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87 apartments for rent near Gahanna, OH

Last updated October 24 at 3:07AM
530 Meadowsweet Place
Updated October 16 at 4:20AM
3 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Gahanna, OH
Midtown Towers
5676 Broadview Rd
Updated October 21 at 5:39PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Alexander Court
135 S Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd
Updated October 21 at 5:40PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
3888 Agler Rd
Updated October 22 at 5:50PM
3 Bed
7128 Rondeau Dr.
East Broad
Updated October 22 at 10:10AM
3 Bed
Results within 5 miles of Gahanna, OH
Estates at New Albany
4701 Rexwood Dr
Updated October 22 at 11:13AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Sunbury Ridge
3030 Sunbury Ridge Dr
Updated October 24 at 3:07AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Brooksedge Apartments
2870 Kengary Way
Updated October 24 at 3:07AM
2 Bed
Abbie Lakes Apartments
3833 Abbie Lakes Dr
Updated October 24 at 3:07AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Hickory Creek
1820 Hickory Creek Ln
Updated October 18 at 9:35PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
BriceGrove Park
6617 Bricegrove Blvd
Updated October 23 at 1:50PM
2 Bed
Villas at Little Turtle Apartments
5450 Firewater Ln
Updated October 23 at 6:13PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
The Bradford At Easton
4150 Silver Springs Ln
Updated October 23 at 1:58PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Bexley House
2877 E Broad St
Updated October 23 at 6:13PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
Blendon Square Townhomes
5411 Woodvale Ct
Updated October 21 at 2:53PM
2 Bed
6120 Braet Road
West Albany
Updated October 15 at 4:20AM
3 Bed
1594 aberdeen
North Linden
Updated September 1 at 10:21AM
2 Bed
58 King Arthur Ct.
Updated September 29 at 4:16AM
2 Bed
Berkeley Rd
Driving Park
Updated October 22 at 9:36AM
3 Bed
4002 E. Livingston Rd
Updated October 19 at 10:59AM
3 Bed
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City Guide
Moving to Gahanna

If you're looking to relocate, Gahanna is one place you can choose without suffering from sticker shock. Median rental rates are lower than the state's average, which is really good news considering that Ohio boasts low average rental rates anyway. Play your cards right, and you'll have money to save for your own retirement instead of simply helping your landlord fund his.

Not looking to buy? That actually puts you in a pretty good position in Gahanna. Vacancy rates for homes to buy are super low, coming in at about 1 percent. An apartment search is less of a gamble, as rental vacancy rates are a little over 6 percent.

When it's time to tour apartment complexes, be smart and show up well prepared. Just because the area features lower rents doesn't mean that landlords want to just give rentals away. You still have to prove that you're a responsible adult who can pay the rent. Show up with proof of income and references at hand, and be prepared for a credit check. If you have bad credit, you might still have a chance at an apartment rental if you can be persuasive. Instructions: Apply lips to landlord's posterior region. Barring that, see if you can sucker someone with good credit into co-signing for you.

Gahanna Neighborhoods

Clark State Rd/Havens Rd: Have a fat purse? This neighborhood will cure you of that. Housing prices and rental rates tend to be higher than in many other areas. Then again, it's harder to find apartment homes here anyway. The rental vacancy rate tends to be close to zero, and most places are owner occupied. If you do find a vacancy, promise the landlord the world for the chance to call it home.

Clark State Rd/Clotts Rd: Most of the residents own their homes, but vacancy rates are much higher than in the Clark State Rd/Havens Rd area. Rental rates are pretty decent in this community, coming in higher than the Gahanna average, but still lower than the national average. Don't expect a bunch of apartment complexes and high-rises, however. This area is mostly about single-family homes and townhouses.

City Center: This part of Gahanna has a slightly more urban feel, so if you like the Ohio rental rates but miss the big city, consider settling in here. That's not to say that you'll experience anything close to big-city living. Sorry, you won't; but the area is a little busier, and if you close one eye and squint out of the other while spinning three times and taking a bite of pizza, maybe you can fool yourself. Maybe. What this community does have is low rental rates, a combination of single-family homes, apartment complexes, and high-rises, and a nearly 14 percent vacancy rate.

Agler Rd/N Stygler Rd: So you can pinch pennies with the best of them? This neighborhood is a good fit if one of the things you value most is saving a dollar. Rents are super-low here--almost half the national average--and you can find a good selection of studios and 1 bedroom apartments, as well as larger apartment rentals and single-family homes. Residents here tend to be friendly (low rents increase cheerfulness), so you'll have no problem if you want to join the nearly 10 percent who carpool to work.