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City Guide
Moving to Greenville

Greenville may be close to Dallas, but the real estate market is quite different. Before making your move here, you have to understand certain housing characteristics. You also should be prepared for certain complications about moving to town. This way you can find rental properties that provide what you need.

The Market Welcomes Renters

Homes in many smaller towns near major cities in America are largely owner-occupied. In Greenville, 45% of homes are occupied by renters, which is higher than the Lone Star State's average. That shows that finding rental places to live in Greenville won't be difficult, especially when you consider that the city has a lot of land and extra housing. There are openings during any season and it really doesn't matter when you come. Some newcomers have even stated they found a pad within a few days. It's recommended to allot one to two weeks, though. That way you can contemplate your decision as you check out Heritage Garden or stroll through the historic downtown district.

All Sorts of Housing

Are you looking for rental houses with multiple acres? Check out the south side of town. Are you looking for apartment or condo rentals within a managed community? Check out Kings Ridge Apartments or Ranch View Townhomes. There are also a fair amount of mobile homes and duplexes. No real kind of housing dominates the market, though. Houses account for nearly 67% of the units, which is about on par with Texas' average. Apartments and condos account for over 30%. It should be noted, though, that the majority of houses are owner-occupied. You can still rent houses, but you may have to look a little harder as most house listings are for sale rather than for rent.

Housing of All Ages

Greenville has a long history. The city has also experienced population growth over the last six decades. This has created an interesting mix of old and new housing. For example, over 25% of housing units were built before 1960; just under 20% were constructed after 1990. If you decide to rent an older property, be certain everything is running as smooth as a well-oiled machine. You should also do this with newer pads. Most places have been expertly constructed, but that doesn't mean time hasn't taken its toll on a few properties. Do not overlook funky odors or weird discolorations on walls. If the dishwasher sounds louder than a train, make note of it. Before putting your signature and initials on a leasing agreement, notify the landlord of any problems you see. If the problem is major, request that it be fixed before any contract is written; if the landlord doesn't agree, look for other places, as Greenville is not short on available housing. The search for rental pads is rather easy in Greenville, but the one problem you may encounter is that some places you tour may need repairs. Never rent a fixer-upper unless you get a great deal and know how to fix the problems yourself.

A Note about Tornadoes

The geographical location possibly has you worried about tornadoes, right? These wind storms actually are not that big of an issue here, as recent history has seen little damage from tornadoes, especially when compared to the neighboring state of Oklahoma. However, you still need to be prepared. If you are bringing a lot of valuables to Greenville, consider purchasing disaster insurance just as a precaution. Most likely, it won't be needed, but it's always better to be covered.

Moving Into Your New Home

Paying one month's rent and the security deposit is usually the norm. Most management at complexes will want to see a credit score and proof of income. Some landlords may request to see that info too. Most landlords do not offer furnished apartments or houses, so getting furniture is needed if you rent a house or apartment through an individual owner. Additionally, for most rental places, all bills paid deals are not offered; be clear on what utilities must be paid separately.

Greenville Neighborhoods

The town covers nearly 25 square miles. Some homes offer close proximity to stores and major roads. Others offer space and land. Some are located in a great spot for getting to Dallas. In general, the center of the city and south part of Greenville showcase more housing choices. The north is mostly houses but offers more land to stretch your wings. Think about what you want and what neighborhood fits you before touring homes.

Historic Downtown: This district is filled with stores and eateries. Highlights include the Farmers Market, Greenville Antique Boutique and Landon Winery. By living here, you are close to bus lines and all the fun.

Ardis Heights: In the east and southeast section of town, this area has all sorts of housing, including mobile homes. Attractions include Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum and Wright Park Golf Course. The neighborhood is close to Interstate-30.

Mineral Heights: In the south and southwest part of the city, Warren Park and Crossroads Mall are two popular spots in this area. Many houses have a good deal of land. There are several restaurants and stores.

Memoryland Memorial Park: The southernmost neighborhood of town has Majors Airport and Oak Creek Country Club.

Reavilon: Near Greenville Reservoir Number Four and Number Five in the northeast, this neighborhood features City Park and Jones Park as well as tons of space.

Peniel: Situated in the northwest, Peniel is also near the reservoirs and is more sparsely populated than the south part of Greenville.

Living in Greenville

As noted before, Greenville doesn't bore the senses. Even watching cars bolt across Joe Ramsey Boulevard is quite entertaining. Head to grab a cup of coffee and you may overhear friends arguing over who has the better car. Indeed, Greenville loves vehicles. And they love planes. Buses and bikes still receive a warm welcome but lack the convenience and thrill of a fast car. How you get around is ultimately up to you, but a car is better if you plan to visit Dallas for a Cowboys' game or the World Aquarium. Greenville and its residents take advantage of the Dallas area's attractions when they can, but they enjoy their spot outside the big city every single day. Events like Rally 'Round Greenville, Downtown Blooms and Oktoberfest breathe excitement into the city all year. Indeed, few towns in Texas roar every single day. On any afternoon or evening, you'll discover that spots like Ruby's Cafe, Municipal Auditorium and the Greenville Hobby Depot are brimming with activity. The way to live in Greenville is to trust your senses. At worst, you'll be having a nice meal and a drink at the Corner Street Pub.