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Neighborhood Guide: Bellevue, Washington

June 14, 2019

Directly across Lake Washington, you’ll find the city of Bellevue. The city is about 10 miles away from Seattle and is often referred to as Seattle’s satellite city. Maybe the high cost of downtown Seattle is having you look at alternatives. Maybe your new job is in Bellevue, and you want a quick commute. Or maybe you just want to be away from the city madness, but close enough to still take advantage of the amenities that come with being near a big city. Whatever it may be, Here is what you need to know about Bellevue.

A Top Place to Live in America

The quality of life is so high in the city of Bellevue, that the city pops up on many “Best Places to Live in America” lists. Bellevue has appeared on these types of lists created by CNN, Travel and Leisure, and other authoritative sources. The many parks, friendly neighbors, and excellent schools make the city a desirable one.

The Definition of Beautiful Views

The name “Bellevue” actually means “beautiful view” in French. It’s easy to see why this name was chosen. The views of Mount Ranier are simply stunning. The breathtaking volcano is about 80 miles away from the city. This volcano is currently dormant but could erupt in the future. However, Bellevue is not believed to be in any danger from the volcano. So don’t worry, just relax and soak up the good views.

Fantastic Shopping Across the City

Whether you are looking for designer clothes, jewelry, furniture, or countless other items, you will be sure to find it at one of Bellevue’s shopping centers. Bellevue Square is arguably the best place to go shopping in the city. This mall is home to over 180 stores and has all your traditional mall favorites. Traditional retail stores blend with local markets and luxury shops to create a diverse shopping atmosphere.

Offices On Every Corner

A large number of famous corporations have set up offices or are headquartered in Bellevue. Microsoft and Boeing both have offices set up in the city. Expedia and T-Mobile are both headquartered here. It goes without saying that Bellevue provides plenty of job opportunities. It’s pretty common to see people commuting into Bellevue from Seattle.

Boating in Bellevue

Partly due to the abundance of lakes and waterways in and around Bellevue, and partly due to the affluence of its population, boating is extremely popular in Bellevue. You can find a wide variety of motorboats and sailboats cruising around the waterways of Bellevue during the warmer months of the year. If you are a boat enthusiast, check out the city. You will find many other like-minded individuals who like to spend their weekends on the water.

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