Court
Wilmington, NC
Updated September 24 at 1:59AM UTC
4 Bedrooms
1842 Mission Hills Drive
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 12 at 10:43AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
7250 Copperfield Court
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 17 at 11:04AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
428 Wendover Lane
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 5 at 11:17AM UTC
4 Bedrooms
545 Foxfield Court
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 6 at 3:30AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Murraysville, NC
105 Dilworth Rd
Wilmington, NC
Updated October 12 at 10:18AM UTC
3 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Murraysville

Before you finish packing up those boxes and hauling all your timeless treasures to the south, it's important to get a few facts straight about life here. As mentioned before, you'll need a car. You'll also do much better if you're hunting for a home rental rather an apartment rental. Yes, there are apartments for rent in Murraysville, such as the lovely ones at Hawthorne at Murrayville and Briarcliff Villas, but for the most part, as in like 90 percent, this place is stuffed with homes. Owners outstrip renters by a massive degree, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to find a one-bedroom apartment, it just means your search will probably take longer. Fortunately, cost of living in Murraysville is just below average, so you can have your security deposit ready without wincing.

More firm advice includes educating yourself on East Coast weather. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other destructive storms are known to occur, even ice storms can happen in rare circumstances. Make sure you pack up enough appropriate clothing to handle any situation, and always have an emergency kit at the ready good advice for any move.

Getting Around Town

It may be beating a dead horse, but a car is an absolute necessity, and here's why: The WalkScore for Murraysville, NC is zero. Yep, zilch. You cannot walk anywhere, pretty much. Sure, you can hop a bike and make it to a fast food joint for a quickie meal, but there isn't likely to be anything within at least a mile of your pad. This is a commuter wonderland, and even public transportation is hard to come by if you're not a school-aged child seeking a yellow school bus.

That said, in Wilmington there is a transit option called WAVE, which includes buses, trolleys and shuttles. They even have dial-a-ride transit. There is also the Gary Shell Cross Trail, which is open for use by bikers in the Wilmington area. It provides access to mostly recreational sites, but it's good information to have.

Finally, Murraysville is perched right next to the Wilmington International Airport landing strip, which is awesome for travelers but kinda less fun for people who don't care for noisy noises.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Murraysville doesn't boast traditional neighborhoods like bigger cities do. However, there are some pretty recognizable differences between north and south for those keen to pick the choicest spots. Here's a quick overview.

North: If you choose the northern portion of Murraysville, you probably either love land or dislike people. There are very few homes in this part, as it's still being developed, but the green valley is gorgeous to look at. Wild Magnolia Road has a couple properties that are expansive and stunning, if you're into that sorta thing. You'll also find Hoobie's NY Pizza & Hoagies here.

South: Realistically, you're going to live in the southern half of Murraysville, as that's just where most of the homes are located. Try to park yourself on Murrayville Road if you want the quickest access to I-40, or head closer to the very bottom tip to take advantage of the few amenities that are available, including parks and playing fields. Stop by Catch for dinner when the whole house doesn't feel like cooking.

Living Large in Murraysville

Relax and Refresh

Recreation in Murraysville is all about replenishing after a long week of work. That means most folks either head to the ocean, or they opt to relax and host parties in their back yards. Another option is simply queuing up a marathon of favorite TV shows. Truth is, life is a little calmer here, a little slower. People like to tip their hats and "hello" their neighbors, so entertainments are equally quaint and charming. That's not to say there is no excitement available. Festivals, zoos, museums and boat charters are all popular choices, just remember, they're not happening within CDP limits. No, Murraysville is for houses, and there are very few services within town, outside of Ogden Park and Smith Creek Park, and they're not staging foam parties. Fortunately, there are plenty of options near at hand, just not within walking distance. So, if you don't mind jumping in the car for a quick trip to Wilmington or the beach, you'll love it here every day of the week. Just learn how to enjoy a slower pace of life.

All in a Day's Work

When Murraysville residents aren't crafting home cooked meals or heading to the beach, they're usually at work, and they do a wide array of things. Pretty much everyone commutes. Some are truck drivers, others are in sales, some are mechanics and others are in law enforcement. It's a rich and varied collection, which keeps the gossip interesting, no doubt. Whatever you do, you'll probably do it in Wilmington or another nearby city. Don't worry too much about traffic. If there's construction it can get hectic, but this small town keeps things organized and you can zip in and out without an excess of stress or delay.

Getting comfortable in Murraysville may take some time if you're from a city or used to a different suburban environment. That's ok; you'll love it before long. It's got so many fantastic options close at hand, you'll soon forget that none of them are within walking distance, and it's good for both your wallet and your waistline when you eat at home more often than dine out. With Wilmington so close, work routes are quick and playtime is robust. Come check out the friendly, southern charm-ing land of Murraysville, and discover how easy life can be.

While Murraysville is a bit too small and residential to have many special occasions, Wilmington's many neighborhoods do boast several entrancing festivals, such as the Azalea Festival in April and the Seafood Festival in August, located in Sneads Ferry, just over 30 miles from Murraysville.