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Last updated August 24 at 12:46AM
Results within 1 miles of Lakeside, VA
4814 Chamberlayne Ave
Ginter Park
Richmond, VA
Updated August 23 at 2:20AM
2 Bedrooms
35 Rock Garden Lane
Dumbarton, VA
Updated August 23 at 10:34AM
2 Bedrooms
2412 Bransford Dr
Richmond, VA
Updated August 23 at 2:18AM
3 Bedrooms
1521 Honor Dr
, VA
Updated August 21 at 2:42AM
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Lakeside, VA
1617 Verna Drive
Glen Allen, VA
Updated July 25 at 9:29AM
3 Bedrooms
Crenshaw Rd
Richmond, VA
Updated August 23 at 7:28AM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Lakeside

Apartment Hunt

You will find searching for rental houses in Lakeside relatively easier compared to other cities in Virginia as it has a higher vacancy rate. Be sure to know exactly what you are looking for so you can hunt down that perfect place. There are lots of choices, from premier apartments to condos and duplexes. However, the most common types of homes here are small to medium sized. There are some studio and 1 bedroom homes, but the majorities are 2 to 3 bedroom apartments. Unit types are mostly detached, but you will find duplexes or townhouses for rent that have 10 units or more.

Finding the Right Place

When searching for an apartment, make sure to consider the distance to your workplace, or school for the little ones. Though it is a relatively smaller area compared to other big cities, location is still key to everything. Consider if you want to be located near any amenities like restaurants or cafes, because this will also let you zero in on where you want to live. Most of the houses here were built between 1940 and 1969, while some were built around 1970 to 1999. Although these properties are generally sturdy and well-established, don't be deterred from making a thorough inspection before sealing the deal.

When to Search

If you want to give yourself an ample time for your search, you may need around 4 weeks. However, 2 weeks is generally enough time to find what you're looking for. Spring or fall may be the ideal moving times, as the hot and humid summer days could find you reaching more often for water, and the cold winters means bundling up. Once you have selected a place, take note of when you're allowed to move in. Some buildings permit moving in only during the weekdays or weekends, while some allow any time during the week. To make it more convenient, you may want to plan ahead schedule a specific date for your move. If the place you have selected is a hi-rise apartment, you may have to schedule the use of freight elevators or delivery areas, so save yourself a possible headache and take note of these beforehand.

What you Need when Moving

So, you have your apartment locator goggles on and your map ready. What else do you need? During your search, it's always advisable to have the necessary documents available to make the process with the landlord smooth and easy. Basic requirements include proof of identification, employment history, and credit history -- meaning you should check for any issues ahead of time and get them squared away. A letter of recommendation from your previous landlord detailing how great a tenant you were won't hurt either. Since most apartments also require advanced and security deposits, be prepared to talk specifics with your landlord. Also, remember to update your address with anyone you do business with -- this means banks, credit cards, etc. -- and don't forget to let your friends and family know where you've landed!

What about your Furry Pals?

If you have a pet, be sure to settle their moving requirements as well. If you're flying to Lakeside, a Health Certificate is required by all airlines. This is issued by your vet 10 days before your departure and states that your pet is in a good condition to travel. Before you do that, however, ensure that your new abode will allow your furry friend. While you're at the vet, it's also a good time to make sure your pet's shots are up to date, a rabies tag is highly recommended.

Neighborhoods in Lakeside

Since Lakeside is not a big area, especially compared to other metropolitan cities, it has no specific neighborhoods. It is, in fact, itself a small neighborhood in Henrico County. Looking at the place as a whole, you will find living here fun, convenient and safe. Convenience is key and Lakeside has it all. With Richmond International Airport and 4 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of its center, you don't have to worry about making those vacation plans. A majority of the people here drive their own cars to work, while others carpool, which is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Because this is a small area, a lot of people actually prefer walking to work.

Living in Lakeside

If you think that Lakeside is a small place with nothing fun to do, think again. There are actually more physically active adults here compared to the national average, probably because of its numerous walking trails. That means that the diabetes and obesity rates are lower here, as well. There are numerous parks within the area and in the neighboring towns that are only short drives away, where you can go for a picnic, take a Sunday bike right, or get physical with a pickup game of football. Nature lovers should definitely visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. If you are a foodie, some well known restaurants around these parts include The Hermitage Grill, Lakeside Tavern, and Sgt. Pepper's Pizza, along with more familiar names like Hardee's. The Glatter Fitness Center is available for you fitness buffs, while the Fin and Feather Pet Center Inc. is available for those animal lovers. Lakeside offers anything you could ever want, so what are you waiting for? Start your search!