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Eden Prairie, MN 114 Pet Friendly Apartments for Rent

Prices shown are base rent prices and may not include non-optional fees and utilities.
Renting pet-friendly apartments in Eden Prairie should offer peace of mind and convenience for our furry friends. It’s crucial to find an apartment that’ll work for both you... Read Guide >
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is rent for a pet-friendly apartment in Eden Prairie?

Rental prices for pet-friendly apartments in Eden Prairie range from $1,200 to $3,100 per month.

How many pet-friendly apartments are available for rent in Eden Prairie?

Currently, there are 19 pet-friendly apartments available for rent in Eden Prairie.

Are there any additional fees associated with renting a pet-friendly apartment in Eden Prairie?

Yes, most landlords and property management companies in Eden Prairie will ask for a refundable pet deposit. If there was no damage to the property caused by your pet, you should be able to recover the deposit at the end of your lease. Some rental properties in Eden Prairie may also charge monthly pet rent.
City Guide for Eden Prairie, MN

We dare you to find a place more pleasantly named than Eden Prairie (don't say Pleasantville – too creepy). We actually double dog dare you to find a city that has a delightful name and actually lives up to it (don't say Awesomeburg – doesn't exist). You see, Eden Prairie isn’t just whimsically named, it also was named “One of the best places to live in 2006” and then claimed first prize in 2010.

Where is this aptly named, magical Minnesota city? Why, just a few miles southwest of the Twin Cities. Featuring rolling hills, 125 miles of biking, hiking, and running trails, Eden Prairie isn’t an action packed party city, but it is home to the Minnesota Vikings (and many NFL players), a ton of Fortune 500 companies, and a well-to-do, growing metropolis.

Eden Prairie has a simple slogan of “Live. Work. Dream.” (Unlike Awesomeburg which is “Eat, Drink, Sleep”). All of these things are easy to do in this city filled with fantastic housing options, great neighborhoods and schools, public art projects, and copious outdoor activities – even in winter. The city runs the liquor concessions in Eden Pairie - the money benefits the city and the product benefits the night of many a resident. If you need a little break from all the working and dreaming, head over to the Eden Prairie Liquor. The profit margins are slim and the temptations are fat.

Now, let’s see just exactly where you will be living…

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What to keep in mind when looking for pet friendly apartments in Eden Prairie, MN

Renting pet-friendly apartments in Eden Prairie should offer peace of mind and convenience for our furry friends. It’s crucial to find an apartment that’ll work for both you and your pet. Before signing a pet-friendly apartment, take your time to study the layout and ask plenty of questions.

Some pet-friendly apartments in Eden Prairie may request a pet deposit or only accept certain dog breeds. You should also consider if the floors are hardwood or carpeted. Hardwood may be easier to clean-up fur and a mess but could mean your neighbors below hear the tapping of your dog running past. An outdoor balcony can also be ideal for a pet who needs some fresh air.

Consider the neighborhood of any pet-friendly apartments in Eden Prairie. Are they near a dog park or a vet? You should also research the rates of dog walkers in your area. It may be less expensive to move to a nearby neighborhood with a lower pet deposit, a better layout for your pet, and cheaper services.