58 Apartments for rent in Brentwood, NY

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Last updated August 18 at 12:48AM
Results within 1 miles of Brentwood, NY
94 Carleton Ave
Islip Terrace
Islip Terrace, NY
Updated August 17 at 8:07PM
3 Bedrooms
9 Butterfly Dr
Hauppauge, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:47AM
4 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Brentwood, NY
706 Towne House Vlg
Hauppauge, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:38AM
3 Bedrooms
28 Roosevelt Ave
East Northport
East Northport, NY
Updated July 27 at 7:23PM
3 Bedrooms
5 Floral Ave
Dix Hills
Huntington Bay, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:48AM
2 Bedrooms
231 Pearl St
Ronkonkoma, NY
Updated August 15 at 4:34AM
2 Bedrooms
1535 10th St
West Babylon
West Babylon, NY
Updated August 2 at 4:48AM
1 Bedroom
5 Barrington Pl
Melville, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:47AM
4 Bedrooms
10 Rockland Ct
Commack, NY
Updated August 15 at 4:34AM
3 Bedrooms
14 Jean Dr
North Babylon
North Babylon, NY
Updated August 17 at 8:06PM
1 Bedroom
270 E. Northport Rd
Kings Park
Kings Park, NY
Updated August 10 at 10:58AM
5 Bedrooms
50 The Crescent
Babylon, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:49AM
1 Bedroom
1592 Roosevelt Ave
Bohemia, NY
Updated August 17 at 8:07PM
2 Bedrooms
182 Maple St
Islip, NY
Updated July 26 at 3:04AM
3 Bedrooms
84 Deer Lake Dr
North Babylon
North Babylon, NY
Updated August 15 at 3:49AM
1 Bedroom
110 Central Ave
Deer Park
Deer Park, NY
Updated August 17 at 7:51PM
2 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Locating an Apartment

This area's low vacancy rate of 3.86 percent means you will have to work at your apartment search. Of all the properties in the city, a mere 19.3 percent are renter occupied, so you can't be lazy about it. While Brentwood is geared more toward home sales than rentals, there are still plenty of options available, ranging from single-family homes to condos and apartments. And don't let the high-cost rentals send you screaming away, the area boasts high-paying jobs to keep you in the black.

Necessary items

To rent an apartment, house or condo in Brentwood, you will need proof of income, a list of references, and in some cases, a background check. Can you say stringent? The background checks are part of what has decreased crime rates and made the city such great place to live, particularly for families with children. Are you a pet lover? Luckily there are plenty of pet-friendly rentals in the area, but Fido may also face a background check. Landlords do not appreciate a dog that yaps at all hours of the night or a bird that acts as a screeching alarm clock.

Best time to rent

There's really no specific time of the year that is better for finding a house, apartment rental or condo. It is, however, recommended that you look during the end of spring and during the fall season. These seasons provide the most comfortable temperatures. Rather than moving your belongings as your summer sweat fills the neighbor's buckets or with frostbitten fingers, opt for a milder move in mid-April to mid-May or from mid-September to mid-October.

Neighborhood Breakdown

North Brentwood: North Brentwood is the more affluent area of Brentwood. Here you will find great schools, clean parks, manicured greens for golf enthusiasts and plenty of serenity. Do not be surprised if your neighbors show up to greet you. The city is full of friendly folks who love to get to know their new neighbors. Dont fret, though, they are far from nosy. With more than 60,000 people living in the city, there is no time for gossip and drama. And while crime does exist in North Brentwood, it consists of low levels of petty crime. That's a good thing since you won't find a lot of a lot panic rooms here. $$$$

South Brentwood: This neighborhood is more affordable than North Brentwood, but it also has a slightly higher rate of crime. Wouldn't you know it? While the availability of homes, apartment homes and condos to rent is still somewhat lacking, there are more vacancies in South Brentwood than there are in North Brentwood. South Brentwood also offers a ton of restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance, though you will need your own car or money for public transportation if you want access to grocery stores and major shopping districts. $$$

Living Experience

Forget about any real nightlife in Brentwood, but don't resign yourself to boredom. With easy access to the Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway, shopping, fun and entertainment are just a few minutes away by car, bus or taxi--take your pick! Tanger Outlets at the Arches, located in Deer Park, is the most populated shopping area for residents of Brentwood so if you're looking to be extra anti-social on your time off, avoid these areas.

While North and South Brentwood are the only real distinctive communities, there are several communities throughout the city. Local communities include North Bay Shore, Central Islip, Hauppauge, Baywood, Islip, Bay Shore and Islip Terrace. Each of these local areas makes living in Brentwood an enjoyable experience. Residents enjoy yearly festivities and parades in many of these communities.

Brentwood hosts the Mother of Cabrini feast, an event that brings a taste of Italy to the community--mama mia! The city puts off a vibrant glow for a quarter of a mile, featuring a promenade of vendors selling an array of tasty Italian foods. Bring someone to roll you home after you stuff yourself! Festivities continue with live music and thrill rides set up throughout the area. If youre feeling really feisty, you can jump on the midway and show off your skills. Finish the entire event off with a brilliant fireworks show as you digest the food from the Zepoli Eating Contest.

If you'll have little crumb snatchers in tow, you'll want to live relatively close to great area schools. There are 13 public schools in Brentwood, each one featuring a consistently high rating. The area also has its own public library for if you can pry the kids away from their tablets, and there are plenty of parks where children can enjoy running and playing. A local soccer facility helps keep residents active, and the community college offers an affordable option for individuals in pursuit of higher education.

Lets not overlook one of the most important aspects of living in Brentwood. Ask any New Yorker, and he or she will tell you how much residents love pizza. Pizza is a staple food here, and Brentwood residents can purchase pizza for 11.8 percent less than the national average cost, though you may have to break the bank on gas to get to the local pizza shop. The bad news comes in when you head out for coffee. Brentwood residents pay 7.3 percent more than the national average for their caffeine drips.

Overall, living in Brentwood is a thrilling yet relaxing experience. The area is heavily populated with single-family homes and condominiums, though there are a few apartment complexes to choose from.The area's unemployment rate is lower than the national average. And best of all, you won't have to worry about paying your bills. Come to Brentwood, your wallet will thank you.