195 apartments for rent near Upper Arlington, OH

Last updated December 9 at 11:41AM
1054 Highland Dr
Updated September 28 at 10:14AM
4 Bed
3929 Mountview Rd
Upper Arlington
Updated November 27 at 11:04AM
3 Bed
2343 Cranford Rd
Upper Arlington
Updated December 9 at 11:40AM
3 Bed
2867 Charing Rd
Updated December 1 at 11:10AM
3 Bed
2591 Charing Rd. C
Updated November 30 at 10:57AM
3 Bed
2830 Chateau Circle
Upper Arlington
Updated December 8 at 5:09AM
3 Bed
Results within 1 miles of Upper Arlington, OH
Governours Square
4695 Braddock Ct
Updated December 9 at 6:28AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
The Meridian
1401 Aschinger Blvd
Updated December 9 at 7:36AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Runaway Bay Apartments
1480 Runaway Bay Dr
Updated December 9 at 7:18AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Sterling Place
5399 Coachman Rd
Updated November 24 at 12:07AM
1 Bed
2 Bed
3 Bed
The Edge at Arlington
5028 Dierker Rd
Updated December 8 at 11:53PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
Island Club
2225 Montego Blvd
Updated December 8 at 4:31PM
1 Bed
2 Bed
1540 Slade Ave Apt 103
Updated December 1 at 11:09AM
2 Bed
3670 Riverlane Ct
Dexter Falls
Updated November 29 at 1:34AM
4 Bed
5239 Portland St Apt 204
Updated December 7 at 11:51AM
2 Bed
883 W 9th Ave
Updated December 9 at 11:41AM
4 Bed
4443 Mobile Drive
Updated November 19 at 11:08AM
2 Bed
1855 Fontenay Court
The Gables
Updated December 5 at 11:51AM
2 Bed
York Rd
Updated December 8 at 5:45PM
3 Bed
2234 Murphy Way
The Gables
Updated November 25 at 7:45PM
2 Bed
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City Guide
Upper Arlington
Finding an Apartment in Upper Arlington

Upper Arlington is a predominantly white-collar city with self-confessed "urban sophisticates" as residents. While the rent in this part of Ohio leans toward the expensive, you can still find a good deal with some research. Let's get you the home of your dreams!

How much will it cost?

Good question; though the answer's not that definite. That three-bedroom home in Upper Arlington could fall within a wide range of monthly costs, depending on several factors including location.

When should you start looking?

Since there are a good number of rental homes in this area, a month should be enough time to scour the city for a good apartment to rent.

What documents will you need?

To start the rental application process, the usual paperwork is needed -- reference, employment verification or proof of income, credit history, and your pet's records, if your landlord allows pets and you happen to have Professor Bananas in tow.

Upper Arlington Neighborhoods

Not all neighborhoods are created equal. Here's a brief overview of the different communities of Upper Arlington.

Riverside Dr./Cambridge Blvd:If you’re pretty inclined to the urban lifestyle, you’re well within your element in this neighborhood. Residents in this community have a taste for the finer things in life, particularly the arts, dining, and, yes, shopping. The best thing is that you get to enjoy all this without the hefty rental rate you'll find in other neighborhoods.

Lane Rd./Riverside Dr:If you’re an executive and you want to keep the same company, this neighborhood should be on top of your list. You'll find plenty of stately and charming city apartments and single-family homes in this neighborhood.

City Center:You'll have an easy time in your quest to look for an apartment or condo for rent in Upper Arlington in this neighborhood. With a 16 percent vacancy rate, you’ll find a wide range of vacant high-rise apartments, single-family homes, and small apartment buildings to choose from. Just be prepared to pay the price for such luxury.

Riverside Dr./W. Lane Ave:If established homes built in the 1940s to 1960s fascinate you, this neighborhood is a must-see. With 80% of the residential houses built in this era of American history, you could easily feel like you’re on the set of Mad Men when you’re driving through this neighborhood. Then again, the rental rate in this area is not something to joke about.

Riverside Dr./McCoy Rd:One of the top 3.8 percent wealthiest communities in America, this neighborhood could be for you. The rental rates in this area are sky-high as well.

Kenny Rd./McCoyRd:Going for a furnished apartment in this area is a smart plan, and you’ll have geniuses for your neighbors. Residents in this community are well-accomplished in the academics arena: they have PhDs, MDs, Master's, and law degrees attached to their name. Thus, if you are highly educated yourself, you might find a lot of common ground with people in this area.

Northwest Blvd./Zollinger Rd:This neighborhood is good for anyone who wishes to live the executive lifestyle to the hilt. This is where executives find their much needed rest after a busy day at work. Moreover, this area is a very good choice for students as well.

Fishinger Rd./N Star Rd:With this neighborhoods percentage of highly educated seniors, diverse housing options, tranquil surroundings, and relatively low rental rates, its easy to see why many consider this a haven for retirement. In fact, the neighborhood is considered more retiree-friendly than 98 percent of the communities in Ohio.

Zollinger Rd./Riverside Dr:A 5.7 percent vacancy rate means that this neighborhood has relatively lower vacancies than in other parts of the city.

Upper Arlington Residents: How they Roll

The general populace lives the executive lifestyle: long, busy days that go well over into the night. However, they also know how to play, and since they have the means, they usually splurge on swanky restaurants, luxury items, and grand vacations. So if you live by the work hard/play hard ethos, you're in the right place here.

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