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Neighborhood Guide: Highland Park, Dallas

By: Justin Chaplin
May 28, 2019

Renelibrary [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Highland Park is one of the most beautiful and upscale neighborhoods in Dallas. You can find this pleasant area in the northern region of Dallas, located between University Park and Downtown.

If you are considering moving to Highland Park, then are several key things that you need to know about this neighborhood before you make your decision. Read this guide to determine if moving to Highland Park is right for you.

It’s an Extremely Affluent Neighborhood

Highland Park is the most affluent neighborhood in all of Dallas and is the fourth most wealthy in the entire state of Texas. You’ll find some luxury homes here, and a high cost of living. In fact, the average monthly rent in Highland Park is $2,401. This is well above the average for Dallas, which is currently $1,120 for a two-bedroom.

Apartments Provide Jaw-Dropping Amenities

Yes, the prices are high…extremely high. If you can afford them, you’ll find some amazing apartments to call home. Many feature awesome rooftop decks and pools that will provide amazing views of the city skyline. Outside of the apartment building, million-dollar houses surround the neighborhood and are visually stunning. You’ll find real estate here looking more like castles than traditional homes.

Shop at the Oldest Outdoor Mall in America

Highland Park Village, which was established in the year 1931 is the country’s oldest open-air shopping center. At this high-end shopping area, you can find many different luxury retailers, including Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Escada, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, and many more. It is one of the best places to go shopping in the entire state of Texas. For people who love to shop and have an affinity for luxury goods, this mall is a huge perk.

The Crime Rate is Very Low

This is a great benefit of living in Highland Park. People who prioritize security will love this area, and feel completely safe. Theft can be a major concern for affluent people, so the fact that that there is so little theft here helps to attract many wealthy people to the neighborhood. Most major cities have issues with crime, but this Highland Park is a safe solace near the heart of Dallas.

It has Some of the Best Public Schools in Texas

Many public schools in Highland Park consistently rate 9 or 10 out of 10 on the Great Schools list. Schools such as Armstrong Elementary School, Bradfield Elementary School, Highland Park Middle School, and Mcculloch Intermediate School are some of the top-rated schools in Highland Park.

If you are a parent and high-quality education is something that you value, then Highland Park could be the ideal Dallas neighborhood for you to move to. It is essentially a guarantee that your children will receive a great education if you move to Highland Park. Yes, the cost of living is high, but you are paying a premium for some awesome perks.

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Justin is a Content Manager and contributing author at Apartment List, helping people navigate the world of renting. Justin previously spent his time earning his BBA in Marketing from Boise State University. Read More
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