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3 Things to Do in Bellevue, Washington

June 14, 2019

Bellevue is an ideal option for renters searching for a nice getaway from the downtown Seattle area while still having easy access to it as needed. Here, the atmosphere is quieter and full of scenery that draws in visitors from around the country. With many prominent companies like Expedia, T-Mobile, and Eddie Bauer being headquartered in Bellevue, it’s a hot city for young professionals. Although it may be overshadowed by Seattle, Bellevue has tons to offer. If you are new to the area, here are some of our favorite things to do.

1. Explore the City’s Highlights and Attractions

Stay in the city and you’ll find that the subtle skyline and surrounding area hold their own charm in a county normally dominated by Seattle. Bellevue usually ranks as one of the best places to live in the country and has been designated as a great city to start a new business.

A walk through the Bellevue Botanical Garden is free admission to 53 acres of natural wildlife and greenery. They host activities throughout the year including concerts, art exhibitions, and community events.

To find a place to eat, you can travel down Main St. to a highly populated strip of restaurants to choose from. Mercato Stellina Pizzeria has all the carbs you would need after a long day of walking or cycling. Or, you can head to Broiler Bay Hamburgers for a classic American food experience. For luxury cuisine, Carmine’s has upscale Italian dishes and Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar has freshly caught seafood choices. You can’t go wrong with a dining decision on Main St. or Bellevue Way!

2. Enjoy the Beauty of Bellevue

Once you move to Bellevue, you’ll quickly realize how well situated your apartment is between the bustle of downtown Seattle and the tranquility of the nearby lakes and forests. On one side, you have Lake Washington separating the town from Seattle. If you travel this way, you can make it an awesome day trip. Stop on Mercer Island to swim at one of the public beaches, or rest in a hammock at one of their many local parks.

On the other side of Bellevue, you’ll have access to Lake Sammamish, a panoramic freshwater lake available for fishing, swimming, and exploring. Bellevue residents love the access to beautiful parks and sights. Make sure you see all of the beloved local sights.

3. Take Advantage of the Outdoor Recreation

Living in Bellevue makes traveling to Snoqualmie Pass easy. There, you can always find a new route to hike or bike and see some magnificent sights. All you must do is merge onto I-90 East and you’ll be on the fast track to your destination! If you’re interested in a day of hiking, this gives you an advantage over the early risers in Seattle that must drive out of the city before they can get out there.

For mountain bikers, there are plenty of trails to find in nearby Cougar Mountain Park, Tiger Mountain State Forest, Rattlesnake Mountain and more. Whether you prefer staying in town to experience the local amenities or leaving the city for nearby outdoor recreational hot spots, you’ll strike the perfect balance in Bellevue.

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