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Aston Ridge Apartments
705 Pond Road, Richmond, VA
1 Bedroom
784 sqft
2 Bedrooms
950 sqft
3 Bedrooms
1089 sqft
Aston Ridge Apartments in Chesterfield County is part of the bustling city of Richmond, Virginia.
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1 Unit Available
4843 Friends Mission Road
4843 Friends Mission Road, Patrick County, VA
3 Bedrooms
Find studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for rent at 4843 Friends Mission Road in Patrick County. View photos, descriptions and more!
City GuideMount Airy
One step onto Main Street and you'll get the sensation you're on an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. That's because Andy Griffith hailed from Mount Airy, and this town was the inspiration for Mayberry.

Welcome to Mount Airy! Have a laugh with Barney Fife, and you'll never stop watching and living in Mount Airy's story. Located below the Blue Ridge Mountains and home to 10,388 folks, Mount Airy sits right near the Virginia state line. The town itself boasts the things you need to keep a show going -- good wine, beautiful mountains, excellent music, and an overwhelming feeling that you are living in Mayberry. Even the flea markets are terrific. Mount Airy meets all the necessary requirements that being a charming small town requires. Although it can be sleepy on some afternoons, just like Mayberry on the show, one thing remains the same: there's no more fitting place to kick back, grab a pop, and watch the Andy Griffith Show. Just don't get lost in the wonderful world of this iconic American television show. You have things to do, don't you?

Moving to Mount Airy

Mount Airy is home to a wonderful mix of historical houses, old farm homes, modern apartment communities, and much more. That variety means any renter can find something they desire, especially when you factor in that almost half of the properties are being rented. There are also a fair amount of openings throughout each season. Before you search for places to live in Mount Airy, though, learn the ins and outs of the market.

Know Your Options

Detached houses make up a majority of housing units, which indicates that rental houses in Mount Airy are the most prevalent. However, do note that the rest of homes are rather evenly split up between townhomes, apartments, condos and mobile homes. If you want to view a host of suitable housing options, look for home rentals that meet your size requirements, rather than just looking for a specific housing type. So if you can't find a one-bedroom apartment you like, try searching for a small house. It's just a shame you can't live at Andy Griffith's old home on East Haymore Street. That's okay. You can rent it for a night if you ever get sick of your pad. Also, you can eat at Snappy Lunch every day. Nothing stops you from living out the Andy Griffith Show.

Know Your Bills

While it will be tough to get an all-bills-paid home, chances are that your apartment community or landlord includes some bills in the rent price. Make certain to be clear on what the monthly rent check pays for and what it doesn't cover. Although Mount Airy boasts a relatively moderate climate, you may find the need to turn on the heat or air-conditioning during certain days. Be sure to factor the added cost of utilities into your rental budget.

Know Your Home's Quality

Renting a home that always has issues means lots of issues for you. If you don't want your job of renting a home to be more difficult than Sheriff Andy Taylor's job, inspect each home you tour. If you are looking for rental apartments within a managed community, ask other residents how their stay has been and scan reviews of the apartment complex online. While most homes in Mount Airy have stayed in wonderful condition, some have outdated appliances and/or require repairs. As a renter, you deserve a place in move-in condition; if a pad you like is not, request the landlord or staff to fix the problems or look for another home.

Know the Contract

You must get your checkbook out and write a check for one or two month's rent (depending upon where you rent) and another check for the security deposit. In addition to providing your personal information and credit score, you probably need evidence you can cover rent each month. Make sure to read over the entire contract, and understand what's required of you, the renter. If you have any questions, just go the Mayberry Replica Courthouse and inquire with the folks there! Just kidding. That's an attraction, not an actual courthouse.

Mount Airy Neighborhoods

How close do you want to be to Main Street? Like any true small town, Mount Airy's primary attractions are all centrally located. Living near there puts you in a convenient area, while living in a more residential part of town gives you space. At 8.4 square miles, Mount Airy has some room and does have several unique neighborhoods.

Downtown: Home to the Earle Theatre, Mount Airy Museum of Regional History, and the famous Blue Bird Diner, this is the most happening spot of town. An incredible array of eateries, shopping, and Mayberry attractions is located here. Most of your daily errands can be completed on foot, so a car is only necessary when you want to explore other areas.

Rockford: Just south of city center, Rockford is highlighted by the TV Land Statue of Andy and Opie, the Andy Griffith Museum, and Andy Griffith's Home Place. Within manageable distance to downtown, this neighborhood is more car-dependent than downtown, but you get a diverse amount of housing choices. You also have proximity to the Andy Griffith Parkway.

Oakdale: In the north part of town, Oakdale features Veterans Memorial Park, the Mayberry Flea Market and Westwood Park. The area is walkable for some errands, and not for others. You get more living space out here as well.

Toast: This westside neighborhood not only makes you want to eat toast, it also makes you want to watch a flick at Creekside Cinemas. The area is mainly housing. Somewhat manageable on foot, a car is advised if living here. Biking works just fine too.

Flat Rock: This eastside neighborhood is spread out and is the only neighborhood where a car is absolutely essential.

Living in Mount Airy

Altogether, Mount Airy is one of the most walkable small towns in America. That's because of the sheer amount of stores, shops, restaurants, and other establishments located in downtown. Most folks do still have and use a car, which is very useful if one wants to head to Winston-Salem, go explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, or head towards the Atlantic Ocean. Within town, a bike and your feet work just fine.

It's obvious to say that you can get an idea of this town just by watching a few episodes of the Andy Griffith Show on Netflix. It's important to know this town's ties to Mayberry, and events like Mayberry Days, a week-long festival that features everything from golf to Andy Griffith Show characters, highlight the town's love for the show. As a resident, going to spots like the Andy Griffith Museum, Aunt Bee's Room, and Floyd City's Barbershop is the true way to show your respect for the sitcom and its importance to Mount Airy. Before you know it, you'll be whistling the comedy's theme song as you stroll into Snappy Lunch for a meal and pop.

Once you're ready to move on from the Andy Griffith Show, try out other cool spots in town. For a little history, check out the William Alfred Moore House, visit the regional museum, and go to the Gertrude Smith House. For a little fun, take in a concert at Earle Theatre, have a drink at Trio Restaurant and Bar, and go for a jog at Riverside Park. When you want some nifty niche shopping, go to Scarlet Begonias, Bear Creek Gifts and Fudge Factory, and Specialty Gifts. Each June, the Mayberry Farm Fest brings great local food to the forefront, and the Autumn Leaves Festival in October celebrates the town's rich musical history. You see. You don't have to play along with the Andy Griffith theme all the time to have great fun in Mayberry. Whoops, the town is called Mount Airy. Oh well, you can refer to it by whichever name you prefer.

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