85 Apartments for rent in Plainfield, NJ

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Last updated November 21 at 6:48am UTC
1742 S Second Street
Plainfield, NJ
Updated November 7 at 2:04am UTC
1 Bedroom
Results within 1 miles of Plainfield, NJ
57 Annette Drive
, NJ
Updated September 26 at 6:41pm UTC
5 Bedrooms
1536 CLINTON Avenue
South Plainfield
South Plainfield, NJ
Updated September 15 at 12:04am UTC
3 Bedrooms
330 FRONT Street
Dunellen, NJ
Updated November 12 at 1:59am UTC
3 Bedrooms
Results within 5 miles of Plainfield, NJ
23 Price Drive
, NJ
Updated October 30 at 6:47pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
353 Ventnor Court
, NJ
Updated October 19 at 2:13am UTC
2 Bedrooms
355 Plainfield Avenue
, NJ
Updated November 12 at 9:23am UTC
1 Bedroom
1743 Ramapo Way
, NJ
Updated November 16 at 12:00pm UTC
3 Bedrooms
77 Fairview Avenue
North Plainfield
North Plainfield, NJ
Updated November 17 at 2:10am UTC
4 Bedrooms
77 Annette Drive
, NJ
Updated November 20 at 1:55am UTC
3 Bedrooms
313 Vasser Drive
, NJ
Updated October 10 at 2:32am UTC
2 Bedrooms
434 Waterford Drive
Pumptown - New Durham - Stelton
, NJ
Updated November 21 at 1:48am UTC
2 Bedrooms
131 Vineyard Road
, NJ
Updated November 15 at 10:14am UTC
4 Bedrooms
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City Guide
Moving to Plainfield

Luckily, for all those people who cant afford living in Manhattan (which is the majority of buyers), Plainfield is a great plan B. The houses are affordable, and you get more for your money than buying a house or renting an apartment or a rent to own home right outside of NYC. If you live in the surrounding area already, you may not even need a broker to help find property. The city is consistently growing and, therefore, finding an older home or a lot you want to develop should be a painless process!

Neighborhoods to Choose From

Plainfield, New Jersey, provides an impressive variety of neighborhoods to choose from. No matter what your price range is, you can find something within it here.

Randolph Road/Park Ave.:This area is one of the pricier ones in the city, with homes averaging a few hundred thousand dollars. Its a great area for larger families, considering that many of the properties have up to five bedrooms. Not to fear, though! For single ladies and gentleman, there are also complexes and condos to purchase. If youre looking for something built in the last 10 years, this may not be your neighborhood. Most residences were developed between 1940 and 1969. $$$$

City Center:If youre looking for affordable living with options for buying and renting, City Center is perfect! The rents here are significantly lower than other New Jersey neighborhoods. Theres a mix of single-family homes and smaller apartment buildings. Its great for newly married couples or single individuals looking for a convenient neighborhood outside NYC. $$

Watchung Ave:This area is another great place to find a small home or apartment. There are high-rises, studios and options for historical homes built in the 1940s. If you are looking to buy a house, get ready to pay in the mid $200,000 range. The vibe of the area is hip and trendy, and most people walk to the nearby shops and restaurants. $$$

Plainfield Ave:This region is slightly more sophisticated, offering homes in the $300,000 range. Many of the homes were built between 1970 to 2000, and they offer more modern amenities. Although the homes are large enough for kids, its not the most family-centric neighborhood in Plainfield. $$$$

Grant Ave:This area offers an eccentric mix of historic homes and places built in the last decade. Its a younger demographic that finds ideal living situations in row houses and attached homes. Its got an awesome mix of culture and is a melting pot in the midst of a primarily suburban region. $$

Netherwood:This neighborhood is the most unique and urban in Plainfield. Its got a bunch of affordable apartments, small houses and condos. If youre hustling in the big city, its a great place to live after hopping on an hour-long train ride home. There are unique dining options, given the varying cultures that populate the neighborhood. Grab tamale or some fried chicken and have a feast! $

W Front St:The area has some quaint apartments and one-bedroom homes, with both owners and renters. Many of Plainfields historical buildings are located in this neighborhood. If youre looking for a charming dwelling with some character, look no further! Some of the buildings even date back before the 1930s. Theres normally no problem with finding a place fast in this region, so if you need an apartment quickly, heres your neighborhood.$

North Ave/Richmond St:This neighborhood is incredibly unique, given its plethora of corner bodegas. Rent an apartment above a shop below for a great price and added charisma. Historic Victorian homes have been developed into duplexes and apartments. Walk downstairs in the morning and snag a croissant or coffee right below you. If you need a last minute gift, the flower shop is around the corner. If you cant live in NYC but like the intimate atmosphere, this neighborhood is for you! $$

W Front St/Madison Ave:This area is known for its manufacturing and labor companies. Many of the occupants are locally employed, giving the atmosphere a friendly aura. Nearly half of the people living in the region dont own a car. If you prefer the on-foot approach to life, youll fit right in. Rarely will you find someone who owns the property either, so temporary living is the norm too! $$

What to Expect from Plainfield

The people of Plainview travel by a myriad of means. For the majority of the population, commuting to work can be by car or by hopping on a train or bus. The New Jersey transit system is safe and affordable and also a great way to get to Manhattan fast. Its only an hour away from New York City by transit and 45 minutes by car. Definitely keep in mind traffic, given that coming in and out of Manhattan can be crazy. Some of the more hip areas, like Front St., have a lot of locals riding bikes! Its cheap and an easy way to get around town fast.

Given that the area is geared toward housing, you may need to find employment in surrounding cities. Many Plainfield inhabitants commute into NYC, but there are options for finding work at local dining spots and shops. This just means factoring in the price of gas, train, bus or whatever mode of transportation you will take daily into work.

Although the city is located in the upper east, it can still have summers that get above 100 degrees. Winters are short-lived and summers are humid. When planning your garden or means of transportation, keep the weather in mind. If you want to walk everywhere, just know to have a water bottle handy in the summer and a coat in the winter.

Plainfield is the first city to house New Jerseys first high school that's centered on sustainability. Barack Obama Green Charter High School is an amazing place for your kids to learn to be green! The other option is the Plainfield Public School District. Beware, theres only one high school, so if youre not keen on that for your kids, you may have to seek out a private school in the area. Theres one community college, so if youre looking for higher education, you may have to venture into the big city!